Disgustingly good food mixtures

Foods that sounds gross together sometimes taste REALLY good! What are your disgustingly good food mixtures? (Mine is french fries and a choclate shake)

Answer #1

this ones gross, but has a story behind it… it was the homecoming “Feed the Band” dinner, and I didnt want to eat the crappy food they were making, so me and my friends went to 7-11

I bought a bag of nacho chips, and a can of cheese.

my other friend bought marshmallows

and the other chocolate chips

(and another baught a can of chocolate sauce but we didnt have a can opener so we couldnt)

and we were eating em all seperate. and I love being weird. so I dipped a marshmallow in the cheese, sprinkled chocolate chips on it, squished it between to nacho chips, and ate it all.

it wasnt gross. its just.. there were so many flavours!

I had the sugary squooshyness of the marshmallow,

the cool… cheesey cheese,

the hard chocolate chips,

and the salty nachos!

I had about 6

then I felt sick =P

Answer #2

I just love a1 steak sauce I put it on about everything I eat especcilay mashed tators

Answer #3

:) A1 steak sauce and macaroni and cheese!

Answer #4

Nuttela and Corn chips, or for sandwhich style, do NUTELLA and CORN FLAKES!! yumm

LOL this was a good question, glad sumone asked it!

Answer #5

Brownies/cookies and COCA-Cola,(its friggin BOM) French Fries and EGGZ and hot sauce!!! And French fries with onion ring’ sauce!!! Fried eggs with white rice!!! Ramen noodle Soup with eggs and cheese!!! ( as you can see I like eggs hehe) Dont hate it til you try it!!!

Answer #6

OH! I also love regular chips and a processed cheese slice on bread. Its the best sandwich EVER!!!

Answer #7

Haha im with you! French fries and chocolate milkshake :D. Best from A&W :)


Answer #8

Pickles and Peanut Butter sandwich. I ate probably hundreds of them while I was pregnant and can’t stop! :)

Answer #9

grilled nutella and cheese (chedeer) sandwhich!! =) my fav!! I brought it to a field trip once… and after a long day of rock climbing, my friends wanted a bit of a bite, so when all the girls bit into my sandwhich… they were like “what is it?”… and when I told them… they were all like “WHOAAA!!”…lol another good combination is mac and cheese with ketchup and bacon bits!! - YUMMY!! =)

Answer #10

ranch and ketchup with fries xD

oreos with peanutbutter are good

peanutbutter or nutella on a good hotdog bun or a sliche of bread and a banana is an irrisitable combo

ketchup in a sandwhich :D

doritos with hotsauce and sourcream mixed :P

cocopuffs with peanutbutter

pineapple with cottage cheese

Nutella works with almost anything!!! breads, gramcrackers, bananas, pinapple, orange!

ranch with pizza or hamurgers is a classic

there are just so many weird combos!!!

melted Nutella and Peanutbuttersandwhich is my fav. with banana sometimes. or graham crackers :)

Answer #11

Tortilla with honey and mexican white ranchero cheese…ew I saw my dad eating that xD

Answer #12

chips and hotsauce hotsauce and honeycombs cereal seaweed and anything

Answer #13

ok I tried what xxjamoxx said and its SOOO good , I recommend it XD

Answer #14

As a child, I used to have Cottage Cheese with Ketchup. Then I would have Cottage Cheese with Chives. Both of those might sound gross but, I liked them because that’s what my mother used to give me as a child.

Answer #15

OMG Thanks everyone! I’m going to try them all :P

Keep adding ideas!!!

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