Deep Questions

What is your depest question? Something that makes you think the most.

Mine is…what’s my deppest values? Honestly I have never thought of an answer that was good enough…cause I don’t know.

If you do know I would love to see your side of it!

Answer #1

my deepest ? what if there were no people. the earth was barren, no life, no spirit. no buildngs or shelters…people never evolved or were created depending on your beliefs…what if?

Answer #2

that’s pretty deep as well…now you got me thinking about that :D

Answer #3

it is a hard question for me to because I have trust issues

and that is a good thing to say I try to have faith in people

Answer #4

yeah that’s a pretty hard question…

I’m a person who has HUGE trust issues…so I just take a leap of faith and hope that they are telling the truth…

that’s the only thing I could say…

Answer #5

Trust Issues and Loves of your life and other mystery’s

Answer #6
  1. are they really your friends?
  2. does he actually like me?
Answer #7

how do you know when someone is lying to you, even though they say they arnt???

I dont think I will ever get a straight up answer for that one

Answer #8

Yeah I just hate it when I find out those people or person really did lie cause then I feel stupid I didn’t see it before and stuff like that…depending on the situation.

sometimes when you get hurt so often it’s hard to try again. You feel like you can’t let yourself get so vulnerable and then…people don’t get close to you or you push people away when you think they know too much. At least that’s how I feel..

This is just my perspective

Answer #9

I just don’t trust anyone. I have no problems. my deepest question. the one above this question. :(

Answer #10

is there really a heaven? or hell? do we all go to the same place? or do we just degrade in the ground… forever..? like.. time is passing and your just laying there.. like.. what happens when you die? you just… lay there for eternity to go on. think about it. I get chills from thinking about laying there and not being able to do nothing.. forever.

Answer #11

mine deepest question that I will never know is how do you know if the one you love really loves you or if he or she is just trying to get in your pants

Answer #12

What is love? Is it feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you see that person? Or is it all just way over rated? What if we are actually in love with every person we know or even don’t know? Is it just an old theory that the greeks thought of one day when they were painting naked people on the celing? Could we even realize true love when we see it walking down the street?

Answer #13

aww it’s okay…I’m afraid to call people best friends or to let anyone close…just afraid to get hurt. That’s okay

Answer #14

hmmm haha well the question “what is my deepest question” made me think a lot :) but probably “what makes someone different then someone else?”

Answer #15

Mine is prob Why does people hate other people in this world?? It would be nice if everyone got on with eachother and didnt hate anyone cause when you think about it theres someone that loves you,likes you,hates you and cant stand you at all.Im not saying love eachother but like dont be soo nasty to eachother,treat people the way you want to be treated and love life cause life is what you make it!and life can end at any moment so try forgiven but if you cant then forget about the person and just try to be happy

Answer #16

What is the most effective action an individual can take to change the world?

This thing should be:

  1. Quick; our lives are not long.
  2. Independent; it does rely on any other action.
  3. Positive and effective, especially on the long run.
  4. Private; it does not involve the whole the society. Just the individual.
Answer #17

What if nothing was what is seems? what if right was wrong and wrong right? what if everyone is meant to let you down? what if you will always put your desires before your beliefs? what if you are destined to suffer? what if you are meant to love everything with nothing in return? what if no one is meant to love you?

Answer #18

to: Marimari07 we were never meant to suffer or to love everything with nothing in return. all of that is completely wrong in my opinion. god created us to love and to live in the relationship with him and other human beings. it even says it in Genesis, in the Bible, its on the third page or so. But I’ve never thought about things that way. we are all meant to love. and you are too, whether you know it or not :) trust me.

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