Debt from drugs

Help! My husband has a drug addiction. I thought he was just using the money from his paycheck, but it turns out he has, told me today, $1800 out in payday loans!! I could have killed him! I know we can pay it off with our stimulus check next month, but I feel like I’m letting him off the hook too easy. Any advice out there?

Answer #1

“Intervention’ - before Both of your lives are ruined !!

Answer #2

my first husband was an addict. after 6 years of many empty promises to quit, deception, manipulation, and increasing debt from drug use…I finally gave him an ultimatum. there are recovery centers out there that are free. The salvation army has a great program, residential or even a day treatment program. or there is a program called “the potter’s house recovery center” in arcadia georgia. they also have a site in downtown atlanta. both places will bus the person to their location if they are willing to participate in a residential program. once my ex was faced with no way to possibly make an excuse like, “we cant afford it”, he sadly admitted he didnt want to quit. I asked him to move out and we were divorced 3 months later. he continues to use and live his life on the edge…sometimes on the street. but once I realized I could do nothing to help him if he didnt help himself, I understood that I couldnt continue to make up for all of his problems…financial or otherwise. no one can make your decision for you. I just lived what you are talking about for so long, and now for me and my kids, I know we are better off living under a real roof, with 3 meals on the table…instead of getting kicked out of rental home afer home , and barely eating more than 1 meal a day because his addiction was bigger than his love for us or himself. be careful…good luck. and if you ever need to talk or want the contact info on the recovery centers I spoke of, mail me.

Answer #3

I am a 29 yr old female who had a 7 yr herion addiction. I have been clean for 4 years and am doing very well, I have a new husband and a new baby and I have never been happier… This was not easy for me to get to. I went through a lot of suffering to get here, but I am sooo proud of myself and my accomplishments and would never go back to the life I was living before. I do not believe in NA and AA, so I am not the one to talk to about meetings and such, I believe a person has to find the want within themselves to want to change and no addiction program will help if the person is not ready, however, if your husband is ready to change, and he really wants it then their is hope.. I don’t know what his drug of choice is, so I don’t know what the next step for him will be. If it is narcotics then he should definitly check into a detox center and clean his system out, so that he can begin to mentally fight his addiction. That is the problem with herion and narcotics, their is the physical addiction as well as the mental addiction, so first thing is first, you have to treat the physical dependency then move on to the mental stage of it… If his problem is with cocain or methamphetamine, then it is a whole different ball game, he basically just needs to have the want to change. Whatever the situation, the want to change needs to come from him and not from you, cause if he is doing it for you, he is going to fail. He has to be doing it for himself. You really need to find out what he really wants. Maybe he doesn’t want to stop at which point, you will need to evaluate what your next move is… If he wants to change and you love him, then stick by him and it may take a few times to get it right, but in the end he will succeed if he really wants to change.. Good Luck…

Answer #4

I suggest you get a profile on and talk to bobby torres! it helped thousands!

Answer #5

He says he is afraid to go to a rehab. He doesn’t want people to know and he is afraid of losing his job. I have called drug and alcohol twice and gotten no call back. We have two rehab houses in our town. He would have to move out and I know I couldn’t afford to keep up on the bills alone.

Answer #6

Dear truthisbliss, without rehab you are going to loose everything anyways, your relationship, your home and yes your children to social services. I suggest you stop using exuses…I know it’s a scary thing but you will without a doubt loose everything unless you get help. Sue

Answer #7

I just started this site and I’m not sure what’s wrong w/ it. I never got the confirmation email and when I tried to funmail you, it wouldn’t let me

Answer #8

yes. funmail me.

Answer #9

Dear truthisbliss, I’m not sure what you are referring to about letting him off easy? He has an addiction…he is a sick man. This man has to go to rehab ASAP. He needs to be removed from the home and given a chance at life again. This is your husband, the father of your child who is calling for help. Call up your local health clinic and get the number for your addiction centre. Arrange for a meeting and arrange for you husband to get healthy again. Sue…good luck

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