Is it normal to have discharge all the time?

why do I have dischage in my panties all the time. is that normal. im always wet

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It's normal and very good for your body if it only lasts for a week or two at the most. You should probably see a doctor if it lasts longer than that.

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I have that to. The doctors said it is completely normal, its just because your body is going through a lot of changes right now.

hope I helped, xoxo :)

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it's normal... just think of it as "cleaning your system out"
Nothing to worry about unless it smells or isn't clear.

Is brown discharge before and after your period normal?
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Katydid747 is half right and half wrong. Don't be scared if it has an odor. It's normal from time-to-time to have an odor but I don't thinks it's normal if it's not clear.


Is discharge before your period normal?

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just poke your finger in and rub until theres a shower.
The discharge will subdue after that

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