How do I lose weight to stop feeling so horrible?

I wish I could lose weight. I feel awful everyday of my life. I cry everytime I have to pick clothes out for school, because I hate how each peice of clothing looks on me. I cant help it. Everytime I look at myself I feel sad. I dont want to feel this way ALL the time. Could anyone here please, please tell me how you lost weight and actually got motivated. I try ALL the time, but it never happens. The most frickin excercise I get is walking from class to class at school. (pretty much anyway) I just want to be happy, while im still young and live my life it should be lived! Is that so hard to ask for? I do try, but I always say: I’ll diet tomorrow, it will be easier that way. I just feel sad all the time. I am a really outgoing person, but my low self esteem deprives me from making new friends, and talking to other people. I find it difficult to socialize just because of my weight. I know it is hard to understand… if you have never been overweight. You probably think just go frickin excercise! Well I do, but I dont see results so I give up I guess. When I dont see results I feel like its never going to happen. Or that nobody will care or notice. I want to lose 70 pounds. Yes I said 70. Im embarrassed to tell my weight. But Im 5’4’’. Does anyone else here feel this way, and are actually overweight? I feel like crap and I always am down on myself, but then I tell myself I can do it,, but f course I dont. Its just hard for me for some reason. Thanks for the help anyone who answers. Btw, I do hide my weight pretty well, but I know how fat I am underneath my clothes. I guess I have some muscle too my doctor says, but I know Im still fat.

Answer #1

omg. i feel the sameee way!! i always feel fat in everything i wear. my friends tell me i’m not.. but i can hide it 2.. feeling like this makes me depressed a lot,, and all i want is 2 look skinny && pretty && 2 feel good bout myself.. but nuthing seems 2 work… can u help me??? =[

Answer #2

listen I was writing before how I felt the same way and I finaly found it try this website please one of us deseverse to be happy I always feel like my mum doesnt want me to be skiny and pretty because she wont get this for me but please try it ill feel happy if you do or this try it I beg you and tell me how it works out (wink) bye my friend

Answer #3


First things first- you might think I’m just saying this, but I really do think you’re pretty. I’ve also noticed the advice you give, and you’re always so caring and understanding of others. That shows real beauty to me. However, as you’re not depressed about that, I’ll give you some suggestions to help.

Firstly, you might look at my pictures and say “Oh what would she know? She’s never had a weight problem!” I had an eating disorder on and off for 3 years. I’m healthy now. Sure, my body isn’t perfect, but I manage. I do carry a bit of a tummy because I have absolutely no hips- the weight has nowhere to go but straight out in front of me. A few things I have found are at follows:

  1. Diets don’t work too well- the more you try to be strict on yourself, the harder they are to stick to. Just eat a balanced diet- plenty of fresh fruit and veges, lean red meat (if you’re not vegetarian), bread, cheese, even a bit of junk food- denying yourself of it will make you jump off it fast as fury! If you crave chocolate, I suggest eating dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate- dark has more cocoa mass, and satisfies the craving with less. DON’T sit and calorie count- life is for living and enjoying, why waste the time?

  2. It’s so easy to chuck in a little extra exercise here and there- if you’re bussing somewhere, get off a stop or two earlier and walk the extra distance. It all adds up. An excercise routine has to be something that you’re interested in, and likely to follow. One way I do that is clubbing- I love going out and dancing the night away. I don’t need alcohol, I just drink water. Another way I excercise is running around after my friends kids and playing with them. You can dance to your favourite music in your room (no-one has to see if you’re self conscious), or a community centre near you might have aerobic classes. If you have younger brothers or sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, friends with kids- take them out for a game of tag. Just make sure it’s fun and keeps you interested.

  3. There’s always something you can wear, or do to your appearance to make you feel good. I tend to wear flared jeans (to hide the fact I have no hips), and tshirts that make my boobs look a bit smaller (they’re a bit big), and cover my tummy (which is not toned). Just find what suits you. Treat yourself to new clothes once in a while- nothing makes you feel better than having a pretty new top to show off! Even just wearing some pretty undies and a bra can make your day so much better. One thing I love wearing is corsets- not to distort my body, but because I feel sexy and feminine in them. But yes, they can help to shape you a little if you feel you need it.

  4. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat- there might be times here you put a bit of weight on, but you are actually slimmer. Just don’t let your weight control your life. Remember that there are so many things to enjoy, it’s not worth sacrificing or missing those because you’re caught up on your weight.

Don’t forget you’re a star! If you ever want to talk about it, funmail me, k? Hugs

Answer #4

Being thinner is not going to make you any different!! you have to start by realizing what is really important, I know in a society where barby is the standard girls live by, and the next top model tv show is what girls live after, many times we forget about what is important, cause all of that is just external, first you have to look inside you and find what will really make you happy, loosing weight or maybe you need something else? after you do this thinking I am very sure you will start feeling a lot better about yourself and start looking at things differently.

About what to do to lose weight is very simple: have better eating habits and excersise more, if you really want to lose all that weight you will have to be persistent and determined cause with an average good work out you can lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week, so you are looking at 10 to 12 months to lose that kind of weight, so don’t expect things to happen overnight, just be consistent and keep pushing it, you will start seeing results within the first few weeks though and you will feel a lot better without that extra fat.

