Did the weed do it?

I’m in a off and on argument persay with some of the people on here about how bad weed is for you and how doing it makes you dumb, stupid, unfocused, or whatever they said. I don’t feel that way, you may be a dumb person who smokes weed, but weed didn’t make you dumb. So tell me people, do you know just one person in your life that has suffered some horrible situation from smoking weed. No other drugs JUST WEED! And I don’t mean like a person was kicked out of their house because they was smoking weed. But real things. For example robbery killing prostitution violent acts health problems like cancer (known from smoking weed) ect ect ect. See I believe from my own experiences and those that I know, this is not the case for weed. Maybe a lot of other drugs, but not weed. I think people do dumb things in general, but not because they was under the influence of weed. I don’t want people giving me approval based things, like going to jail because you had weed. Well duh, weed is illegal. Mine question is based on health and violence. About people who you know that smokes or yourself personally. No stats about weed, that is not what I’m asking for.

Gain wisdom One

Answer #1

by Kimberly Read We have all asked this question at some time. I’ve heard explanations ranging from a shortage of lithium in the brain to dog bites in childhood. Obviously, there is a great deal of misinformation to be had. To add to the confusion, scientific research continues to publish new information and theories. A 2000 study in the American Journal of Psychiatry reported “in those with bipolar disorder, two major areas of the brain contain 30 percent more cells that send signals to other brain cells.” This report theorizes that “the extra signal-sending cells may lead to a kind of overstimulation, which makes sense considering the symptoms of bipolar disorder(1).” But has anyone found the true cause of bipolar disorder? It would be wonderful to say that X or why was the cause, but the answer is not that simple. Most scientists believe that mental illnesses are caused by a combination of several factors working together. In bipolar disorder, these factors are usually divided into biological and psychological causes. In plain English, the main reasons mental illness develops are physical (biological) and environmental. Genetic Factors When talking about biological causes, the first issue is whether bipolar disorder can be inherited. This question has been researched through multiple family, adoption and twin studies. In families of persons with bipolar disorder, first-degree relatives (parents, children, siblings) are more likely to have a mood disorder than the relatives of those who do not have bipolar disorder(3). Studies of twins indicate that if one twin has a mood disorder, an identical twin is about three times more likely than a fraternal twin to have a mood disorder as well(2). In bipolar disorder specifically, the concordance rate (when both twins have the disorder) is 80 percent for identical twins, as compared to only 16 percent for fraternal twins(2). (Identical twins occur when one fertilized egg splits in two, so they share the same genetic material; fraternal twins come from separate fertilized eggs, so the mixtures of genetic material are different.) There is overwhelming evidence that bipolar disorder can be inherited and that there is a genetic vulnerability to developing the illness(2). Neurotransmitters However, exactly what is inherited? The neurotransmitter system has received a great deal of attention as a possible cause of bipolar disorder. Researchers have known for decades that a link exists between neurotransmitters and mood disorders, because drugs which alter these transmitters also relieve mood disorders(4). Some studies suggest that a low or high level of a specific neurotransmitter such as serotonin, norepinephrine or dopamine is the cause. Other studies indicate that an imbalance of these substances is the problem, I.e., that a specific level of a neurotransmitter is not as important as its amount in relation to the other neurotransmitters(2). Still other studies have found evidence that a change in the sensitivity of the receptors on nerve cells may be the issue(4). In short, researchers are quite certain that the neurotransmitter system is at least part of the cause of bipolar disorder, but further research is still needed to define its exact role. Stress Triggers For mental, emotional and environmental issues, stressful life events are thought to be the main element in the development of bipolar disorder. These can range from a death in the family to the loss of a job, from the birth of a child to a move. It can be pretty much anything, but it cannot be precisely defined, since one person’s stress may be another person’s piece of cake. With that in mind, research has found that stressful life events can lead to the onset of symptoms in bipolar disorder. However, once the disorder is triggered and progresses, “it seems to develop a life of its own.” Once the cycle begins, psychological and/or biological processes take over and keep the illness active(2). Putting it all together When we look for the cause of bipolar disorder, the best explanation according to the research available at this time is what is termed the “Diathesis-Stress Model.” The word diathesis means, in simplified terms, a physical condition that make a person more than usually susceptible to certain diseases. Thus the Diathesis-Stress Model says that each person inherits certain physical vulnerabilities to problems that may or may not appear depending on what stresses occur in his or her life(4). Durand and Barlow define this model as a theory “that both an inherited tendency and specific stressful conditions are required to produce a disorder(2). So the bottom line, according to today’s thinking, is that if you are manic depressive, you were born with the possibility of developing this disorder, and something in your life set it off. But scientists could refine that theory tomorrow. The one sure thing is, they won’t give up looking for answers.

