Do I deserve to be fired for this?

My anger problems had completely ruined my entire life. I’d go through long phases where I explode over the smallest thing. It got me suspended during high school, restricted to online courses in college, lost me some friends, and recently got me fired. A coworker said on Jan 4th that she came to a cartful of apparels returns. She thought it was from me, and when I tried to explain it was from the overnight crew, she didn’t believe me, so I yelled at her and got confrontatinal even though she said it’s no bid deal. She went to mgmt about me “harrassing” her.

Four days later, I was still unable to get past it, so I punched the pole in the fitting room AND banged my head into it in front of customers, who reported me. Mgmt said it was workplace violence, accused me of endangering people, and fired me. They said ceiling tiles coulda fallen and hit someone and cause serious damage. However, they said I’m eligible for rehire and may apply after 90 days. Still, should they have canned me or given me a second chance? I get a lot of work done on the sales floor. Also, I didn’t ask to have an anger problem. I was born that way.”

Some people said I deserved it. I deserved it?! ! It was that coworker who triggered my outburst. She made me throw my fist and my head at that pole. Sure that’s company property, but I’m worth less than the pole? It didn’t even break! Anyway, was it the pole who worked its * off for them in its dept when it wasn’t people greeting? Everyone else in softlines also agreed my work performance was good. I also had perfect attendance. Now with only 2 people left in Ladies Wear, I’ll just like to see how much they (don’t) get done. mgmt firing people for meaningless issues must feel useful or something!

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I aint punch no HOLE. I punched the fitting room POLE and banged my head into it. There was no structural damage and no one got hurt.

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How do you think that you don’t deserve to be fired?

You destroyed company property, made a scene in front of customers, harrassed and employee, etc. I would have fired for a lot less than that.

You need to go to Anger Management classes. You are never going to live a productive life or hold a job with that kind of anger. Anger is a disease to some people - and you need to seek help.

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Yes, sorry you don’t see it. But it is really affecting you and those around you. Please get some help or you will have worst problems than simply losing a job. You need to figure out why you have these outbursts and don’t blame others. It’s you. Take some sound advice, you asked the question.

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Yes I think getting fired for your episode and your punching a hole was justified. If you were to do that at my store I would,ve sued you for the repair on the structural damages. Don’t you know it cost to repair the damage? I believe your anger needs to be looked at more closely. Why are you so angry? Did you grow up with abusive parents? My brother is the same way. My dad was physically abusive more towars him. So he is always angry. Find out what causes you to blow up. It isn’t normal. If I were around and you blew up like that I’d be afraid of what you could possibly do. You aren’t showing self control. Seek help with counseling to get over it. Think before you react. Don’t blame someone for how you chose to react. Take the blame constructively. Take care of yourself. Love, Mama K

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Disease or not - it’s still a reason to get fired. You can NOT act like that in a work place in front of customers and harrass the other employees - whether you actually punched a hole or not is irrlevent - you were violent and you deserve to be fired.

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I suppose I deserve to have mgt say degrading things during the canning? “You ain’t fit to work. You don’t have people skills to be working.” man, they were like so pissed. He even angrily threw my badge across the table! like wtf! if they truly are mgrs, they should act professional and use more tact. Maybe their lack of tact is the product of young age. (24 and 26 respectively.)

Now I wanna collect unemployment so how do I begin? Since I’m eligible for rehire, could I possibly have a chance when I re-apply in 90 days? Same company for sure, but possibly same store?

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yes, you do deserve to be fired there is no disease that will make you punch things, a mental illness will howevr but so will an anger problem, which most people are not born with they deveolp it you were the one who threw your fist, just because a girl got you mad doesnt mean “it was her who made you do it? you control what your hands do and you destroyed public property, and put the customers in and yourself in danger people dont want to see people working in any kind of place if there violent and get andry easily that kind of thing is going to make customers scared of both you and going anywere near you or the place you work so they were right to fire you it would be best to try to get help for your anger problems

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