Diluted Drug Test

So I had a drug test on monday and I used the detox stuff that morning I had smoked the night before When the results came back it was too diluted to test I am guessing from drinking so much water right before

But since I already took the detoxing liquid and I haven’t smoked since that sunday and today is now wednesday and I have to retake the test tomorrow should I be ok?

Answer #1

dont smoke weed

Answer #2

essentially what they were telling you (without telling you) is that they found the detoxing substance in your urine, they are going to retest you to see if the substance you are trying to cover up will show up in the next test. you have placed yourself firmly on someones radar, by the presence of the detox agent, if you should pass the next test- you will be selected at ‘random’ in the near future for follow up tests.

Answer #3

thanks Baldwin for the advice and zick my question wasn’t whether or not I should smoke weed

Answer #4

well when you retake the test it will come up for marijuana unless you delute your system again . was it for probation or a job ?

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