Is it dangerous to be a medical research subject?

I saw this ad in the newspaper about paying 1000 dollars for being part of a medical research about the diabetes but do you think that would be dangerous or not. Tell me what you think thank you.

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There will always be risks with medical research, primarily the side effects. You'd need to fully understand what you were getting into and I'd suggest perhaps seeking medical advice beforehand just to be safe =].

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in my opinion yes but its not always dangerous. just be careful.

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if it is linked with chemicals

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well here it is man see most these tests and trials they do are on non approved medicine and your part of the approving process. so your a lab rat. . i personally hate modern medicane and avoid it at all costs but for a grand you might want to do it if you really need the money but it's not a go in take a pill and leave thing you will have to do a list of crap along with the meds.

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