Good luck to you and god bless!!

Answer #5

if you are still going through this problem I can totally relate with you. when I was reading your question, I kept thinking, ‘wow, this is exactly how I feel.” I hope that you are better now and maybe have lost some weight, but I if you havent, I am totally here with you. I have been dealing with my weight for the past two years of my life, and it feels as though it has taken over everything. I used to be overweight, but the lost a ton of weight just eating healthier and excersising, but now I have gained a lot of the weight back (pressure not to lose so much weight) and I feel worse off than when I started. I know how you feel about the clothes too, because I have a ton of clothes that fit a size 3 or 5, but I have ballooned up to a size 7 and I dont feel comfy in anything but loose workout sweats. I have kept trying and trying to lose the weight thinking its only temporary, but I just can seem to gain control. I tell myself I’ll excersise later or just not eat, but it never happens. if you still are dealing with this, we can try to lose the weight together. I know it sounds silly, but I’ve heard that if you have a friend to help you, you are more likely to succeed. you can add me if you decide you want to attack this weight villain together! :) hope to hear from you!

Answer #6

heyy, i am not going to tell you its not hard because it is. gettin rid of the fat is one of the hardest things in the world, unless you are taking one of the many diet pills on the market. i am going through the same thing. i have been trying to lose since the first week of september. i walk 2 or 4 miles per day, 5or 6 day a week no matter what . sometime i don’t have time to walk 3 or 4 miles in a row, so i do 2 miles in the a.m and 2 in the p.m. that if you can find the time. if you get bored walking the same location find you another location. changing your location, you won’t get bored and that way you will say motivated. so far i gain weight but lost so many inches. my clothes fit so much better and are not tight at all. was a 16-18 size, today 12-14 look an feels so good. so i really don’t care about the weight part beacuse it plays trick. so as long as the inches are leaving. someday the lbs. will go to. keep losing inches you will be small one day. so don’t worry about the lbs. it will drive you crazy. get the inches off. some parts of your body maybe ok so focus on the bad area. like me! i have small leg, arm , butt and no hip. but my middle, waist and breast is the problem. i also lift weights for the breast. 30lbs. for women. not heavy but comfortable and really can tell the differents. i was just going to do this for 30 days but i saw my clothes fitting better so that made me want to keep it up. it has become a habit and i love it. if you walk make sure you getan ipod or mp3. don’t wait for a certain day or time to get started just get up and get started. good luck! you will love yourself.

Answer #7

Thank you very much. All of your answers helped a lot. Thank you! :)

Answer #8

Okay people thank you for your help. And too let you all know, I dont plan on starving myself! Thats dumb and I know that. But thank you everyone.

Answer #9

Hi, find a low glecemic diet plan and you can get information off the internet and excercise to boost metabolism…you being as young as you are will make your metabolism rise. Hope I helped

Answer #10

I’m like forty pounds over my target weight of 120 it’s sad because I’m pretty short. But the positive side is that I’ve lost ten pounds in one month by only eating one meal a day and exercising till I’m so tired I can’t stand it. Dieting sux but put your mind to it. My one meal a day is pretty good sized and I have fruit or what ever during the day. But the main thing is to stay away from temptation. Another thing you can do is drink water when your hungrey thats what I do and the weight is coming off pretty steadly.

Answer #11

Hey look, Im not all that skinny myself, but I will still give you some advice. I felt the same way about myself and then I relized no matter how much weight I gain or loose I am still going to be the same person, So dont worry about what other people think about you, and if you just want to look good for yourself dont think of it as looseing weight, think of it as being heathy! Just eat right and exercise and you will be just fine, and to keep yourself motivated do what I do and do it with a friend! Hope I helped and good luck!

Answer #12

well since u helped me ill help u_first stop eattin the junk food. look @ the lables somtimes when it says 0% fat it lies. then start walkin. first u can go around the block then as u feel more comfrotable walkin start to jog.if u cant do it just start walkin again.if u can jog do it for about a week.then after that start runnin.if u cant do this just walk.

Answer #13

for one you need to exercise you just need to be patient with weight loss. a pound is 3600 calories so you should only lose about that much a week. and I guess you are really fat so people will no notice a pound but you just have to keep going because you are not going to notice in the first week and probabley not even the 2nd or 3rd

Answer #14

Eat properly, and work out. Remember do not gain a eatting disorder like so many others. Guys will not like girls that do not eat anything other then salad.

Answer #15

I’ve had a lot of trouble losing weight too for like my whole life… But I lost a ton of weight by getting braces. lol I know its weird and I dont know why that happened.. Also I lost a lot of weight last summer by Swimming LAPS and running everyday. I know it sucks while your doing it but the end is great and you feel good about yourself… This might just me but it might work for you.

