Do I still love my ex girl friend, and how do I get her back?

Im 15 almost 16 and I meet this girl about 2 years ago and we started talking and a couple of days later we got together.I really fell for this girl and she really fell for me.We had some disagrements and that lead us to get into fights and we broke 2 mounths ago.I cant think or do anything without thinking of something we have done together, and I went to a dance last night and I really didnt want to go(I didnt think I was ready to see her with someone other then me)and I saw this look in her eyes and the only why to explain it is if she was lost,confused,careing,and in love with the person she was looking at.That was the same look she had when I told her I loved her for the first time.Now after seeing those eyes I know that she still wants to be with me,but does she really still love me and how should I get her back?

Answer #1

Was she looking at the other guy like that or spefically at you If she was looking at you maybe she feels the same way reconnect with her and show her you care talk to her and fix your issues and if she trys back ,woo her with a letter saying how much you care and love her :) but wait a bit okay?

Answer #2

stop be a baby she dont what you no more so stop because some time you have 2 let people go and see what you need and what she neede best for her and you because some people dont real like other person so you here what I told you noiw because what goes around comes back around

Answer #3

You need to wait until things cool off. That’s what I’m doing. My X broke up with me last week because we hardly saw each other. That was because he got in really big trouble… on probation and probably community service. So I am cooling off and waiting to see if he still wants me. I am still madly in love with him and I want to be with him even as i type. The thing is I don’t know how he feels so I guess I have to wait until school lets out and we could possibly bump into each other. We are both involved in the same club so I have to get my head straight. When I see him though I am going to ask for the truth and stuff because I think he was lying to me in a way. I hope that he still cares for me as much as I care for him. I mean a few days before he was okay. Then he stopped answering my calls probably because he was thinking about breaking up with me and was trying to get himself ready. He only picked up a few times. We never fought. We treated each other with respect. This is good that we broke up in a way though because it will give him time to straighten up his mind and to get his life back in order. He doesn’t need me there to slow him down. So yea. I’m there for you. Good-luck!

Answer #4

I had the same you had man and in matter of fact I gave her anickless with a heart shape two years ago and I saw her wearing the nickless and I cant talk to her

Answer #5

me and my ex girlfriend of ten months broke up a few weeks ago. Since then she said she still loves me and cares about me. THen she got a new boyfriend a week and a half later. She then came over we had fun flirting constantly. She then called me three hours later and asked to go and eat i said yeah. We were continuing to flirt she told me she loved me and wanted to kiss me and that she was confused about me and him. The next day she didn’t mean it. The next week she told me that she wanted to get backtogether that day. Then her friend told me that my ex wanted to kiss me that day but she had a boyfriend and that when she kisses her new boyfriend she feels nothing like kissing her mom. HE lives and hour and half away and he drinks which she doesn’t like. I love her dearly and want her back. How do i get her back before she loses feelings for me i know she loves me.

Answer #6

its really a decision for you to make. if you feel like your really ok with her going out and having her “fun” break then u can do it. a lot of times though these fun times can be brought up in arguements and often makes things worse. you should try out some fun too and see how it works. my ex and i have been broken up for almost 6 months now but have talked off and on the last 3. she says she still is madly in love with me and dreams of marrying me and having a family but is scared to death of our relationship. in the beginning i was a very jealous person and when i got a grip she was so used to it that it just went more and more downhill. well twice we got in a really bad fight and i yelled at her and said terrible things. i really wish i could fix this but i dont know how. she tells me that she is afraid i will try to run her life when i have no intentions of doing that. i have only the intent to love her the best i can, i just need her to believe me. how do i gain her trust back?

