what is the most dangerous sport?

out of all of the sports in the world which is the most dangerous

Answer #1

Are we talking team sports or solo sports? Team sports lacross is pretty rough, its like football but with giant sticks added lol. Solo sports i would assume sky diving, rock climbing, scuba maybe.

Answer #2

Rugbyis pretty rough for team sport, and martial arts competitions can get really nasty, especially if someone starts playing dirty.

IDK if I consider sky diving, rock climbing or scuba diving a sport, more of an activity. There really isn’t a competition involved.

Answer #3

Soccer (football to the non Americans) from what I’ve read has the most long term effects on the brain, eg, repeated mild concussion, etc.

I still see stars a bit when I head the ball, and I only played 13 years, and stopped more than a decade ago. :)

Answer #4


Answer #5

I think Ice Hockey is pretty bad, considering the blade sharpness of the skates. I remember seeing a video of a player sliced in the neck by another player’s skate, bled right on the ice.

Answer #6

Depends on what you consider a sport. Base Jumping? Rock Climbing?

Talking more conventional sports I’d say Hockey and Rugby.

Answer #7

lol dotn call me soft.. but hokcey is a dangerous sport so is rugby and football but i gotta admit their fun to play! i love the danger!

Answer #8

thoo tht depends likeee tht even happened to mee and yes it was pretty bad… tho like if they like step on u hard u cud die!

Answer #9

huh soccer is not dangerous, rugby you get hit 20 times more than in soccer for a start and boxing/ kick boxing and thai is far more worse than rugby but life threatening ones i guess like cliff climbing, white water rafting, bmxing is pretty dangerous

Answer #10

Ice hockey is okay seeing as if you wear all of the padding you won’t get too hurt. I was a figure skater and we always had more broken bones and cuts than the hockey boys haha. My coach always said that figure skating is the most lethal sport. I think it’s up there with the top 10 but I think that skeleton sled thing looks pretty dangerous!

Answer #11

Hockey can be very dangerous. Don’t let all the padding fool you, broken bones, lost teeth, and concussions happen a lot. Helmets are unfortunately, not very good these days and could use a few advancements that are probably a decade away.

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