How can I demand respect without being mean?

Answer #1

Just tell people the way u expect to be treated, and treat others just the same as u wud like to b treated, that usually works

Answer #2

I don’t think that you can demand it, the best thing you can do when someone disrespects you is to ignore them, and also to be a respectful pearson yourself. Respect sometimes has to be earned, you respect people and are kind, and don’t disrespect no matter what, people will start to see that there is no reason to not respect you because you don’t deserve it. Sometimes ignoring it is hard, you just want to go do something to them, and it’s understandable, but being disrespectful back wont get you anywhere, it will just end up putting you in a bad place. And really how are you any different then those who ar rude? When someone just crosses the line of respect, meaning they just got to far, you seak bigger help, just so you don’t get involved in any big arguments.

Answer #3

Have you ever heard of the saying that you ‘reap what you sow’’? Don’t demand respect. GIVE respect to others, and they will give it back to you. Be kind, be confident, be helpful. People will respect that way more than if you just expect it from them.

Answer #4

I treat everybody with respect who deserves respect. Those who do not deserve respect nevertheless ordinarily receive common courtesy in my dealings with them. . I have never yet met anyone who deserves respect feeling the need to DEMAND that they get it. . If someone who did not deserve respect demanded that I gave them respect (rather than mere common courtesy), I would at best raise a smirk or sneer and henceforth treat them with the contempt that they deserved - essentially, I would not even bother giving them the time of day. . Respect is something you earn.

Answer #5

Respect isn’t something to demand, otherwise you’re being pretty disrespectful yourself and therefore showing that to those around you. Respect should be earned, but I know that on many occasions people can treat each other harshly for no good reason. In a moment like that, I suggest you first ask them to stop and politely explain the way they’re making you feel, and if they’re not the type to care about others’ emotions, then either ignore them, or if it’s in a public situation and can be compared to bullying, then report them.

Answer #6

“Demand” is a very strong word. Generally you cannot demand respect without losing whatever respect the person already had for you. Then again, it varies from situation to situation. If this is a relationship problem,(such as an abusive boyfriend or such) demanding respect is important. You could go about doing this by straightforwardly telling the person that you will not be disrespected and you demand the same amount of respect you have shown to that person. (If it is an abuse situation be careful though as this may have negative repercussions.) Most likely the only thing you can do though is surround yourself by people who already respect you. You’ll save yourself time and energy that way.

Answer #7

Modesty, be humble and treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.

Answer #8

Obv. some of you haven’t heard the quote “Demand respect from others!”…

Answer #9

If something is a quote, you tend to get a bit of respect for actually putting it in quotation marks and giving proper attribution of the source of the quote, in this manner: ….. “… The only way to command respect from others is not to demand it. ….. Leaders who are admired and respected have earned that admiration and respect. Respect is given to others only when they are deemed worthy of receiving the honor. For that simple reason, leaders who demand respect from others will never get it, because respect must be given. …” . quoted from: “ How Leaders Can Command, Not Demand, Respect “ by Christine W. Zust, M.A. ….. which was extracted from the website: ……

Answer #10

Most people treat everyone with respect.

Some people don’t. But most of them aren’t disrespectful on purpose. Many folks just have countless different things on their minds or they are often in a hurry. And so they just ignore people and do their dealings with them as fast and as superficial as they can. They won’t even notice your feelings. You should just - calmly - tell them that their behavior is hurting you and why. Like, “Don’t leave that fast, it makes me feel like I’m totally unimportant to you.” They’ll probably go “Oooops, sorry, didn’t mean to.” And next time they’ll think twice before whirling past you.

But then, a few people will use disrespectful behavior to hurt others on purpose. Bullies, schemers, people with inferiority complexes and the like. If you think that such a person is aiming maliciousness at you, it’s best to pretend that you are completely emotionally unaffected. Just put them on the “ignore and forget” list.

Answer #11

To be honest seeing as that hasn’t come directly from an article and is general knowledge (meaning she didn’t take it straight from a web page) it doesn’t need citation. Now then the only way you can demand respect from others is through actions. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying actions speak louder than words. Which also doesn’t need a citation. You demand respect by gving respect and should not expect it any other way.

Answer #12

In my opinion, the “general knowledge” is that you DON’T demand respect, you COMMAND respect by EARNING it, which is exactly why I chose to quote that which is stated immediately above your response, together with an appropriate citation.

There is a big difference between “general knowledge” and “general ignorance”.

Answer #13

If you are claiming I am ignorant of your “opinion”, you would be correct for I don’t know you. In the choice of your words I find a great amount of flaw. First off I was making a comment about the fact that you were telling her to use citation when, in fact, citation was not needed. If one said, “The world is round” he need not go back through history and find the first person to make such a claim and cite them as the source. Second of “demanding” respect is expecting something that is due to you. As humans beings, so long as we have not looked down on the person we demand respect from, we are actually entitled to some small fortitude of respect (commonly referred to as “common decency” A feature I fear you may lack). To “command” respect, while perhaps sounding less abrasive in your book, is actually asserting yourself forcefully over another person until they “respect” you, which may in fact just be them “respecting” the ability that you may be able to break their necks. So while you think you may have me trapped in a corner with your cunning and wit, think again. You were never truly arguing with me, but with your own inability to distinguish the meaning of words.

Answer #14

Astoria Marie, for a question like this I think you’ll get better advice if you tell people more about what’s going on. Do you feel like people in general don’t show you the same respect they show others? Or are you hanging out with people who are disrespectful to everyone? Or is there someone specific by whom you feel disrespected? How are they showing you disprespect? What sort of change in their behavior would make it look to you like they were respecting you?

There is respect that people are given because of the qualities and abilities they have shown, and there is respect that everyone is due as a child of G!d - or as a human being, if you prefer. The former must be earned and cannot be demanded. As for the latter, it’s a very good thing that you know you have a right not to be walked all over like a doormat. Whether demanding that kind of respect (what majikthise calls “common courtesy”) is the most effective way for you to get it or not, that’s another question, and may depend on the circumstances.

Answer #15

usually think that because that im nice they think im a push over. I really want rest respect from thoes ppl.

Answer #16

You can continue to be nice without letting anyone push you around. Stand up for yourself. You can do that without being mean. Just be firm, as well as pleasant.

That will also increase your self-respect, which is far more important in the long run, and will make it feel less important to you when some fool doesn’t know enough to respect you.

Answer #17

You cannot demand respect. You have to earn it. And a quote is simply something someone else said. Lots of people say stupid things. Claiming it is a quote means nothing.

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