Do i wear my retainer when i sleep?

I just got my retainers. I somehow remember that my doctor told me to take out my retainer when I eat and sleep but my mom and my sister are telling me to keep them in. I once heard a story that someone swallowed their retainer while sleeping. someone please help me!!!

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you cant swallow a retainer. its too big and its made to fit your teeth perfectly, so its not going to start crawling down your throat by itself. you should wear it when you sleep cause you dont want your teeth to move.

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All I can say is wear your retainer FAITHFULLY. Your teeth have been on the move for 2+ years and have not setteled in once your braces came off. If you don't wear your retainer to cement your teeth in place, they are sure to move. If you are not sure when to wear your retainer, ASK YOUR DENTIST, MY GOD YOU JUST PAID THEM $5,000+ DOLLARS for those teeth. You're allowed to ask a question. WEAR THE RETAINERS BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T, IGUARANTEE YOU YOUR TEETH WILL MOVE!!!1

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ahahaha... awww... nah... you can't swallow a retainer!! I always wear mine to sleep, and I'm perfectly fine :D

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but I dont remember what she said because I think she said not to and my mom and sis say I should

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call her . or call your orthadontist's OFFICE and ask .
they will ask your doctor .

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ok I have retainers for bout 2 weeks now and my big sis had them to you r not supposed to were them while eating or drinking you can only drink water when wearing them dont clean them with your tooth brush because then they scratch I were mine when I sleep and I think that is the easest way to wear them

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listen to the doctor , and you wont swallow it .

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You can sleep with it, I always did. For it to fall out and down your throat while you sleep, it would NOT have fit properly (would have been really loose). Retainers are supposed to be tight, that's the point.

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