What to say when talking dirty?

My boyfriend says he thinks its really hott when girls talk dirty, only problem is I dont know what to say. im not embarassed to, I just dont know where to start. any helpful hints to get started? thnxx

Answer #1

Try telling him things that you think he will like to hear, for example tell him something to get him going like if he says he would do it always start doubting it to him by telling him he won’t - this always makes a man turn and do it even more to prove to you. It’s not about making him think you want to do even when you might because sometimes it’s to make him feel like you love him and want to pleasure him. Try telling him the truth to sort of boost his confidence and make him feel like “the one”. I think you could also try asking more seductive questions of what he wants to do to you and generally tell him that you want to do it and give him the details of that image in your mind of the magical moments. If this doesn’t work just open up to him and tell him how you feel about talking dirty. Hope it all goes well. Good luck.

Answer #2

start off being sort of light with your words and then gradually get more graphic as you go on. tell him what your gunna do or what you want him to do.

Answer #3

tell him you cant wait till he is inside of you so he can feel your warm cum allover him. Tell him you love the way he fuks you while hes doin u. use his name…they love that. When your ridin him, tell him how fukin sexy he is! Tell him your gonna make him cum sooo hard! Say you cant wait to feel his huge throbbing di*k inside your naughty little pus$y! Tease him if he is nailin you hard from behind and and demand 4 him 2 nail u! and if you really wanna get him going.. say in a cocky way “Is That All you Got???” tell him hes your god! and when your done tell him that he just topped the charts! Hope I helped you girls out… your answers were all the same… spice it up ladies! :-P

Answer #4

Early in life, guys want to feel accepted, desired and appreciated.

Your words need to fit his personality, and your relationship. You can try some samples, but you both need to talk, so you can try different lines and phrases, to find out what you both like.

When young, you can use positive statements, like “oh, you are so big, so hard, I want ot feel your cok deep in side me; I want you to shoot your load all over me, [or deep inside me; Let’s make a baby, I so want to have your baby; I need your big load in me, oh yeah! Give it to me, ohhh, Don’t stop; I’m gonna cum; ohh, Give it to me, Give it to me, Don’t stop, harder, harder;] c’mon give me your huge load.”

As they age, some guys get mentally twisted, into wanting other phrases, that have you dominating or rejecting them, like “you’re a bad boy; I didn’t say you could cum, you better not cum, You are such a pervert, you’r dik is so tiny- how can you even call yourself a man.”

(Hopefully, your guy will remain mentally healthy, so you can simply praise him, and have him treasure you.)

Answer #5

try asking question like what do you want to do to me and where do you want to put it. or tell him things to do, and don’t be nice about, this is the point where he wants you to be explicit, like “f**k me, daddy”, or you want this juicy wet pu$$y, basically he wants you to be his live wire playboy bunny

Answer #6

I have the same problem, but like with moaning. my boyfriend wants me to moan when he fingers me and I breath hard, but no moans come out and I always thought it was weird to moan just to make someone happy. but if your not comfortable with it, dont do it, wait til your comfortable enough with him ! xx

Answer #7

Start With the basics This is what I do with My Boyfriend:

He Asks What I’m Wearing, I Say Nothing Or Lingerie (sometimes I lie) Then He Ask What I’m Doing And I Say What DO YOU Wanna Do to Me He Replies And I reply with sexual thing Lol… Then YOu’ll Get Into IT

Answer #8

Start With the basics This is what I do with My Boyfriend:

He Asks What Im Wearing, I Say Nothing Or Lingere (sometimes I lie) Then He Ask WHat Im Doing And I Say What DO YOU Wanna Do to Me He Replies And I reply with sexual THings Lol… Then YOull Get Into IT

Answer #9

hey daddy come and stick that fat long cokk in my uterus mmm you like it when I ride you go harder daddy harder deeper mmm it feels so good

Answer #10

Im all alone in my room…the door is locked…and im completely naked…my phone is on my chest…im typing with one hand and the other is…busy…What could you do if you where here?

Great for if your having phone sex

Answer #11

okay if you’re sucking his dick look him in the eyes every once in a while with a seductive look. All of my guys LOOOVE it when I touch or suck on their ear lobes, it is a very sensitive part of the human body along with the neck. As for talking dirty to a guy a lot of times guys like being told that you want them inside of you it shows your interest in sex and makes them WANT to be there. As for calling him “daddy” im not so sure he will be interested in that. Just DON’T do that. tell him you love the way he holds you, tell him what you love about him sweetly from his eyes to his toes and kiss every spot you name :) hope this helps. just remember NOT to be creepy and freak him out, he WON’T call you the next day. ahha

Answer #12

Start off by rubbing him and just start saying how horny you are don’t hold back show you want him tell him damn boy it’s hott in here how about we take our cloths off then while your on him moan and groan guys love that show him you love it then when your done say damn that couldn’t have gotten any better make sure you tell him how great it was !!! Guys love to no they did good

Answer #13

All the above but keep some things in mind, This is from a guys point of view though.

Be as detailed as possible about things you want him to do to you and how hard. I would start out pretty simple and get REALLY graphic. Compare him to animals, strong manly ones, Like a big strong bear or maybe a gorilla. Moaning helps fill between sentences and really turns us on. Constantly tease him during, not before. Not In a scolding way, In a playful way. I personally like it before, after a few sentences, when it starts to pick up, she puts he head next to my ear and whispers some of the positions and how hard she wants me to screw her.

try some of those.

Answer #14

Well my boyfriend and I have a few lines I’ll give you a couple.

Guy “ You’ve been such a bad girl” Girl “Yes I have been daddy, maybe you should spank me”

guys like it when you call them daddy… tell them to f*ck you … ( say tight wet pu$$y and long hard d!ck if you really wanna get him going )

do remember that making him this way is teasing him .. he’d going to want sx weather he says he does or not. That is a way to help you get ready for sx so unless your ready for your hormones to control you .. I wouldn’t do it.

Answer #15

I think it is a little…sick, that girls call there boyfriend “daddy” like that wud put me in mind of being a daddy and her being…ewww I don’t even wanna think it… its just wrong.!!!

Answer #16

describe everything in great detail

not pu$$y, juicy tight wet pu$$y not c0ck, long hard c0ck not cum, sticky warm cum

all that Bullsh1t use slang dont be nice

Answer #17

I’m not gonna tell you WHAT to say like everyone else is doing, b/c it would sound rehearsed and sound like something..YOU prob wouldn’t say lol. but I will suggest things to think of that will promote your own words. [1]tell him what it feels like to do what you guys do. [2] if you curse, during sex is the perfect time to do it if he likes DIRTY talking like you said. [3] ask him if he likes (insert what your doing). [4]use dirty words in your statements. [5] DON’T THINK..JUSS TALK. lol. HOPE THIS HELPS..GOOD LUCK !!

Answer #18

Excuse me Sir,would you care to penetrate me with your huge male organ? Thank you for taking the time to copulate with me I greatly appreciate it.

Answer #19

so nice of you my dear friend

Answer #20

It should be you’re emotions expressed audibly/feelings your experiencing/wanting!

Answer #21


Answer #22

This jus made my day!!!:)

Answer #23

Talk how u feel. Say what u would do and he would say what he would do in return and then u just keep going. Telling him what u want to do to him will make it hotter, not what someone else tells u to say

Answer #24

I’m using this next time:P

Answer #25

I’m using this next time:P

Answer #26

Try telling him things that you think he will like to hear..simple

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