Depression in children.

Im 13 and Im really depressed. Im not depressed all the time but when I am Im really depressed. I think I should take medicine. What medicine can a child take for depression? Do I have to go to the docter or theripist. I dont feel comfortable talking about my problems with a stranger. Can I get depression medicine over the counter?

Answer #1

sweetie, the “suck it up” advice is not good…you do not have to suck anything up…talk to a doctor…getting exercise is excellent advice as it releases endorphins which cause a sense of well-being…also a good balanced diet can do wonders for mood swings…check out the Formula 40-30-30 Diet…it is a diet for life and a fabulous lifestyle to learn at an early age…it will add to your sense of well-being…finally adolescents can really “suck”…but the good thing is it passes…stay away from what you know is instinctively not healthy…cigatetts, alcohol and drugs…talking to a counselor can be especially helpful…don’t feel shame…there isn’t a person alive who is perfect…consider talking to your mom and/or dad many times they will be your best allie…best of luck to you..

Answer #2

I would go to a doctor so you could get the right type of medicine and get a good friend to talk to if you won’t alk to a therapist I’m 13 and I’m sad and very negativef most of the time but I don’t think I’m depressed and my wicked close friend always listens and it makes me feel better

Answer #3

well depression is normal, I know uve probably heard that one before but its true, im 16 and I wouldnt lie 2 a fellow teen. its totally normal, and since your a girl its way worse because we have hormones up the wuh zoo thanks 2 periods. and we also have 2 deal with a bunch of bullcrap, guys and the mean girls and school and parents and homework. lol, its like the whole worlds out 2 get us, but its all good. but I would recommend tellin your parents and if they dont listen make them and if that still doesnt work tell your school counciler when school starts. because they should listen, alright, I hope this helps.

Answer #4

I know what you mean im 13 to and I get depressed to try and stop it I usaly just go hang out with my friends or read a book or take a nap

Answer #5

sweetie, the suck it up advice is not good…you do not have to suck anything up…talk to a doctor…

Funny… you say the advice isn’t good… then the first advice out of YOUR mouth, is EXACTLY what I said… PAY ATTENTION.

Answer #6

oh, and this is really why you shouldnt be asking people who arent educated on the subject of mental health or medicine what you should be doing…

Answer #7

You should talk to someone, like a family member or a guidance counsellor at school; this just isn’t something you can work out on your own. It’s totally understandable that you don’t feel comfortable talking about certain things with someone you don’t know very well, so start by talking to someone you trust, someone who is mature and will listen to you. Although that is the most important thing, you can also help yourself by excercising, eating healthy, socializing, taking your vitamins (like vitamin C) and even just relaxing in the sunshine. Good Luck! I hope everything works out ok!!

Answer #8

like I know how you feal I was depressed for 2 years, I didn’t take any meds and the only way to make the depression go away I studied, partied and did some stuped things not even my mum knew I had depression I did my test on line and my former shrink also gave me an evaluation, I started smoking cigarettes and all my friends tought I was normal but I don’t think you should do cigarettes just hang with your frends and do what you normaly do Ok and do your parents know you have depression if it can be clinical you will be given clinical anti depesants. dont take any pills that aren’t given by a doctor

Answer #9

No, you cannot get depression medicine over the counter, you dont even know what is causing the depression, or if it is depression and not something else. Your first stop should really be to the doctor, so they can check if there’s anything physically wrong with your body (sometimes that can cause depression symptoms). Then, you’re going to need to talk to a psychiatrist to get medication if they decide it is the right course of action. No one is comfortable discussing their problems with a stranger. But therapy is generally helpful, so that you can learn how to deal with the depression…

Answer #10

you have to be depressed most of the time for 2 weeks at least before you are a good candidate for depression meds, and they arent a mirical cure either

Answer #11

I dont feel comfortable talking about my problems with a stranger. Can I get depression medicine over the counter?

That’s too bad… and no, you can’t get anti-depressants over the counter. You’ll have to suck it up, and talk about your problems before you can get any of the magic ‘’future-codependency’’ pills…

Answer #12

Before you start doping up, try getting out and about more. Not only will the activity take your mind off what may be troubling you but excercise releases ‘happy’ chemicals.

Answer #13

u should not take any medicine first of all.

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