Did you like "I Am Legend"?

So, I finally went to see this movie and I have never jumped sooo many times during a scary movie (I think the huge, loud theater had something to do with it!)! I thought that it was the best zombie/scary movie that I have ever seen, it really impressed me! What did you think of it?

Answer #1

I liked it it was ok not the best movie out there. But yeah it was kind of weird it made me jump a lot people said it was scary but I thought that it was more suspenseful then scary but its all about opinion.

Answer #2

I loved the movie.

I’m going ot buy the book when I get paid. :)

Answer #3

I hate that stupidasss movie. Will Smith disappointed me. The only character I like in there was “SAM” the dog.

Answer #4

I actually have never seen it but I could have seen it. I was with my friends last Christmas and we were debating on whether to see Enchanted or I am Legend, and I guess we picked Enchanted, so we didn’t see I am Legend. I heard about the movie on TV and they said that for like 3/4ths of the movie there is nobody there and Will Smith just talks to his dog. And in the last fourth of the movie he fights these zombies. A 40 year old man talking to a dog didn’t seem that interesting to me, so I passed.

Answer #5

Hell no. It was NOT scary, but sad. Especially when he killed the dog, I started to cry. As comic book guy will say, “worst movie ever” Waste of time and money

Answer #6


Answer #7

Oh Mah Gawd! I saw it Saturday night with two of my friends. It was absolutely awesome! I’m not sure it was as good as the trailers made it out to be, but it was still a great movie. I jumped more in that movie than in any other zombie movie I’ve seen.

Answer #8

I loved it- the first thing I did when I came home was hugged my dog. I wish they did the whole series though, instead of just the third book. they deff. could have elaborated a little more on how the cure for cancer mutated into that virus & how it effected the human system

Answer #9

AMAZING MOVIE! I could go on about it forever.

Ahh, I love Will Smith!

I’m sooo going to buy it when it comes out on DVD. Which will be in like, forever. XD

Answer #10

well its actually a vampire movie I read the original book ( not the movie based book)

I was really awesome movie though

the only thing that bugged me was how diefferent the movie and book were but I guess I should’ve expected that

Answer #11

Luh Luh LOVED IT! bwahaha! yeah seen it twice…lucky mwuah… well…ermmm if ya havnt seen it…I guess ya had better hurry up and see it… meeep


Answer #12

I thought it was pretty good too! It was crazy, sad and scary all at the same time! It’s definitely a movie I’m going to buy when it comes out on dvd!

Answer #13

YES YES YES but do you like movies like resident evil now, they are the king of zombie movies or just even try 28 weeks later

Answer #14

I didn’t think it really good. The ending really sucked.

Answer #15

I LOVED it, with a passion, lol, but I seriously could not stand the fact that at the end with all he endured he STILL died.. :[

Answer #16

I havent seen it…but I really would like to. I heard it was a great movie.

Your so lucky to have seen it lol. j/k

Answer #17

I LOVED it!!! It was so amazing, and I saw it with my boyfriend, and I jumped like right into his lap, lol.

Answer #18

I didn’t know that it was based on a series of books! I will have to check those out!

Answer #19

I haven’t seen it but I heard that it isn’t as good as the commercial makes it look.

Answer #20

yes its definitely a movie to watch,really interesting.

Answer #21

Well, stephanief987, it is WAY better than the trailor made it look! That was why I waited so long to see it! If I had known how good it was, I would have been there the day it opened to watch it! Go see it while you can still get the REAL movie experience!!!

Answer #22

Ah I loved it so much! I wish it was a tv series though! How cool would that be? An hour of I Am Legend every week. It would in a way be like ‘Lost’. In the sense that he’s..well, not so much lost. But ‘Alone’.

Answer #23

I cried for the rest of the film after sam died

Answer #24

It was ok, not my favorite… The “zombies” were really boring, but it was a neat story…

I hated the ending, but it had its moments…

Answer #25

I liked it… but it was so sad when sam died! cries I was actualy crying!

Answer #26

I LOVE I AM LEGEND. That movie was the best that Will Smith has ever done.

Answer #27

love, love, love, love, love, love IT!!! haha Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)- Plain White T’s!!!

~~plainwhitets :)

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