Answer #2

I put these studies and information up for you all to see clear cut information about weed and the whole bipolar thing. First let me state this, I have a father that Bipolar and I have done lots of reseacher on the disorder because I am a medical student. I have wrote several papers on the disorder, and have done countless hours of research on the effects, causes, and over all view of the disorder. So when you tell me that WEED cause bipolar disorder in people you know, I laugh to no end. Had you guys of said any other disease in this world, I could never have said one word about the whole thing until I reseached it. BUT weed and Bipolar, too too too funny. I really think people should try to become more educated about things before the speak on them. I think word of mouth and opinions should never be given if you don’t even have the basic knowledge of what you are talking about. This is not directed to anyone on here that has commented, but it is something I hope people start considering before they begin the sentence with, “In My Opinion”. I suggest those of you that think weed cause some kind of serious disfunction in a you or a person you know, should first get all the facts of that person life, then reseacher what you have then come back to me and tell me that without a doubt “WEED DID IT!” Now some laziness, some hungry, some chilled out expressions, even low sperm counts, I’m all there with you guys on these things. But Bipolar and attemped suicide!!! Give me a break

People Please Gain KNOWLEDGE before speaking on things, It will help you sound a little more wiser.

Thanks very much to all the Replys Gain WISDOM One

Answer #3

Q. My husband was dx in 1980 with manic depression after a manic phase which brought him to be hospitalized. After that he refused to take the meds prescribed. He has been rapid cycling since but never totally manic or severely depressed until 2000 which was extreme mania and ended up in the hospital again. My question is, is it possible that the bipolar is caused by early drug use? Pre 1980 he experimented with mushrooms, cocaine, etc and always pot. Although he was not totally into the hard drugs but had done them a few times. He was smoking pot on daily basics. Always held a steady job through out all this. Family history or so told no bipolar but a few of us believe the mother (although never mentioned to her) is has borderline personality disorder. Is early drug use a possibility for this disorder

A. Some theorists believe there is no link and others believe there is a very strong link. A recent study showed people who use hallucinogenic drugs such as marijuana double their risk of having serious mental illness such as schizophrenia. From my experience, which is not a scientific study, I would say yes there is a strong link. The fact is that science still does not have a definitive answer for this question. We will have to wait until further research is conducted to conclusively answer this question.

Answer #4

It doesn’t cause those violent psychotic episodes that lead to killings etc., but what it will eventually do (usually after much use) is cause paranoia (not fear of cops which you would expect, but more insidious things like ‘friends are talking about you’, and ‘spouses are thinking about leaving’.) Also problems sleeping. Also memory problems. There is also a lessening of the effects that made pot so tempting, and the very real danger that a pot smoker will start trying stronger drugs.

The fortunate thing with pot is that almost all of the negative things (memory, sleep, paranoia) reverse when the smoking stops. Whereas Ecstasy, crank, blow all PERMANENTLY destroy brain tissue and those lost facilities will not come back.

The other thing about anything you take to cope with life’s problems, is that you are basically hiding out and not learning skills to get along with people. Your coping skill is limited to 1.) Get joint 2.) Smoke joint 3.) Repeat

In closing, alcohol has greater bad effects than weed has, by far. yet we allow and even celebrate it. Personally, if we allow alcohol, then we should legalize weed and controlling it through state stores or programs.

And that’s my 2 cents worth.

Answer #5

LOS ANGELES (June 27) - Smoking marijuana will certainly affect perception, but it does not cause permanent brain damage, researchers from the University of California at San Diego said Friday in a study.

