Do artificial flowers send the same message as real flowers?

Do artificial flowers send the same message as real flowers? If i bring some artificial flowers home for my significant other, instead of a freshly cut bouquet of real flowers, will they be happy wtih me, or do you think it sends a different message?

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Spring for the real ones. You'll never go wrong with the genuine article.

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I wouldn't giver her fake flowers unless she is alergic (then she might think it's sweet). Another great gift, is unstead of getting her a bouquet of cut flowers that will die, buy her a beautiful plant that flowers regularly and is easy to keep. That way everytime she waters it, she can think of you!


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well my bf gets me flowers alot and if he come home with fake ones it would make me think he does not want to bye me any more so he got them cos they will last for ever.

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That sounds so myspace, however i'd still find it sweet.

Likewise maybe buy REAL roses, and a boquet of VERY NICE fake looking roses, and give her the real roses, replacing them as they do die off. I love the look of fresh flowers, but the VERY good fake ones are very pretty as well, nd not just for the smell.

But i like both ideas, they are expensive but you don't have to go with roses, maybe a nice boquet of her other favorite flower, or her birth month flower ? or 6 roses with some carnations mixed in ?

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Artificial flowers in my opinion are reminiscent of a cemetary. So yes, I would be upset if my husband brought me fake flowers. (he's warned many a time to stop buying me fresh flowers because they die) Real flowers have that wonderful scent that nothing else can really capture and it always lifts my mood.

Now if you're stuck on the whole they don't last thing... maybe try this.
Buy a bouquet of roses (expensive yes, but dish it out.) Take one rose out and buy an artificial rose that looks similar and replace it. (to keep the count at 12) Then give her the bouquet with a note or just say to her "I will love you until the last rose dies."

At first it's like "WHAT?!?!" They die fast but when she realizes there's one fake one... the gesture is sweet.

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