Do you like to eat out or cook at home?

Many people like to dine out on a regular basis. This can mean an upscale restaurant as well as a fast food restaurant. For the most part, it is quick and easy and there is no clean up. However, there is a cost on the wallet. On the other end of the scale, there are those people who enjoy whipping up a quick meal at home. So do you eat out on a regular basis or do you like to cook at home?

Answer #1

we usually eat out once or twice a week, usually on the weekends. we go for breakfast and sometimes we will have either Mickey Dees or Burger King or the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. But during the week, I do the cooking. The dogs love that because they get the bits of chicken and bread and veggies. :)

Answer #2

we usually eat at home but when we do eat out its niether 2 a real nice restrant (like ovlie gardon red lobster village in perkins so on) or its subway I dont even remember the last time we ate at mc donalds my famliy espally my dad are health freeks

Answer #3

well i like to do both. when i look at myself i see all the bad food eating out . so i try to make food at home . but when make food at home it is fat, oily. i guess my mom never show me how to eat right and cook in small amounts .

that s why i need help !!! can some help eat . do eat salds but it gets boring

Answer #4

at home you control the quality of ingredients and people cant watch you eat unless they are in your house in which case you probably are comforable enough around them for them to see you eat…so definitely home

Answer #5

I prefer eating at home. But them I enjoy cooking so I have no complaints. On some occasions it is nice to skip the cooking and enjoy someone else’s. Another good point, you don’t have to clean up either.

Answer #6

the only time I eat out is when we go out of town! But when we stay home you can count on me to be the chef!

Answer #7

I love cooking at home! Especially making new recipes. So much fun and so much better than going out to some wierd place were you might get bad service and manners plus bad food. I have my own comfort at my house, I am in control of what I eat and how its done.

Answer #8

I only eat a family dinner at home once or twice a week. The rest of the time I either eat out, pick up something to-go on the way home, or just gnosh on whatever we have for snacks rather than sit down for a meal.

I enjoy cooking but on weekdays i get home from work too late to cook and on weekends I’m to busy. I’m vegetarian and my family isn’t so often when we cook I cook for myself and my wife cooks for everyone else.

Answer #9

I don’t know I like to go out to eat when my parents do not feel like cooking another any thing but I also like cutting up food and cooking other stuff I really like cooking desserts

Answer #10

I eat out far too often (probably 3 times / week for dinner) and it shows on my stomach. Restaurants tend to serve very large portions in the US, and far too many calories, so it’s a fast way to both spend more money and gain weight.

If I was only less lazy & cooked more often, I’d be healthier.

Answer #11

careful, your wallet might burst if you eat out every day

Answer #12

I love to make dinner at my house when my parents arnt on I feel like a real chef in my own resturant

Answer #13

I say eat out 4 the good stuff

Answer #14

I cook a lot and eat out oly 3 times a month

Answer #15

My mom prefers to cook and make meals at home since it’s healthier and not as bad on the budget. At times, I prefer it too since it’s better than spending around $150-$200 at our usuall restaurant, or healthier than something like Burger King or McDonalds. And don’t get me wrong, I love my mother’s cooking so I’m fine with it. lol

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