Do aborted babies have ghosts... :S

Really random thought but anyway, I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in ghosts. But to the people that do, do you believe that when a baby is aborted, it has a ghost? I don’t even know how that entered my head. Probably sound dead stupid but oh well. Views? :]

Answer #1


“Countries like the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Austrailia & New Zealand don’t even charge women who kill their babies with murder 12 months post-partom.”

Most of your postings are too idiotic to warrant response, but when you just make up stuff, that’s enough.

What planet do you reside on? Did you know that just making up “facts” to present here will be challenged. Your whole posting holds as much water as a sieve. “Countries like…

The only thing you can do is name call and make up your “facts”. Time and time again you prove yourself unreliable and not credible. And oh, please don’t ever let me see a posting where YOU call someone a moron, idiot or liar.

“If you’re a Republican/Conservative, they obviously don’t appear that they care about anybody or the babies.”

HELLO, I think you need to examine the platforms of each respective party, it is Dems who are Pro-Choice, it is the Republicans who are against abortions to some degree or other.

“They just care about family values and morals, they don’t care that people don’t have the same one’s.”

Whew, I’m not even sure what that one means, Republicans care about family values and morals and you and the Dems don’t? Figures

“I can’t believe people think that abortion is murder, that is just prejudice and insensitive. It’s a choice whether someone thinks they want one or not, anti-abortionists could atleast understand that much.”

“…prejudice and insensitive”? Killing a fetus is so sensitive on your part. Quick call the Nobel Prize committee for doing such great work for humanity.

You can’t understand how anyone might have an opinion other than yours? GROW UP. “Choice” is having unprotected sex. “Choice” is whether you have coffee or tea. Abortion as a method of birth control is not “choice”. But hey that’s my opinion and a ton of those Rebublicans who just care about “family values and morals”.

“Regarding late term abortion, they can do whatever they want or are comfortable with, but say 7 or 8 months is really pushing it lol”

LOL? It appears it is you who don’t care about “…people and the babies.” All in the same posting with “choice” and those d*mn Republicans/Conservatives.

There are a few on here that believe the baby isn’t “alive” until it’s first breath. But that is a limited few. And nicnil, 17 States have fetal murder laws that define life beginning at conception.

And then you come along and make up facts about Western countries who don’t charge mothers “who kill their babies” for a year.

That one takes the cake as your dumbest posting yet.

Answer #2

Fact: A person murdering a pregnant woman can be charged with ‘murder’ AND ‘infanticide’ (meaning: infanticide the crime of killing a child, not fetus) - every meaning of the word in numerous dictionaries researched stated ‘child’ in the definition - if it’s not a baby, how can they refer to it as same - are they wrong ?

Answer #3

Read up…there certainly ARE 3rd trimester abortions…the “grey-area” abortions…

Definition of “late-term”

A late-term abortion often refers to an induced abortion procedure that occurs after the 20th week of gestation. However, the exact point when a pregnancy becomes late-term is not clearly defined. Some sources define an abortion after 12 completed weeks’ gestation as “late”.[1][2] Some sources define an abortion after 16 weeks as “late”.[3][4] Three articles published in 1998 in the same issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association could not agree on the definition. Two of the JAMA articles chose the 20th week of gestation to be the point where an abortion procedure would be considered late-term.[5] The third JAMA article chose the third trimester, or 27th week of gestation.[6]

The point at which an abortion becomes late-term is often related to the “viability” (ability to survive outside the uterus) of the fetus. Sometimes late-term abortions are referred to as post-viability abortions. However, viability varies greatly between pregnancies. Nearly all pregnancies are viable after the 27th week, and no pregnancies are viable before the 21st week. Everything in between is a “grey area”.[6]

Answer #4

Okay- seao2florida, quit the insult slinging. If feel you must resort to them, do it in private funmail. That kind of behaviour is not acceptable on threads!

