Do i love him?

I really like this guy
and the past couple of days I realized I loved him
well I think..
k so :)
I love the way he squeezes me when he hugs me
and hes not the best looking guy but I love everything about him
I loveall his flaws
and my heart skips a beat whenever I see him
and I get a huge smile on my face when I hear his name
and when we kiss, I feel like there is nothing else but me and him.
I love every little thing about him and everything he does or says.
I cant stand being away from him
and when he was with another girl (not anymore) my heart dropped and I was soo upset.
I love him.

Do I love this boy?
I think I do but I may be wrong.

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ANSWER #1 of 2

If your questioning if you love someone, chances are you don't. If you truly love someone you'll know it without a doubt. You probley just like him a lot and maybe someday it will turn into love but its not at that stage yet. And I don't get why throughout this question you state that you "love" him then you ask us if you love him or not - makes no sense.

ANSWER #2 of 2

I need others opinions
because maybe im wrong.
no need to be so rude ;)

why do I love him

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