Answer #16

I forgot to add: sometimes it can be genetic- some people are just more prone to weight gain then others. Other times it can show a medical condition- like diabetes, or in my older sister’s case, polycystic ovaries. Not saying it is in your case, but it’s just something to be aware of. :)

Answer #17

Thank you, I was also borderline diabetic (runs in my family) but I am not anymore so I did something right when I dieted with my Mom over the summer, but I only lost like 10 pounds and it wasnt noticable. At least im not borderline anymore I guess. I try to diet and excercise, but it is really hard for me. I’ll keep trying though. Also, I want to lose this weight before prom, which is in May. Its my Junior year and I want to lok nice and feel good about myself. And I already told myself Im not going if I dont look good in a dress. Which is sad, and probably stupid to most people reading this but, you just dont understand how I feel. I dont know, I cant explain it. Sorry for so much writing everyone. Lol.

Answer #18

oh and I totally know how you feel when you say you feel sad about yourself ALL the time. that is exactly how I feel, because even though someone else maynot see the fat underneath my sweats, I always feel it there and it makes me so frustrated. I do cry when I try to dress for school…its so hard because I just want to feel comfortable when im going out, but I never do. I am a really fun-loving happy person too, but I have morphed into this dead, sad, depressed, unconfident person always worrying because she feels fat. I just wanted to add that, because I really do want to let you know I know EXACTLY what you feel. I have been hoping someone would tell me that but no one has really been able to relate to me exactly like that, so I just want to let you know, again, that you are not alone, and I am here if you need help.

Answer #19

Can I say DONT STARVE YOURSELF PLEEAASSEE starving yourself will just lead you to a death road You can go on a diet which is eating healthier (GOOD SIZED) portions of food for dinner have something light for lunch like a salad or a sandwhich ALWAYS HAVE BREAKFAST as it helps u lose weight I know it sounds sily but it is true slim down a bit but dont go to the extreme whats the point? and why do I know my cousin was force fed and hated everyone for letting her get ‘Fat’ as she called it so she went on her diet again (secretly) and got so thin she passed away do u want that to happen to you! if u do u are the most selfish person I’ve ever met appreciate your life it is the best u will get…

Answer #20

wow it’s like I just read something I wrote I feel exactly how u feel…I didn’t go out tonight bec. of how sad I feel and one of the reasons is bec I hate how I look in all my clothing. I keep on telling myself the same thing tomorrow it will be different Monday will be diet day I dont really have any answer for u bec I am looking for the same thing…maybe there is something thats stopping u from really being happy look deep in yourself and see what u really want…u should also try seeing someone to help u loose weight its hard but when u have someon to help u it gets a little easier good luck!

Answer #21

wow it’s like I just read something I wrote I feel exactly how u feel…I didn’t go out tonight bec. of how sad I feel and one of the reasons is bec I hate how I look in all my clothing. I keep on telling myself the same thing tomorrow it will be different Monday will be diet day I dont really have any answer for u bec I am looking for the same thing…maybe there is something thats stopping u from really being happy look deep in yourself and see what u really want…u should also try seeing someone to help u loose weight its hard but when u have someon to help u it gets a little easier good luck!

Answer #22

wow it’s like I just read something I wrote I feel exactly how u feel…I didn’t go out tonight bec. of how sad I feel and one of the reasons is bec I hate how I look in all my clothing. I keep on telling myself the same thing tomorrow it will be different Monday will be diet day I dont really have any answer for u bec I am looking for the same thing…maybe there is something thats stopping u from really being happy look deep in yourself and see what u really want…u should also try seeing someone to help u loose weight its hard but when u have someon to help u it gets a little easier good luck!

Answer #23

listen i know i feel so sad everytime i sit i see fat in my stomach i change cloths and see leg fat and i do the same thing as you i keep saying next week on monday or its a holiday so ill wait for the next monday dont think im lying cuz im not i have a dream to meet somrone its no fame person but hes special to me more then everything i couldent believe when i read this it was just like reading my self well my secret is i love that person he is so special to me and im only 14 so hes my motive i hope it works for you cause i wont give up and neither will you my word is “faith” believe you can do it and when where models or singers or evan gorgeos acters we will meet ;i hope so; lol so bye till that day P.S i bet you got a secret guy you like to and i bet your beutiful.

Answer #24

you really dont want to starve yourself. I was a really strong and good swimmer and then I went anorexic because my brother would call me a fat bee-otch and my friends would make jokes about even though I new they were joking it still hurt me. my advice for you to lose weight is dish out correct portions and leave reminders of how much you have eaten like plates or bones. also only eat in the kitchen with the tv and computer off becuase you will want to leave the kitchen to watch TV or something. also leave food out of sight so you are not tempted. hope I helped

Answer #25

you give loads of good advice and funadvice .com eould miss you so dont become anorexic like me

Answer #26

Eat a lot of vegetables

Answer #27

heyhey calm down. firstly the healthiest way to lose weight is slowly. when u lose weight too fast u end up losing muscle weight instead of fat weight. the result? u end up having a higher body fat % with less muscle to burn fat. exercise will definitely not yield immediate results. but give it 3 months of consistent exercise 3 times a week for at least 40 minutes each time and you will see a change in your body shape for sure. the best part is, the weight will stay off permanently. to stay motivated, exercise with your mom and friends. refer to my other post here for more advice.

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