Answer #5

You know this whole thing has gotten out of hand…

I had a miscarriage when I was15, I was 5 months pregnant and to this day I still mourn for my child that I lost.

I am pro-choice and it is a fact that while a baby is inside of their mothers womb it is called a fetus…plain and simple, it’s fact. You can argue all you want about whether abortion is murder or not but you can’t change the facts. A pregnant woman carries a fetus…yes most people call it a baby and I don’t see anything wrong with that…I did when I was pregnant but it is still a fetus.

And there is a big difference between the women that miscarry and the women that get abortions…the women that miscarry want their babies, that is why they call them babies that is why nobody denies them their right to grieve. When I lost my child I thought it was the end of the world…I got past it and now have 3 beautiful children and there is not a day that goes by when I don’t think about my baby. But I would never deny a woman the right to do what she wants with her own body. Why should I have any say in that?

Answer #6

nope! if they were never born or anything then no. im wicken and I would know!!!

Answer #7

How about we all asked the women who posted lastnight that she lost her CHILD, Umbilcal cord was wraped around it’s neck. I got a idea lets ask her if she lost her child or a fetus because it never took a breath outside the womb. She did not post I lost my fetus and that is ok because accourding to science it was not a child. COME ON PEOPLE HAVE A HEART. I am not saying you or anyone cannot have there own opinion. I am saying you post your opinion then the very next person that post something different from you , you are telling them to read a book or they are not right. All I am saying is you don’t have to tell people they are wrong when they don’t agree with you. and yes look back that is what you do. “if you don’t like my opinion’s so much ingnore them” That is what I am trying to say to you. as soon as someone disagrees with you, you come back and tell them they are wrong, A feeling or a belief is not wrong.

Answer #8

Yes, I am saying that it is a fetus - no matter what trimester they are in, if the baby has never taken a breath. Look up the definintion or a baby and a fetus, it’s self explanatory.

A mother who wants the child, wants to keep it, wants it to have a life, and a person who feels they need an abortion for their own personal reasons are two totally different cases.

That person was expecting the fetus to grow into a child, to give birth, to take care of it, of course they are upset when they have to bury it. A person who get’s an abortion because they can’t afford a child, because they were raped, because they are a drug abuser, etc., are doing what is best for them and the fetus and not letting it grow into a child.

Answer #9

It has a soul which returns to Heaven.

Answer #10


First I will offer my sincere apologies for any violation of the use of terms of this site, it is beneath me to resort to being insulting, but I do question why you do not take action on those who actual call people - ‘liar’, ‘moron’, ‘idiot’, ‘hypocrite’ directed at the authors of many of these threads.

I do wonder why you send me a funmail chastising both niocil and I, but choose to do so publicly with me as well.

I also am curious why you seem to be selective with the enforcement.

You have been a party to threads when this has been done many times.

But wait, this is just one of your postings to me:

“seao2florida: I do read the postings. When you post something intelligent, I’ll take notice of yours.”

So if you disagree with someone you enforce the rules, and if you don’t it’s ok?

Answer #11

Ok now I am calling you out Mandyloo, you said on page 1 “You need to study biology a little more- it does not breathe until it’s born, its no a baby until its born, Its a Fetus.

So now tell me, are you saying no matter what trimester a women is in her child is a fetus no matter how far she is because in never took a breath? And I am saying that is b*llshit. I work with two women who lost there BABIES, while in utero. ONe was Three days away from a schudeled c-section and found out her BABY died because of the umbilcal cord wraped around it’s neck. The second one this was her second Loss of a CHILD only this time she made to 8 months instead of 6, the babies heart stopped beating. She had a c-section and held her BABY that was dead. Now lets ask them if it was a fetus. Or I know lets ask all of us who went to the one child’s funeral. What was in that coffin.

You are the one that sais it is no baby till it is born. Look at your response on page one. You say you like a good debate and no one is yelling at anyone, well I can give you one.

Answer #12

Amblessed - learn your facts. You are spewing out false information.

