Is anyone a dancer?

Anyone a dancer? I have danced for 11 years and feel accomplished, but nobody else seems to be a serious dancer.

Answer #1

Well I’m not really a serious dancer but I like dancing a lot :)

Answer #2

I dance and I am really serious abou it because I try to do the best that I can so that I will get noticed by others.

Answer #3

I’m a dancer! I take jazz, modern, hip hop, ballet, and pointe but I’m mostly doing ballet and pointe. I’ve been dancing for nine years, I’m 13, and my dance teacher said I’m the best in the whole dance school and that one day I could be principal dancer at new york city ballet.

Answer #4

hey!! im a professional ballet dancer and I have danced in many companies in europe.I trained hard for many years and also had many problems but I love my job!! I wouldnt change it for the world!! if you need any advice on anything please feel free to ask me! I would be happy to help.

Answer #5

Yes, but I don’t like it. I do ballet, jazz and tap. An hour each.

Answer #6

I’ve danced for 3 or 4 years and Im 15! I love dancing its my hobby

Answer #7

I dont no if I would consider myself a serious dancer but I’ve been dancing for 7 years now. I do 2 jazz classes 2 tap classes ballet hip hop lyrical im about 2 start point and I also teach tap jazz and ballet classes I go to tremaine in houston tx every october theres also one in dallas that I go to

Answer #8

well if it makes you feel good,omg im a dancer and I go to dance at “Can Dance” in Mission B.C. and I have been dancing since I was 5yrs. old and I am now 13.

Answer #9

I have been in dance for 12 years goin on 13 and I teach dance to littler kids but im only a hip hop dancer I can breakdance and all the getto moves I love it I’ve been a good dancer for several years at dances I get all of the attention all eyes are on me…of course. but yes I take dance very serious in class I goof off and do crazy stuff but at the end somehow I make honor roll how I d k but hey who complains about making f’s

Answer #10

I am a pretty serious dancer I have danced for about 9 years in styles including: Jazz, Tap, Ballet/Pointe, Musical Show, Lyrical, Modern, Hip Hop, Kick Team, and Pom. I dance probally about 17 hours a week.

Answer #11

I’m not what you would call a “serious” dancer, but I have danced a ton in the past for musicals and shows!!! Also, to find more people that dance, you can click on Interests and then go find dancing!!!

Answer #12

Also, to find people that are interested in stuff, you should try here:

Then click the interest that matches what you’re looking for, and on the right side, it’ll show FunAdvice members who share that interest. :)

I like latin dancing myself, have danced on & off for more than ten years…but, I’m still borderline amateur.

Answer #13

Hey I am a serious dancer 2. I luv ballet, lyrical, jazz and tap. I have also taken hip hop and do many duets. I ahve never done I solo. I also compete in competions all over ontario. this year we get to go to deerhearst one of the largest competitions in canada. WELL GOOD LUCK TO YOU IF YOU ARE IN ANY COMPETITIONS…,…EMAIL ME ONCE YOU READ THIS>>>SORRY FUNN MAIL ME MY NAME IS RACHEL AND MY USER NAME IS HELPFUL_18

Answer #14

I’ve danced since I was little. I mean like 2 years old. I’ve done, Ballet ,Tap ,Modern ,Stage, Hiphop, Street ,Brake, Highland and Jazz. :)

Answer #15

11 years here! As serious as anyone who is 13 can get!

Answer #16

hip hop so awsome

Answer #17

tap sometimes what I am really serios with is hip hop hip hop rocks

Answer #18

I’ve danced for 3 or 4 years now and Im only 15! I love dancing, its my hobby.

Answer #19

I am in love with dance… I have been dancing for 12 years, Ballroom, Modern, Line dancing, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Contempory and Street Jazz.

Answer #20

I dance with a popular dancer in my country and we join a competition and won it so I am a good dancer

Answer #21

As much as it doesn’t seem to be, I too am quite the dancer. I Took 8 years of it, but I haven’t danced tap or the studio’s “jazz” for ages.

Answer #22

Cool! I can’t do competition cause I’m in a rural area, but It’s always looked like fun!!!

Answer #23

I am all my friends ask me how to dace

Answer #24

hmm i’ve done dance for nine years and is on a competitive team. CENTER STAGE is HOTT!!! w00t!

Answer #25

id love to dance I sware

Answer #26

I dance, jazz, point, hip-hop, and I also help teach dance

Answer #27


Answer #28

I am a serious dancer, join my group… it’s full of serious dancers. I do tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern, and classic!

Answer #29

I am in a street dancing and break dancin crew wid my m8s! lol one of them I reeely like like! <3

Answer #30

I dance theater lyrical jazz tap ballet pointe and I also help teach dance I have danced in disneyworld six flags and I have also danced on a cruise ship in hawaii !!! I also loveee competition!!

Answer #31

HAHA hell yeah I love dancing and have been dancing for 9 years jazz tap ballet and contempary I think dancing is a great thing to get involved with!

Answer #32

I am a serious dancer, join my group… it’s full of serious dancers. I do tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern, and classic!

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