Is 'czw' real or just stuntment?

Wow, I saw something about something called CZW on youtube...that was very disturbing. They Throw eachother on barbed wire, tables, GLASS...hit eachother with chairs, weed eaters and cactus!!! And of course they beat eachother up with the good ol' fist. It is unbelieveably ridiculous, what I saw.

I want to know is that real? or are these just stuntmen and fake blood? IF this is real, how is it legal?

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Its not funny Cami. It makes so sad to see things like that.

yeah just type in czw

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Yo Dude

Check out
The brotherhood or polo26450 on youtube...
Im part of that team
Just hit that into the searchbar

Regards Chester Gage

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^^^ aww I'm sorry jax

imma go watch it so I can agree with you :]

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woah that would be dangerous

so do I just type in czw if I want to see it lol

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I highly doubt it - they would probley be dead by now if that were the case.

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This should not be legal.

I'm not an American (NZer), and I can tell you from an outside perspective this makes the US look horrendous! That they allow such graphic promotion of violence between people – in what they like to present as a civilised society – is almost beyond belief.

This should be seized on as a sign of a nation deeply disturbed. And you guys worry about Iran...

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vow!!! I cant get it how can they do that!

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