Can I still be in business if I am a depressed person?

I have never been truly “depressed” at which point most people start drinking and everything, but I am feeling ‘depressed’ and down most of the time, almost 14 hours out of 24 hours. The reason I have come up with is that I think everything is so VULNERABLE and so truly hard. I have been in business ‘Alhumdulillah’ and everything has been great and is still great but deep inside in the back of my mind is always the thought that one day everything will be zero and finished, I don’t know why. I just don’t know how to be happy? I am always thinking of the tragedy that life’s too long. Can someone help me with some valuable insight? It’ll be helpful, Thanks!

Answer #1

the thing is that i dont think life is that long. you might just go out and meet with an accident and thats it. its that short, hey yeah i believe you can still be in business but you should get off your depression, do something that makes you feel lighther, have fun, come out of your shell… it shouldnt be all business without fun… am talking too much just hope i’m making any sense?!

Answer #2

I know what you’re saying but the problem is a little different…

When I have fun, I have it like crazy!! But mostly I am comfortable in making money, and I’m ecstatically happier when I’m doing so, but while I’m making money I still have the fear that all this happy time of businessing may end someday and I might be out of business, whereas there’s no reason for such fear, but I am like that and I want to be at ease but don’t know how…. ???? These psychologists are BS. I have seen the best of UPENN and they are total LOSERS! So that’s not the solution_ Tried it!

Answer #3

oh. oh.k then just do your thing, thats what makes you happy afterall.. but depression? not goooooooooooooooooooooooooD

Answer #4

It’s very rare for someone to be happy all the time … as a matter of fact, there is a growing population of people who simply are not satisfied with their lives. The question you need to ask yourself is, “what makes me happy?”. Once you can figure out what your happy triggers are, see if you can incorporate them into other aspects of your life … sometimes it’s as simple as calling a loved one each day.

Answer #5

Of course you can still be in a buisnes, i was diagnosed with depression about half a year ago yet i still attend school everyday- when im not ill. Even if you have not been specificaly diagnosed with it, it doesnt mean u dont have it. Look at the benefits of life; maybe a loved one, family, nature, (money). if you have non of the above maybe you should start considering if you will attempt go get some, it would be very beneficial.

Answer #6

Of course you can still own a business & be depressed but my question is why on earth would you want that for the rest of your life. You seem to have a fear of loosing your good streak of fortune, you know that is reality…one day your in the next your out…but you also play a significant part to that success. If you continue to be honest, and have fresh ideas, constantly find new ways to market yourself then you shouldnt have to worry about things like that. If you see business a bit slow you must realize that it is also a matter of the economy…I dont know what your business deals with, but I can guarantee you this…if you stay on top of things, continue to have fresh ideas, have some sales when things get a bit low just to pick things up a bit then then you should be just fine.
On the other hand, if you sit there constantly depressed you will be shoving your clients to other competitors…why? There was a reason why they made this saying: “Always serve your customers with a smile!” People will always be glad to come back, continue doing business with you & remember your name as well! Now if you offer them service with a frown what will happen..they will feel sad, not want to talk to you & find someone more cheerful to do business with! My best advice is to deal with your issues…like I have been mentioning, a self improvement class…you will be surprised how you feel after a few sessions, not because it is about some shrink telling you crap but its a way to improve what seems to be bothering you & holding you back from being satisfied! Having fun…and enjoying life, not just during business when you are making money! (Question to you, have you been poor, come from a poor family or were rich then lost everything just to work your way back to money? If so it may be the reason for all this fear to be without it! worth checking into!)

Good luck my friend…Hope this helped!

Answer #7

You are so awesome! Thanks a lot. It’s some valuable insight. Answering your question… I have always been considerably rich and was born in a rich family ‘Alhumdulillah’ and with a good heart and good social ethics and with a care for humanity! It’s just something that I don’t know myself. Why am I so pessimistic? That’s what I wanted to know, which is why I went to a shrink who graduated from stupid UPENN and kept asking me questions and I kept talking and talking and talking and she kept listening… That’s because I don’t have any mental problem or anything. Alhumdulillah… Life’s good but I just couldn’t stop thinking of the future in a bad way… I’ll try to use your advice!

Answer #8

You are so right. Thanks

Answer #9

Like I said, you have some issues…I hope you can work through them…but dont go to a one on one session shrink that will just sit there while you pay money for answers you already know of…in a self improvement class you actually have to work in a group where everyone comes from their own issues so first off you dont feel like you are alone. Most of the time you arent the one speaking accept for check in & check out unless you are willing to work through your issues or give advice to others that need to hear your opinion to make their own changes…you & everyone else’s of course! You sit in a circle expressing what you issues are…then you begin a journey, where it is one on one you & the instructor…he asks you things to lead to your problem as if he were pulling out from you so you can feel comfortable talking about it. When & if he feels it is enough or that your not being real he will let you know that & put you on the spot til you do get to it…like it or not he will eventually ask you to be real or stop wasting precious time…If you seriously want the change then you will want to make it happen. Let out what ever it is that seems to be holding you back to getting to the route of the pain that lingers forcing you to be so pessimistic. I have every faith in the group thing much better then a 1 on 1 45 mins bs session. Like this sometimes without asking or talking you can hear someone else going through issues that linger in you besides that issue & maybe find some peace regarding another matter in the process…you nev know what to expect or what will happen that day! It’s really amazing…if you want more info you can funmail me.

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