“The findings were kind of a surprise. One might have expected to see more impairment of higher mental function,” said Dr. Igor Grant, a UCSD professor of psychiatry and the study’s lead author. Other illegal drugs, or even alcohol, can cause brain damage. His team analyzed data from 15 previously published, controlled studies into the impact of long-term, recreational cannabis use on the neurocognitive ability of adults.

The studies tested the mental functions of routine pot smokers, but not while they were actually high, Grant said.

The results, published in the July issue of the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, show that marijuana has only a marginally harmful long-term effect on learning and memory.

No effect at all was seen on other functions, including reaction time, attention, language, reasoning ability, and perceptual and motor skills Anecdotal evidence has shown that marijuana can help ease pain in patients with diseases like multiple sclerosis or prevent severe nausea in cancer patients, but the effects have yet to be proven in controlled studies, Grant said. The UCSD research team said the problems observed in learning and forgetting suggest that long-term marijuana use results in selective memory defects, but said the impact was of a very small magnitude. If we barely find this tiny effect in long-term heavy users of cannabis, then we are unlikely to see deleterious side effects in individuals who receive cannabis for a short time in a medical setting,” Grant said.

In addition, he noted that heavy marijuana users often abuse other drugs, such as alcohol and amphetamines, which also might have long-term neurological effects.

28 Jul 2003 @ 12:05 by Susanna Palacios @ : Marijuana I have been smoking marijuana on a consistent baswis since 1967. Since that time I have graduated from college and recieved a masters degree, teaching for 27 years. I graduated with a 3.9 overall. I have contributed many hours of volunteer time to my community and to the children especially. I do not use alcohal except an occasional bottle of wine with dinner. I do not believe using marijuana has impeeded me in anyway. I had cancer a few years ago and if not for marijuana I would have not survived. It has been a great substance for me. I often try to explain to thoes who prefer an alcohal buzz the incredible damage they are doing to their bodies. My biggest question is why is it illegal? Why are we filling up our prisons with our young with marijuana charges. What reason does the government have against pot. Is it because so many pot smokers are also thoes who question our governments policies. Do they consider marijuana users to be subversive thinkers and a threat to their political corruption? Are the pharmacutical companies involved or the alcohal industry. So maqny kids are being retained in our privitized prisons. Does the criminalization of marijuana pad the pocketbooks of thoes industries. I am amazed at the lack of effort to change these riduculous laws.

Answer #6

Sure, opinions thrown around willy nilly with no knowledge are pointless. but as you stated in your question, you wanted to know “About people who you know that smokes or yourself personally.” I know people who smoke weed. A friend of mine smoked weed casually, and never had a history of depression, or self harm, nor any evidence that she was going to develop these. She was a healthy, happy person. Then she smoked weed, and after the high had worn off, she would plummet into depression. While she was in this depressive state, she decided the reason she was depressed was because of the weed in her system, and she wanted to get it out. so, she hacked at her wrist to bleed it out. She’s been off weed for almost 2 years now, but in between her smoking, she admits she didn’t know what she felt like that was the only way to get it out of her system. While it hasn’t been proven without a doubt that weed did this, it seems highly logical to assume that weed impaired her judgement when she was in her depressive state. The chemicals a person may take in while smoking weed can impair their judgement, just like a drunk person’s judgement may be impaired when they are under the influence of alcohol. I’m not saying this is the case 100% of the time, but it is very common. Getting drunk or smoking weed diesn’t necessarily make you dumb, but it can cause you to do dumb things.

You appear to make the assumption none of us have any knowledge on the subject of marijuana uses and its effects. You also come across as having the opinion that you know everything about it, and we know nothing. If this is the case, why should we bother contributing to this thread? To be judged by you, and told how we need to “get all the facts” before expressing any opinion at all?

