What is the difference between mdma and ecstasy?

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MDMA is pure extacy....extacy tabs that you buy from dealers are rarely pure mdma and are generaly mixed with other dru.gs such as her.oin, crack, coke, etc.

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So M gives you less high?

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No, pure MDMA would get you more high, but its also very dangerous an very easy to overdose on. Extacy tabs you buy from dealers are dangerous because you never know whats in them...

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Really so even one pill can make you overdose?

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MDMA is better for you to take than E. It isnt cut with bad d rugs like hero ine n stuff.Good stuff.

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Thanx, Ive tried E before, it wasnt so bad

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Kirstin - i love how you said MDMA is better because it isnt cut with any "bad" dr.ugs. It IS a "bad" dr.ug. I spent years as a raver and thought xtc was great and fun. I saw a friend die on it from dehydration. I saw a friend die on it from literally drinking herself to death with water and ive seen friends overdose on just one pill. Neither is "safer" to take. Its a street dr.ug that you are purchasing...even if they claim its pure you have NO way of knowing if it is.

Xtc depletes your seratonin (what makes you happy) from your brain during use. After continued use your brain won't catch up on replenishing it and eventually your left with permanant anxiety and depression.

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I dont take synthetic d rugs, only pure d rugs.

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wow that sounds kind of messed up. So did you like take it every weekend before? if you dont mind me asking

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and Im sorry about your friend, how did she die from drinking herself to death?

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