Is there any danger of repairing my ipod screen, personally, instead of taking it to apple?

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Probably. It's safest to take it to a specialist. Do you have a warranty?

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no :/ fixing it with apple is like 150 bucks :/

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Well as long as the person you bring it to is able to do it properly. I'd suggest you get someone to refer you to someone. The only real danger, I think, is voiding your warranty or if the person were to break your iPod. My boyfriend fixes iPods and other electronics for money, he says replacing the screen is one of the easier tasks so I don't think there will be much "danger" unless you find someone who does not know what they are doing.

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The only "dangers" of fixing or trying to fix yourself is:
1) Warranty becomes void.
2) If you have no clue what you're doing (electronically and tool-wise like soldering things) then you risk breaking even more of your device.

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If it's warranty, that'll probably instantly void it

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OF course. Though it will cose 150 bucks, I would suggest you turn to Apple store. Since fix by self would damage more or less except that is software problem, I found many software problem by following the tips in iFunia Apple resource center.

ipod screen
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