Death row for dogs and cats

Do people really care that every day in shelters, really sweet, wonderful dogs like most of us own and love are being killed? They are not being “euthanized” which means putting a sick animal out of its misery in a merciful way, these healthy animals are being killed.

Does anybody really care? What do you think we should do about this problem? It’s just as bad, if not worse for kitty cats.

I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this…

Answer #1

SPAY/NEUTER YOUR PETS!!! If you want your child to see the “miracle of birth”, watch the Discovery Channel…or if you insist on having a litter of puppies or kittens, then teach the whole lesson…and take your child to the local shelter so they can see what happens to the unwanted pets in this country!!

Know what you’re getting before you “get”…research the breed…know it’s energy level, how big is it going to get…what’s it’s temperment like. ie: if you take huge pride in your garden, then DON’T go out and get a terrier…they dig! Keep in mind ALL PUPPIES ARE CUTE…but they all grow up…select a dog you can live with!

If a person cares, and wants to help…there is…taking in fosters, volunteering to do transport legs, working with and socializing dogs in the shelters…these are hands on “caring”…

But the number one thing…that will help in the decline of unwanted pets, is spaying and neutering…


Answer #2

There are MANY MANY great lovers of dogs working in the shelters and the rescues…the reason they are THERE is to save as many as possible, and if the dirty deed has to be done, then it’s done with love, tenderness and respect…not by some yahoo, who could care less…or is hardened to the fate of these animals…

This is another bone of contention for me…Those folks who continually produce pups, and then take the leftovers to the shelter…Physically and emotionally removing themselves from the conclusion of a completely controlable situation, by dumping the “burden” onto someone who really DOES care…

vetech101 does what she has to do…but the very fact that she chose this for a profession screams that she’s full of caring, love and respect for those animals that have so carelessly tossed into her lap!!


Answer #3

editor, you did not quote your source. plus, the second definition is very broad.

could you really kill a dog or cat, even if it was your job? that’s pretty sad if you could.

Answer #4

Well, here in this county, they KILL them…shoved into a gas chamber…ain’t THAT a testiment to the humanity of mankind??? Just typing that made me sick to my stomach.

angel14215 has it right…many people just can’t be bothered getting their animals fixed…Once a month we have a spay/neuter clinic…it only costs $15.00 to neuter, $30.00 for a spay (100% paid by the shelter, if the animal was from there)…and STILL, people don’t care to spend the time, I guess…

Sorry, canine7…there isn’t enough homes to take on all the unwanted pets…They kill 10 million in this country every year…that’s EVERY YEAR…Spay and neutering are the only real answers.


Answer #5


Well I care, and not a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about these poor animals. I adopted 7 of them and wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.
Face it, most people want cute, little puppies. Having adopted both puppies and adult dogs, let me tell you, you’re much better off adopting an adult dog…you will know its personality ahead of time…I adopted a puppy, gave him the best of everything - dog classes, dog and people socialization and he still is lacking self-confidence. Why? Because we can’t change a basic dog’s personality. Dogs are not perfect, so why do people expect them to be? Do we expect perfection in each other? Dogs can’t speak english, either, like a lot of people think. they learn from us only by association. 44% of dogs in shelter are owner surrenders…that’s awful!! Talk about lack of commitment…AND only 15% of people who want a dog go to a shelter. The rest go to breeders. Spay and neuter programs ought to be made free in this country to people whose income levels require it. THERE ARE ENOUGH HOMES FOR THE DOGS IN SHELTERS IF PEOPLE WOULD JUST GO TO THEM AND ADOPT!! People won’t stop owning dogs no matter what their income level, and they are much liklier to spay/neuter them if it’s not a $200 vet bill that they can’t afford.

Answer #6

euthanized is putting the animal down in a humane way. if you people would spay and neuter your animals then we wouldnt have to kill them. over population is a problem!

Answer #7

people dont get there animals spayed/neuterd so there for they are put down, thats not right what if people started killing woman because there having children? I think it should be the same for animals as it is 4 pregnant women!!

Answer #8


  1. Also called mercy killing. the act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die, as by withholding extreme medical measures, a person or animal suffering from an incurable, esp. a painful, disease or condition.
  2. painless death.

This is how it IS done in most shelters. Vatech101 knows, she works at one as a vet tech :)

Answer #9

Yes I care..I work at an Animal Shelter and we are Basically a non-Kill Animal-Shelter, and the only time an Animal is put to sleep, is when the Animal is Suffering, or if the Quality of Life isn’t Good.

Answer #10

There are actually neutering programs that have it at a reduced price on weekends and stuff (like $35-40), but people are irresponsible and cant be bothered…

I dont think its right, but honestly, most shelters cannot afford to keep all those animals, they simply dont have the space or the money. I think it’s really sad, they should mandate that all cats and dogs have to be neutered unless you want to pay for a breeding license…

Answer #11

I urge you ALL to read nathan winogard’s book, “redemption - the myth of animal overpopulation”
you will all change your mind 100%. have the courage to pick up this book and see why these animals do not need to die.

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