Depression sucks

Ok, so im 15 I’ve had depression fro 7 years thats like almost half of my life, and im getting fed up with it.I’ve done everything that people recommend, but the more I try the more I get discouraged. I’ve resorted to other very shameful things that do help, but I just want it all to stop.the last few days I’ve jsut been moping around, and I’ve been getting scared to be alone even. What can I do?

Answer #1

hunny, this is a really difficult one. if you are not able to talk to your family then you need to talk to a friend or a counciller - very honeslty! and as for what you want people to see, you are not alone, many people cover their anguish with a blase front, it’s kind of the classic thing… when your mum found your diary she should have taken that as a real sign that she needs to do something pro-active. but the question is, was she upset for you, or for her? by that I mean, was it more “what have I done wrong?” or “what can I do to help you?”

you neeed to go back to councilling, you are old enough to do that first step on your own, go to your doctor and tell him what your feeling, he has an obligation to keep it confidential so don’t worry about that.

whats going on in your life? mum and dad together? siblings? if so how old? there must have been something that, one day, made you realise you felt sad inside.

p.s; do you know what, watch a really good film, gorillas in the mist, titanic anything that will get those tear ducts flowing, watch it in your room with a pillow and cry into it. see if you get any relief from ‘legitimate displaced crying’ in other words, crying you’re ‘allowed’ to do and have a good excuse for…

families that don’t encourage crying generally don’t because they don’t know how to deal with emotions or feelings, more relavently, sadness. some people really don’t know what to say to a person whose upset…you know, they don’t know whether to hug, or not hug, they don’t know if they should or shouldn’t say something, so the best kind of defense is offence…so simply discourage and poo-poo it…

I’m afraid you are unlikely to change your family, but you can change you..which is the most important one of all, you never no…others may follow..

Answer #2

you seem to be letting it consume you, I say ‘letting it’ like theres any control. depression is a mental illness and should be appreciated as such. 1 in 6 people had depression, it’s as common as astma…

you started having depression at a very young age. I’m a little bit concerned that you’ve been labelled as having depression, when at the time you were simply on the onset of puberty, and because the depression started before you had established your own identity, I worry that your personality has developed around this title.

you have hormones running around your body like a savage fire and they don’t just affect your growth, they affect mood, temprement, outlook and they change your ability to cope with things, or at least the way in which you cope with them…

I had depression, or what at least I was told depression from a young age…I used to use my health as a way to get attention, you know sympathy = attention, but when I hit about 17 I realised people were getting tired of hearing or seeing the way I was and I realised I had to make a concious decision to stop thinking the way I was. it was difficult and took a long time to get out of the habit. you need to find friends who will support you wanting to change, and also you will have to tell them what you’re trying to do, and if you start to slip, as your friends it is their job to help you stop.

if you’re on medication I suggest you go and speak to your GP and explain that you want to try alternative methods, councillers are good, however, people who talk about their problems all the time can get consumed by them, plus they can become very dependent (emotionally) on their counceller.

good luck, you are so young, I would love you to get over this and start you 20’s as a healthy happy person.

Answer #3

whatever you do dont turn to alcohol or drugs.. that only leads to more serious deppression.. im deppresed all the tiime too and sometimes ill go to parties and drink or smoke to feel a lot better but in the end I end up feeiin guilty.. I don’t know.. im not going to say everyone goes through deppresssion so get over it.. no.. thats what people tell me and it does hurt. its like they dont know what I’ve been through.. so they cant say shi!! umm I would recommend you keep yourself busy not on the computer or at the kitchen eatin your sadness away.. (thats what I do sometimes lol) try to get involved it helps trust me.. join liike the volleyball team or something it keeps your mind off of your troubles .. atleast for me or try talkin to your friends about it or family I had tons of therapist which means I’ve had tons of help dont bottle anything up inside you thats how you hurt yourself..

 think positive.. :] stay strong.. I know you can do it
Answer #4

the problem is I dont talk about my emotions more than letting it out, I did counseling, but I lied. I’ve kinda been raised around the whole mentality that crying or geting help makes you weak. I’ve never been on meds for deression, and many people sont know what I am dealing with inside, I look like the happiest person when you see me, but im not, and its killing me inside. I actually didnt get diagnosed until this last year with depression, but I’ve always known since I was 7 that I was really freakin sad, the only reason I was forced to go to counseling was because my mom found my diary, which let me tell you was not a fun conversation I mean what parent wants to hear that there kid at seven wanted to kill themselves? Sooner or later my mom just stopped really caring.

Answer #5

No Jaes you havent done everything people have recommended. You didnt talk to your conselor honestly and you havent tried medication… if you really want to get better then you might want to go back and talk to your counselor (I lied to mine for a year, she got over it… they are apparently quite understanding) or find a new counselor… There are also inpatient treatment facilities that will help speed along the process. There are options, and you simply need to give them a chance…

Answer #6

hi jaes, I’m sorry you suffer from depression. it is an ugly thing - I know, I live with it every day and I’m old enough to be your mother. try praying if you seek God, he will answer. all the meds, all the therapy, all the hospitals won’t “fix” the problem, yes, people will grow weary of hearing it, I know, I’ve lost friends, I understand why, but they have not walked a mile in your mocassins, nor have I, but I truly empathize with you … you are young …it will get better

Answer #7

Ok I have depression. I’m 18. I am about to start motorcycle mechanics in 2008 October. I hope nothing gets in the way of that. My opinion, as some one who has depression and who has even been hositalised from it would be to find what you love and DO IT!!! You can go to your doctor and say your majorly depressed, afert a month tops, he should give you antidepressants which you should take according to the doctor, eg, I have to take100mg of Citalopram per day. Take a healthy excersice and diet. I dont recommend this, but I done it with success, although it is far harder for others. I put on my CV that I smoked and I quit successfully and you dont wish for anyone to offer you a smoke.

Answer #8

Now that is some great advice. Well said sooitca.

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