How would you all design your own house, if money and construction were not obstacles?

Use your imagination! I bet we could see some real creative ideas here.

Answer #1

I’d want it to look like a haunted mansion, maybe something like the house in Rose Red. I want it to look like an old style house, but creepy. Long corridors, beautiful red wallpaper, you know? Ahaha.

Answer #2

Haha, that would be awesome, I’d want the same sort of house, the rose red mansion was gorgeous. I would also have secret passageways, hidden corridors, and an indoor garden maze. Can you imagine playing hide and seek in that? It would be AWESOME! A large swimming pool in the basement would be pretty awesome too. =)

Answer #3

Ahaha, yeah. Too bad yo’d probably have to work your ass off and never spend a dime of it until youre 90 to get that kind of a house, though. :D

Answer #4

Indoor pool!, Giant bed, a water slide coming from the highest floor into the pool. A gigantic treehouse type thing outside that is like a room connected by a bridge to another treehouse room. That’s pretty damn amazing.

Answer #5

haha, yeah, sadly I think you’re right, but still, a woman can have her dreams, right?

Answer #6

Haha, I’d totally visit your house just to hang out if that’s what you had going on in it. That would be fantastic.

Answer #7

I’d sh1t my pants if I was going to slide down a slide from the highest floor into a pool. No one would want to ride down that slide, there’d be a sh1t streak all the way down it. :D

Answer #8


Answer #9

lmfao this is true.

Answer #10

A house with everything you and I can think of(:

Answer #11

lol, ew, well, if someone had a house of that extravagance, I’m sure they’d have a cleaning system of the same caliber.

Answer #12

I can think of gorillas fighting, cockroaches in cereal boxes, termites in the floors, rats in the walls, ect. But thanks for the poopy answer. :)

Answer #13

I would hope because I would perpousfully urinate all over the house in the most random of spots like closets, drawers, the sink, ect out of jealousy! :)

Answer #14

haha, nasty. Just remember to warn people beforehand.

Answer #15

I’ll be squatting in the close over some expensive dresses and I’ll be screaming “IM GOING PEEPEE!” to warn everyone.

Answer #16

lol, how kind of you.

Answer #17

rock studio

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