Where do I find the Dancing Nutria in Urbz?

In the game urbz for ds where do I find the dancing nutria and how do I capture her?

Answer #1

I went to the top of saltys river boat and there was no map…where do I find it?

Answer #2

Yall ARE ALL WRONG! ok you wont to find the map so you go to the top of the saltys boat and there is the map, you give it to gordi than you talk to detctive mann and he gives you the keys to the waterboat you go to it and go south and take a right and there will be the dancing nutria

Answer #3

to get the boat you have to finish the mission where you have to geta messenger to Paradise island then you talk to Det. Dan and he will give you the keys to the fan boat from Gordie

Answer #4

I got the same to. First you have to go to the guy that sleeps in the uni and then he asks for a map to the island. find this on top on the boat and then give it to him. then this mission is over and the fan boat is there all the time.

Answer #5

To find the Dancing Nutria, you will need to go to the upper left of Sim Quarter and into Glass City. When you get inside look over to your right and go north a little, you should see a stairway going into the ground, go down and you will see a fan boat, Hop On! The fan boat is a rather slippery ride to work out, so be fast while controlling it otherwise you will never get anywhere; Go north just a little be sure not to go to Paradise Island yet. The go to your right for a while then south, and you should reach a small little island with creatures popping out of holes take the one that is dancing, and take it to Roxie.

All this can be found at » db.gamefaqs.com

Have fun!

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Answer #7

its on this little island and there are lots of nutrias but one of them are danceing

Answer #8

where is gordi?

Answer #9

you have to find the map

Answer #10

if there is no boat down there yet you haven’t given the map to gordie yet.

Answer #11

how do i get the dancing nutria on gameboy advance?

Answer #12

yeah but who is the messenger to P.I.????

Answer #13


( you have to complete the first part of the " running form the law" mission first)

1.) Get popularity 40 2.) Talk to Gordie Puck 3.) Go to the very top of old saltys river boat and collect the map. 4.) Give the map to Gordie Puck 5.) Talk to Dect. Dan 6.) Go to glass town ( the place with tall buildings) 7.) go to the far right of glass town, near sim quarter ( where the food market is) 8.) go down the stairs and hop in the fan boat. 9.) Ride the fan boat over to the left and just before you reach the bayou head south 10.) dock at an island with creatures popping out of holes. 11.) Get the one on the left ( the one not digging) or just try to pick one of them up. 12.) Bring it to Roxanna Moxie.

Answer #14

but wut if there ias no boat down there wut do i do then???? francesca♥

Answer #15

where is gordi and the map?

Answer #16

every one of you are wrong you have to raise your popularity to 30 then you give the map to gordie and then get the keys from Det. D

Answer #17

I went to the top of saltys river boat and there was no map…where do I find it?

Answer #18

when you finish gaining the popularity 40 go to the university and talk to the kid with the exclimation mark above his head he is sleeping in the chair, then once you’ve talked to him go to the boat where old salty lives and go up the ladder in his place on the floor there will be a map take the map to the kid in the university his name is gordie then go talk to detective dan he will give you keys to the fan boat … pretty straightforward … it’s not that hard … duhhh

Answer #19

what if you have already done that and the fan boat disappears after??? what do you do then?? I went down to go find it and the fan boat was gone!!!

Answer #20

Yes, the map is at the very top of Old Salty’s boat. Once your at the top, climb the ladder and the map will be in the little room at the top. Then, Gordi is at the School/University and he will be sitting in the blue chairs. Give the map to him, after that, go to the Detective and he will give you the keys to the fan boats. The fan boats are in the glass city, as soon as you enter it, on the right you’ll see a staircase. Go down, and go onto the fan boat. Once you’re on, go south under two bridges, trun rights, and there will be little animals jumping in and out of the ground. Get the dancing one and give it to Roxanna. Done!

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