Cute nicknames . .

Lol random question, I know...
I want to know what kind of nicknames you could come up with using my name. My name is Paige and these are the nicknames I've gained over the years:
Paigey, Paiger, Paige-a-ree, Princess, Pagina(spanish for page in a book... lol)

I want something cute that will stick. I don't really like when people say my name. lol It sounds funny. Anyway I'm interested to see what you guys can come up with =) Thanks a bunch!

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wow lol
er..I don't know lol
you got a hard name right there

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pidgey, pai-gee, pay-gee,
not rli sure, its quite a hard name

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paige-a-lais (ais part is pronounced like aisa without the a)

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GeGe same way you say gigi

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hahaha you got the nick. PaigeyPoo? lol to funny! My dad calls me that.. that and Paigey Poo-Poo Head lol but I find it a lil embarrassing really.

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Pie-geey...Well,that is if you like pie. lol

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PNuts or Paigee or ummm P-jay I dunno thats a hard name.

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what about Pages? like pages in a book?

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I like fivestringsofpain's one :)

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Hi my names not Paige but maybe this will help. oh yeah, my bff Rebecca wants a new nickname, not becky or beck. anyway all I could think of is Dr. Paige. it sounds sorta like the soda! good luck!

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well I think my name s paige too! but my dad just calls me raggy or fraggle or raggy bear cause my hair is always in a mess and does your dad really call youn paigey poopoo haed cause yes that must get relly embarring at times I wonderd how many paiges are there in the world
I personlly hate my name because hardly anyone has that name I soppose well lovely to chat with you bye

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My names Paige too

I've gotten

And of course Pagina

tehe .

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omg my name is paige too and everyone calls me paigey-poo and some one called me paigey pajama pants and paigey pizza lol people come up with some weird names. and some people have called me pay. but I really hate my name because everytime some one says turn to page whatever I always look up and say yea because I dont notice what they're talking about lol

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