If you kill a pregnant woman - you are NOT charged with 2 murders, unless the woman is in her third trimester. That is also a NEW law and just came around.

Abortions are NOT done in the third trimester anyways. So that point is not very valid.

Answer #13

I didn’t say that they have to agree with me, I’m allowed to speak my opinion just as they are allowed to speak theirs.

I simply stated that they need to study their biology a little bit more. In order to breathe, they would have to be outside the womb. A fetus does not breathe in the womb, it takes it’s first breath when it is born.

Answer #14

It’s not murder!

If it were murder, abortions would be illegal and the mother’s who got them would be trialed for murder. Abortions are simply terminating an unwanted or potentially harmful pregnancy. It is used for many reason’s and for you to judge a woman who has gotten one and call her a murderer is judgemental and offensive.

Answer #15

Fact: 17 states have an infanticide law that says life begins at conception. And someone who kills the fetus can be charged with murder.

And to answer the original poster, no I don’t think they become ghosts. But after I die, I’ll check it out try to let you know what I find out.

Answer #16

Well babies that are aborted, or died through miscarriage, or even die when their young are said to have been too good for this earth so go straight to heaven

Answer #17

arachnid…why pretend you don’t know what was asked??? I highly she was asking about “fetuses not ever implanted”…that wouldn’t be consisdered an “abortion”…those are called “miscarriages”…


Answer #18

no theres a heaven and hell and babys go back to god when you abort them straight to heaven because there inocent

Answer #19

I aggree with mandyloo, I don’t believe they have ghosts tbh. I don’t even believe ghosts exist tbh, it all seems a bit ridiculous.

But I have to admit, I do get a laugh out of watching ‘most haunted’. Has me laughing when theyre all screaming ‘WHAT’S THAT NOISE?’ when tbh no-one at home heard anything.

It’s great :)

Answer #20

So… miscarried foetuses don’t have souls? I thought they were supposed to get a soul the moment they’re fertilised?

Answer #21

If aborted foetuses go to heaven, then heaven is filled mostly with non-sentient foetuses, since over 60% of fertilized embryos never implant.

Answer #22

when you get an abortion you are stopping a beating heart, which is murder…

Not all abortions involve stopping a beating heart, so you’re generalizing, which makes you WRONG. All of you who think abortion is murder, need to learn the DEFINITION of the word ‘murder’

Answer #23

I think that every pro-life person should have to adopt a crack baby, take care of it for a few months, then watch it die from the mother’s drug abuse in the end.

Then let’s see how they feel about abortions.

Answer #24

You comparing a miscarriage to an abortion is stupid! I know plenty of women who have had miscarriages and are still Pro-Choice.

Answer #25

Yes, but to them It is a child and it is murder and no matter what anyone says to them they are going to feel the same, just as you are passionate about your beleifs but I would not keep trying to tell you that you are wrong just because you don’t agree with me.

Answer #26

if they were never born it shouldn’t matter, they were still alive, they had a beating heart at some point, they were developing to be a human one day and when you get an abortion you are stopping a beating heart, which is murder…so they should… well not ghost per se, but they have souls… I would hope.

Answer #27

Well I think they have spirits. Not to step on mandyloo’s tows cause I usually agree with her. I think abortion should be illegal. The only time it should be allowed is if it in dangers the life of the mother. Then its the mothers choice. I think anyway

Answer #28

Mandyloo, you just need to let people have there own opinion sometimes. Not everyone is going to agree with you.

My answer is goes to heaven. Ghost are another story.

Answer #29

Wow, I almost find it hilarious that people think that aborted fetuses have ghost/souls/etc.

I believe the complete opposite of that.

Answer #30

You need to study biology a little more - it does not breathe until it’s born. It’s not a baby until it’s born - it’s a fetus. A fetus that knows nothing of life. It is NOT murder.

