Did you have a great Thanksgiving?

Hey everybody, I’ve been on a mini vacation visiting family in Oregon :) Did you have a good Thanksgiving (for those that are in the US).

Answer #1

Had a great one. I headed up to Oklahoma to spend the day with family and watch the Cowboys win another one.

Answer #2

Mine was great , and I hope yours was too

Answer #3

Great one, thanks - hope you did too, as usual probably should have pushed away from the table a little sooner but much easier said than done, LOL - Take care !!

Answer #4

I went to the macys day parade

Answer #5

Great, thanks thedude. I’m down here in Florida visiting brother, sister, and son(+ grandson). Missing my lady back in PA. though.

Lex_icon, he’s cute as can be. Here are a whole bunch of Warm Fuzzies for your whole clan.

Likewise, bunches to everyone else.

Wishing you the best, and Good Luck !!

Answer #6

All I had wanted to do was to be by my self and forget about the holidays, forget about the fact that it was yet another year I was going to either spend by my self or with a stranger rather then the semi-annoying thrills of my sisters and brother and the warm comforting smells of my Mother’s cooking and the familiar face of Dad reading a book. I thought that if I spent it alone Would forget about what I felt as though I was missing out and just enjoy the moment pretending to my self that the Holiday wasn’t really happening or didn’t mean anything unless you let it. Well sit turns out I was in for quite a different Thanksgiving then the one I had dream up in my head weeks before the word thanksgiving was even mentioned. The Hamman’s where forward bond for a three day Vacation on the Big Island where they would be spending the holiday with Dave’s brother and his family, and so I was left here to spend it with at that point whom ever I could find. It came down between either spending four days parrying or four days with Karen Friend and her family. Lol well I am not big on partying but compared to a family environment it sounded like a nice idea at the time, but it wasn’t the choice I made after much though and a Phone call from Dr. Brad I decided to go with the choice that terrified me and here is a hint it didn’t involve forgetting reality for four days. I went to the friends house instead. In four days I saw the most amazing things happen how family can mean more then anything any of them could do wrong. It was one of the best Thanksgiving that I have ever had and was nothing that I had expected, but everything I have ever wanted & hoped for.

Answer #7

Aww… what about those of us outside of the US?

Bottom lip quivvers

Can’t say I did anything special, but I have a cute little smooshy faced nephew to be thankful for, so I’m showing off his picture every chance I get!

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