How would you describe your bedroom?

Answer #1

Most relaxing place in the world. =)

Answer #2

the best place to be. my vacation spot haha

Answer #3

Rock-a-billy and punk. Our bedroom is full of pin-ups, skulls, spiderwebs, graffiti art, old records hanging on the walls, etc.

Answer #4


Answer #5


Answer #6

Thanks for the points. =) I miss my bedroom right now. =(

Answer #7

Messy, but in a good way

Answer #8

Cozy-ish, as it should be. :D I share a room though, so it can be annoying and awkward to be up there.

Answer #9

The Basement

Answer #10

My room a tad messy, not me yet, but it will be once. I paint my walls blue and purple. add some personal touches to it and a few posters from concerts

Answer #11

Meessssyyy…. I don’t remember what the floor looks like :P

Answer #12

Seriously? o.o

Answer #13

French provincial… Just took a pic for ya…

Answer #14

Haha.. yeah :)

Answer #15

But its because my sister throws her clothes everywhere… Dang college kids… :P

Answer #16

It is Organized chaos =D. I have loads of stuff piled up in certain areas but i can find just about everything. Its pretty boring though with white walls and only mirrors on them x.x

Answer #17

Uhhh…. PHOTO PLEASE! Sounds awesome!

Answer #18

Messy. Sad. It’s like a bucket full of sad memories that aren’t even mine… I’ve had NIGHTMARES of other familes IN my room! It’s just ugh

Answer #19

Agreed :)

Answer #20


Answer #21


Answer #22

hmm colorfull, blue green based my walls are blue and green and neat yet sloppy, my bed is a big mess and everything around is VERY organized, nothing on the floor:o wierd a lot of collages on my walls and 2 huge mirrors!:o

Answer #23

I saw someone else take a picture of their room, thought I’d do the same :) My room is empty for the most part. Painfully boring white walls (except for two painting, and a chinese calender), heaps of clothes on the floor, and a bed with black gates attached. :) Bit old fashioned.

Answer #24

How would I describe it? Well…newly (mostly) clean and rearranged :]

Answer #25

a complete tip. Lols i share a room with my little sister so once you put the bunk beds my wardrobe and her drawers in there’s not much space for anything else. My bed is the coolest part though, because i have to share i made it really cool. The walls of my room are marshmallow pink, and i have a noticeboard with all my tickets to stuff pinned up on it nad ribbons and whatnot, behind my head i just finished a kinda collage of quotes and sayings. Opposite my noticeboard are my wardrobe doors which are covered in pictures cut from magazines and beads and stuff. And then above my head it’s like a really long grid kinda thing and i have old keyrings, signs, broken necklaces and washing line with pictures on it :D

Answer #26

a room full of books,medals,shoes,jewelry and a wall closet full of clothes,bags,more books and my bank accnt. plus Ive got this table beside my bed where I stack my unused Christmas gifts.Minty green walls and four windows.

Answer #27

my room was supposed to b for a child(mum chose the color when i was young but now i have graffiti , photos , car pics , drums , house for my dog , untidy , my computer and laptop stay here , one sofa for me projector for my ps-2 and got many pro amplifiers because i had a restraunt which is on rent so i got them and the best thing ME…….. the walls r blue except one which is red with blue

Answer #28

Our room is western style. Cowboyboot coat hangers, texas stars, just simply western :D

Answer #29


Answer #30

Messy, comfortable, and a great place.

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