Some people may need to “gain wisdom/knowledge”, but I think it’s also important to exercise tolerance and understanding. Some food for thought…

Answer #7

Very good Miss Lex. First of all you stated that your friend was a happy, fun loving person in the world, who every now and them just smoked a little weed. Then One Day out of the blue, after not being high anymore. I’m sorry let my QUOTE you, “ Then she smoked weed, and after the high had worn off, she would plummet into depression.” So what you are saying is, while she was smoking she was that happy free loving person you alway knew, but when she wasn’t smoking she wanted to kill herself. Then it would seem to me that the weed was helping her, not causing her to try and kill herself. You even said yourself she wasn’t high anymore. So who is to say that this friend of your may have been seeked the weed to help with other problem in her life, and when there was no more weed to smoke, so she took her lack of weed out on the weed.LOL If she wasn’t high, ACCORDING TO YOU, when she tried to kill herself, then it wasn’t the weed that made her do it,” IT WAS THE LITTLE GREEN MAN. You may have not known that your friend was stressed out, and why she wanted to smoke weed in the first place. Seems to me she liked smoking weed, and HATED it when she didn’t have anymore, and thought she could live without it. Before you try and put me in my place, you might want to read what you write. And then you wonder why I think you are I kid. Maybe drug counseling shouldn’t be where your career path is going, but maybe wedding coordinator or travel agent. It seems you have much knowlegde of those things. But when it comes to drug, you may need a little more work. HONEY, I wish you well once again, and if you wish to continue, I have all day. I’m kind of sick. I got this head cold from my mom, and I feel like keeping in the house for the next few days. School won’t be in for another week, so I have time.LOL YOU LEX SHOULD REALLY GAIN WISDOM, KNOWLEGDE, AND UNDERSTANDING before you reply to me. Holla DOlla Oh, and yes, now I am mocking you. Just in case you was wondering.

Answer #8

I remember a friend of mine who smoked weed casually. She used to have such incredible lows after the high had worn off, she ended up in hospital a few times after hacking at her wrists with a letter opener. Her reason? “I wanted it out of my system”.

My dad smoked weed a few times when he was a teenager- he said it was like being drunk in slow motion. A lot of his friends smoked weed, and he eventually ditched them because he couldn’t be bothered with them being off their faces all the time. I’ve had friends who smoke it, and I often find it’s a waste of my time talking to them- when they’re high, they’re not themselves, and I’m all about being the person you are, no drugs needed.

Answer #9

“Then it would seem to me that the weed was helping her, not causing her to try and kill herself.”

Ah! It’s a good thing for cocaine, or we’d have a whole pile of people going around shivering and hallucinating the whole time, since those couldn’t possibly be withdrawl symptoms.

Answer #10

I’m 43 and never took drugs. No weed either.


I just want a clear head so I can continue to build great sites like funadvice.com


Answer #11

Uh… what’s with the huge flood of copy/pasted material? You could have just posted the link in a post.

Answer #12

weed is awesome… im really smart and score in the upper percentile of all big tests, and after I smoked weed I didnt feel any different. just happier. I can breathe the same, remember everything even better than before (weird) and im just as smart. maybe im a good example or something but yeah

Answer #13

My ex boyfriend is now bipolar because of weed too. It made him increasingly paranoid. I smoke too, and there is definite memory loss that I can see in myself. And, no, weed wont turn you into a felon. Of course people have committed many atrocities on pot, but that means nothing. Just pace yourself

Answer #14

My friend has lung problems now and has to carry oxygen around with him all the time. He only smoked once a day and now he is paying for it for the rest of his life. Now tell me weed can’t do anything to you

Answer #15

Well, none of the real things you listed. though I do know a few people who literally smoked themselves retarded. You know those guy who smoke so much they’re just burnt? they hardly know whats going on and they’re so slow to do anything? they talk about stuff they have no clue about and all those other funny things we used to laugh about when smoking. well I know people who dont smoke anymore…but they’re still like that. so yeah I think thats a problem that can come from smoking. yeah its rare and these guys smoked a lot, but you wanted to know about possible downsides so theres 1.

Answer #16

My dad is bipolar now because he smoked weed when he was a kid.

Answer #17

LOL, NO COME BACK. Now I have been Ignored. BUT you started it. YOu brought this answer to me, and when I Shut it down, nothing to say. I know what it is, you are showing me that you are better than me to keep responding under these conditions right. LMAO I WIN I WIN> LEX HAS NOTHING TO SAY>WOW

Answer #18

I’m locking this thread due to the personal attacks.

Answer #19

Weed causes memory loss. ( What were we talking about) ?

Answer #20

If you say so…

Answer #21

weed is legal…what country do you live in…America…hahahahahahahahahaha

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