Do you think it's difficult for teenagers to get jobs today?

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Nope! At least not where I live. Most places prefer to hire young people because they don't have to pay them as much as adults.

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Yes. In the job market today there aren't enough jobs to go around. Adults who ordinarily would be working in higher paying jobs are now resorting to applying for min wage jobs that teens would take. From employers perspective, they look at adults as being more responsible and self supporting which means they take their jobs more seriously. However, perserverance pays off for teens/adults who don't give up. And once you get the job it's important to be a model employee (be on time, and go the extra mile) Because employers have easy availability to fire and hire replacements. And if they have to cut back personnell you don't want to be on the first to go list.

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Yes for people under 16 only job for under 16 is paper route which doesn't pay very well

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Here in Massachusetts,it's tough for teens AND aldults to get a job. You know it's bad when even fast food,supermarkets ect,aren't. Hiring.

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Here in the UK yes, right now it is difficult for anyone though. You can have
900 people going for a job just as a cashier. Of course somebody has to go through all those and employers are getting so picky now that if you have a tiny mistake on your CV, it goes straight in the bin. But with so many applicants they can be as picky as they like.

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Yes, if you don't try hard enough.
I learned that just simply trying isn't enough.

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Yes, if you don't try hard enough.
I learned that just simply trying isn't enough.

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In the US, it can be difficult for ANYONE to find a job because the economy is so bad. There are millions of unemployed adults that are looking for work. As a result, most businesses have severely cut back & reduced their work force so that they can stay in business. Many employers no longer have a need to hire teenagers because there are so many adults competing for the same jobs.

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