Do guys like it when girls moan when making out?

And when other things are going on? I.e, last night my boyfriend and I were making out and he was feeling me up and touching me all over the place haha, and I moaned here and there during it. Do guys like it when they do or no?

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I personally love those gentle moans.
The "uhhh,uhh,mmm" types.

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well if it doesnt sound fake!!

they love it!! LOL

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ANSWER #3 of 5 depends if its like a.. [ ohhh !!! GOD YES !!!] or a
[mmm thats good]
[lets move this to my room] that is a moan:

love, a cutter

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ANSWER #4 of 5

cause he gets horny ;)
that means he likes you btw

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ANSWER #5 of 5

why does my boyfriends dick get hard when were making out?

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