Answer #7

i’m 18 i met my ex almost two years ago, ever since the second year things seemed to be getting worse . i admit i have done things that i know i should have done, like tell her how great she looks. i guess i was in a confortable state of mind. she told me about it and well i saw that i needed to improve but i love her with all my heart. so everyday since then i’ve reminded my self to show her in some way that i care and love her. A couple of weeks ago i kept getting emails from some guy that had my gfs name and email address. i told my self this must be a stupid joke. so when i asked her about it she said she didn’t know the person and never talked to him. when i asked her to show me her msn the EXACT word for word email was there open and read. he even was on her contact list. but i believed her. 2 days later i get another email the same thing happens when i ask her about it. i got one more 2 days ago this time it was a convo from msn that was saved on my comp that was pretty sexual. when i asked her she told me she didn’t know this guy and didn’t talk to him. then in a heated agrument she admitted to knowing him for a long time. and admitted to talking to him that night. So she told me we needed a break from each other because she needed to think and needed her space. we are now not together and though i told her i want to work things out , it hurts to know that she still wants a break and that she thinks i’m going to wait until she has her “fun” being single and expects me to take her back when she is done. what should i do??? should i jsut tell her either be with me and work on our relationship together or i won’t be there when( and if) she want me back???

Answer #8

well first of all you have to think about the aguments that you had what were they about?, were they your fault or hers?, do you care about what was said still?.Even if the probloms that you had were not your fault you will still need to fix them. That will show that you still care. i was also wondering because you were not spicific when you sall that look on her face was she looking at you or was she with someone else and looking at that person? If she was looking at you then you might still have a chance if she was not and she was looking at another guy then what does he have that you dont have once you figure that out then try to fix it. Once you have fixed all that you can fix in some way show her that you realy do love her and that you are willing do work things out by doing some major thing that you know she will love. But you still need to remember once you love someone you will always love that person deep down inside and sometimes you just need to get over them and try to move on and push the fact that you love them down to the very bottom of your heart.

Answer #9

ha i know how you feel but im a girl in this position and the best thing to do is talk to her the worst thing thats going to happen is that shes going to say no right? if she says no then i guess youll have to prove to her how much you love her. Thats what my ex did for me and i fell back in love with him even though i hated him

Answer #10

i relly sure she loves you stiill. i still my ex that broke me its hard not need to show her she can trust you and your not or shes not going to get hurt.that sums it up for now.

Answer #11

The same thing happened to me. we broke up for a really stupid reason and then she said she wanted space, and that it was for a little while. that was a month ago. then, out of te blue, she kissed me the other day. no she wont talk to me. im sure we could solve our problems by talking it out, but i fear i may have waited to long. dont make that mistake. force the issue, gently. if that makes sense. good luck to you all. l hope your story has a happier ending than mine

Answer #12

Well first off, how bad were the arguments? Where they over dumb and ironic things, or did you just like fight over shit that didnt make sense? I say, if you really have feelings for your ex than you should talk to her about it. It'll be nerve wracking, trust me, but if you still love her and she still loves you than she will think that you talking to her about it is sweet. You should just talk to her and if she still loves you, she will give in to the fact that you are a broken couple that are still in love. Yup, talking is the way to go.

Answer #13

sometimes its hard but my best advice would be to forget and move on if its ment to be it will be. why should you have to do the running and if ya wonderin bout my situation, I was with my love of my life for 5 years and my girl left me and sed we dint do anough together and argued all the time, which was complete rubbish. she makes excuses up and thinks ill always be there for her when shes had her fun and no matter how much you love someone it wont change the outcome. I belive that all women are lying cheating scum no offence to those who are nice and honest but there are just like the gud blokes out there very rare and hard to find.

to sum up: dont think about your lost love it just brings sadness and pain to urself do you really think your love feels the same (if yes thn why are they not runnin,callin,txtin)

go out and meet new people at every optunity, and dont lie to urself people say if you sleep with someone else it helps you move on faster, I disagree yes you might want to feel loved but lieing to urself wont fix the problem the only thing that will, with out getting bk with the 1 your missin is fun…so get as much as you can dont cover the gap in your heart fill it!

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