:D jonas brothers? you either like em or love em

So supposly the jonas brothers are the “beatles.” I dont really think so but okay. I really want to know why people, some people obssess over them. I mean there okay but like there not that cute and can’t really sing. sorry if I piss anyone off. But I have my opionion, I dont hate them, just not a fan. but I really want your opionon. and if you really really like, why do you like them so much?

Answer #1

They’re another band with a specific target audience. Look at the people who like them and analyze the contents: teen girls, aged anywhere from 12 to 16. They’re a boy band (like N’sync, 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, etc.), they come up with catchy songs, and happen to be musicians in the most popular fast growing genre (pop music) in the world. They also get points with parents because they have an image of purity (see the numerous articles about their promise rings), so where other music will be blocked for explicit content the Jonas Brothers are basically being supported.

Are they the next Beatles? No, not in terms of sound or talent. But generally when we make reference to them we’re talking about a fast paced ascent into the limelight and big-time success. Respectively, you COULD say they’re on their way. They’re well known globally and have movie deals. The Beatles were also popular with a younger crowd; go back to the Brothers’ fans… younger audience. Tons of reasons to compare the two.

But I don’t really like them. Not my kind of music but more power to them if they can be young and handle the pop scene.

Answer #2

well im not a fan of them…at all dont like there music, dont like there lyrics, dont like there looks, ect but whoever said there the next beatles was really an idiot the beatles are a classic band, that helped make a lot of newer bands today with great music they were musicians the jonas brothers are just a pop band with 3 suposedly “hot” looking guys that screaming girls and boys like but only untill they grow up a bit or move onto the next music fad and just like most other new bands and boy bands, the jonas brothers arnt going to last in less than 5 years more than half the girls obsessed with them will have moved onto something else

Answer #3

They suck. straight up.suck.

Answer #4

I don’t like them at all. I never have and I never will. I don’t like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus or anyone else like them either. Sorry if anyone takes offence to that or something but that’s just my oppinion on things.

Answer #5

jonas brothers arent really a great band. they really suck. Beatles RULE!!

Answer #6

What the hell?! Are you SERIOUS?! The Joe Hoe’s will NEVER EVER be the next beatles!!! BEATLES RULE ;];]

Answer #7

oh, I seriously have a problem with miley cyrus. thanks for sharing yalls opionion -c

Answer #8

its ok I dont like them that much either. Theyre overated. And theyre from Disney. Bleh. But I think people or teen girls to be specific, like them because -theyre ‘hot’, ‘cute’ or whatever -theyre young -there’s 3 of them -theyre brothers -they have ‘good’ voices?? okay those are sum of the reasons I think people obsess over them. I got over them like 2 months after I started liking them. And I used to think nick was so amazing or whatever but after he dated miley he killed it lol. who would want her leftovers?

Answer #9

Omg I totally dislike the Jonas brothers and miley cyrus they’re crud,Beatles are waaay better than the JB will EVER be.There’s nothing good about them they sing terribly. Hope all this blows over soon.REAL soon… Glad to see that not all girls obsess over the jonas brothers. I give Props to all 5 of you chicas =D

Answer #10




I HATE the Jonas Brothers

no comparrison

Beatles > crap

Answer #11

Actually,it’s neither…I hate them with a strong passion…Can’t sing worth a crap… ~Paige~

Answer #12

listen people I say it how it is and the jonas brothers have no talent they dont do anything special and belive me when I say this there are a lot of bands out there that are way better than them but get no recognition.

          but im more of a screamo guy so most people may not agree with me but thats just my honest opinion you asked and I gave it :)
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