Answer #31

I think it is murder because it has a life … you may npt b able to c it till its born but it has a heartbeat amd breaths so it has a life so I think its classified as murder

Answer #32

Ummm I guess they could …I belieeve in ghost but I aint never seen one in real life or pictures…but I guess its just like any other human being who dies and has a ghost

Answer #33

I have heard of ones who were allowed to see babies in heaven, that were aborted, but, being raised by Jesus. I happen to believe that is true.

Answer #34

Your not stepping on my toes jester - I respect your opinions and beliefs. Atleast you come to the table with facts and not with lies.

Answer #35


The fact remains that when you are pregnant your “baby” is called a fetus until that fetus is born.

The fact is also that a murderer can not be charged with 2 murders unless the murderer did something to directly harm the fetus (this does not include just killing the mother). If the fetus did not have any life threatening injuries and would be able to survive outside of the mother’s womb then the murderer is not charged with two murders.

It is also a fact that most murderers that get charged with a double murder killed a mother and fetus in the last trimester when the fetus could survive outside of the mother’s womb but was unable to because of life threatening injuries.

Answer #36

By the way Mandyloo: “If you kill a pregnant woman - you are NOT charged with 2 murders, unless the woman is in her third trimester. That is also a NEW law and just came around.”

18 of these United States have a fetal homicide law that says life begins at conception, and the person responsible for the killing of the fetus can and in a slew of cases, I remember is charged with double homicide if both die, and homicide if only the fetus dies.

All but two States have a fetal homicide law, where the development stage of the infant is a bearing on whether the murderer is charged with the crime or not.

Answer #37

mamizangel: So heaven is mostly filled with aborted, miscarried, and failed-to-implant foetuses? Are they still foetuses, or do they grow up? Should pretty much every woman expect to meet several “children” they never even knew they had? (remember, >60% of embryos never implant, and the woman isn’t even aware of the ‘abortion’ happening)

Answer #38

My sympathies to you colethky- it’s never an easy thing to go through.

I think this is turning into a ‘pro-life’ debate rather than answering the original question.

To answer the question posted, I say there is no scientifically sound proof that ghosts or spirits exist. So I would say no-one has a ghost when they pass, not even aborted foetuses.

Answer #39


Get over it. You calling me out all the time, does nothing positve and nothing good. I am allowed my opinion and am allowed to say it. I can say that calling it murder is wrong, because that’s what I honesly believe. If you don’t like my opinions so much, then ignore them. There are plenty of other people on this site that agree with me, and plenty of people who don’t. We are all allowed our own opinions and the right to debate them.

Answer #40

I for one agree with mandyloo…

Abortion is not murder. The fetus does not breathe and does not even have a heartbeat for the first couple of weeks.

As for the question…I don’t think that they would have a ghost because I don’t believe that they have a soul until they are born. You can argue with me all you want but that is my opinion.

Answer #41

“Countries like the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Austrailia & New Zealand don’t even charge women who kill their babies with murder 12 months post-partom.”

I’m from New Zealand, and I can say that’s definitely not the case - there have been trials, fairly recently, for parents who have killed their <6 mo. old baby. I think the only difference is is that there’s likely to be consideration given to the diagnosis of postpartum psychosis.

Answer #42

Those women that lost there child, sure as Hll are not calling it a fetus, so I could give two shts what the definintion is and they feel the same way.

And your comment about people that are pro-life should have to raise a crack baby, Why the h*ll should it become my problem. There first stupid mistake was doing drugs second having unprotected sex while being an addict.

And as far as any women getting a abortion because of drug addiction, I feel they should just fix them right then and there on the spot.

Answer #43

Why should it become your problem, because you are fighting to keep crack babies alive. If you want them alive, I think you should have to adopt one and deal with it’s deformations, illness, and eventually it’s death. Because YOU wanted it to live, and not be aborted, that’s why.

I know women who have lost children, I know women who have buring a child that they lost while pregnant. They ARE STILL pro-choice. It is every woman’s choice what to do with the fetus that is growing in their bodies and surviving off of them.

Answer #44

good quesiton

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