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what is your opinion of death metal I think its way too screamy

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Some of it is actually very very awesome. I can handle it.

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WATS that?

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way too "screamy" for you.
the vocals are meant to be like that..that's what makes it death metal.
I personally love it.
and I've listened to soo much of it that I can tell what they are saying without seeing the vocals as "screaming."
try disarmonia mundi. they're death metal but the vocals are not that difficult to understand.

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I'm not that huge into DM now, don't get me wrong classic DM bands and even some bands today are great

death, atheist, obituary, vital remains, legion of the damned (death/thrash) were/are extremely good.

but with the rise of crappy melodeath bands and even crappier bands like dethklok (even though it's not an actual band) I've lost faith in DM and it's a shame that such a great genre has turned to crap that wimpy slipknot fans are liking.
AS far as it being too screamy for you Abdul, just don't listen to it if it bothers you. Everyone has their own taste and you can't please everyone. Also, to the Harlequin person I assume you're young, or just didn't realize the question was about DM and not goth/black metal...seriously dimmu and cof both suck

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