Did you start playing video games on an atari 5200 too?

Did you start playing video games on an atari 5200 too? That’s the one that we started out when we were kids, at least, I think it was the Atari 5200. For the times (um, 20 years ago) that was an awesome machine.

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started with an Atari 2600, then Super Nintendo, Playstation 1, PC, Dreamcast, & Xbox.

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All I remember is Pong….sold at Sears/Atari I think……….

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Hi thedude, I remember making programs for the commodore in the 80s. It would take hours and hours to make a simple shooting game. If you miss placed a comma or number you would get a syntax error and have to figure out where it was so not to start all over again. We did graduate to the Atari and thought we were in heaven LOL. You can still get the Atari games for your computer…a real blast from the past. Sue

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I remeber PONG on Atari, than it was nintendo, super nintendo, sega genesis (with cable connections), dreamcast, nintendo 64, PS1, Xbox, now I own the PS2, can’t wait for PS3 to come out next year. This christmas I’m going to go out and buy the new version of Nintendo.

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The first video game I ever played was a flight simulator being demonstrated at Central Michigan University. They had a mini-computer hooked up to an ocilloscope and a joystick. This would have been around ‘72. I crashed pretty quickly. A few years later I saw a Pong arcade game. My parents bought us a home pong game a few years later. It was a white game console with two potientiometers built in and all it could play was 3 varients on Pong. I think it was by Coleco but it has been a long time so I can’t be sure. I played it quite a bit though my older brothers quickly became bored of it. My oldest brother purchased a TRS-80 color computer with his tax refund one year. It had some games though nothing exceptional. When we upgraded from 4K to 16K of memory the resolution and number of colors in some of the games improved. College and cycling took up most of my time for the next few years then I got my first computer, and Atari 800 with 48K or RAM, finally some decent games! I had many hours of fun on that old Atari until I got my Amiga 1000. The Amiga was basically 10 years ahead of everyone else; by 1995 PCs could just then do what the Amiga did in ‘85. I had a bazillion games for the Amiga but never got a hard disk; I did everything off of 2 floppy drives. Lately most of my game play is on my Sony PSP.

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Yes, you are classic gamers!

Remember the Atari 400 and 800 computers?

Go here for a walk down memory lane :) http://dadgum.com/giantlist/list.html

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