What are some cute and fast hairstyles?

Ok so my hair is light brown, about an inch and a half past my shoulder and its wevy, but not cute waves more like I where my hair in a ponytail too much and now I have little spots where the hair band was. Im not getting it cut or restyled I just want to know some things I can really fast do in the morning before school to make it look cute. Oo btw I ony have about 20 minutes to do it in the morning so it has to be fast. Please help!!

Answer #1

my hair is the same as yours and I hate it when you wet your hair gets some mouse scrunch it and then slight spray of hairspray and it will look better then ever. hope I have helped.

Answer #2

you can poof it, straighten it…I like just leaving it straight down with a barette or something in my bangs

Answer #3

Well you can do a braid, or half up half down, which looks cute and is really easy, a messy bun or just even using some clips can look nice too. hope I helped ;-)

Answer #4

okay! so the best girl who could help with hair advice or any beauty advice is BUBZBEAUTY!!! :D

just type www.youtube.com/bubzbeauty then youll see her channel. pS( add, coment, subscribe if you have utube:)

then click on her uploads she has many uploads on many beauty tips… but there are some titled 5minute hairstyels…

there really cute and easy to do. Juss read the titles and find what you like! I like the japanese curls, and messy bed hair!! good luck shes worth it all! :]

Answer #5

I like to pull it into a high ponytail at the top of your head. Then, curl the bottom of your hair. It is really fast and easy and it adds a little flair. Plus, it is really flirty to have the bottom curled.

Answer #6

Bob cut… its medium length the way you have your hair, and its easy, and the boys will like it.

Answer #7

ok here are a few things to do 1)Straighten your hair and make sure you got every strand if you have to you can practice the night before school thats what I had to do to get used to it then get some gel of some type, put it in the palm of your hand rub it around put your hands under your hair and rub you hands up through your hair make it a motion to were it looks like your fluffing it at this point you should have a straight and volumed look if you dont like the volume all you have to do is brush through it.this whole hair-do should take about 10-15 minutes.

2)you can pull your hair into side pig tails and if you have bangs take them and pull them back ont the top of your head with a bobby pin:).this should take 5-10 minutes

3)first straighten your hair the flip your hair upside down then come back up your hair should have volume but not the same as first option after you do this take some hairspray,spray some in the palm of your hand and rub your hand across the parts that you like and that are liable to fall.This whole hair-do takes about 10-15 minutes.:)

Answer #8

pigtails plaites shraighten curled the night before you want your hair awesome have a shower and when you get out put your hair in a bun, and sleep with it in, take it out in the morning and it looks slamming

Answer #9

Try puting your haur in a low side pont-tail .That was it is out of your face. You can also try to straighten it. My hair is the same as your and it only takes me about 10-15 min to do that. you can also try leaving it down and putting a hair band and pushing back the from of your hair.

Answer #10

put your hair in big lose braids and press them with straighteners ull get nice waves. Or use mousse and scrunch your hair. Or put a french braid in the front of you hair at a side partning

Answer #11

Have a shower at night and when you hop out, towell dry it a little, then get a LITTLE bit of moose and scrung your curls, then in the morning crunch them again but no moose this time and it should look pretty good :)

Answer #12

I have the same problem only my hair is longer… What I do when I have that “ponytail bump” look is I kind of do a hill or a poof on the top of my head and then I put moose in my haif for a kind of messy look then I pull it up into a ponytail… After that I spray my hair and poof with hairspray… It makes for a relaxed yet classy preppy look that works for an allday look at school of even for a date!

Answer #13

I have short,layered,brown hair and I put it up in piggy tails.It’s fast and cute!

Answer #14

You could try to scrunch your hair, then put a poof at the top. Just wet your hair, then like put mouse, and gel, in it then dry it with a diffuser, it might sound like it takes a while but it really doesnt, like 10 min at the max. You dont have to dry it completly just so its not drippy. Make sure though that you dont put hairspray in it while its wet because itll look like you havent washed your hair in a while. To make it look supper cute, add volumizing spray made by Aussie, then put a poof at the top, You’ll be ready for nething coming your way!!!

Answer #15

brush your hair with a regular brush until staight-enough for you then brush with comb—then your hair will look like you just took a flat iron and staightend it!!!this ony takes about 5 minutes!!! :)

Answer #16

well, if I were you I would straightening my hair in the morning, it only takes 10 minutes or less. then try teasing it in the back and a little on the sides to give it a full look and us e hairspay only on the bottom so it stays in place but doesnt look greasy. add a funky clip to keep stray pieces out of your eyes and your good to go. thats what I do (and other things I have bangs and layers soo..) its only 20 mins trust me

Answer #17

I have the same exact hair as you!

One thing I do is, I put my hair in a messy bun, then I do the little poof thing with my bangs. However, I leave some of the bangs on each side down. It takes between 5-10 minutes.

 Another thing I do is, at night, I take a shower. I wash my hair, and then before I go to bed, I put my wet hair in a ponytail. When you get up, you have these gorgeous waves. You could but your hair in a ponytail again or leave it down, it's up to you. (: 

(With the wavy hair, the waves arn’t perfect, but that makes it cute.)

Answer #18

I have the exact same hair and color… if I want to do it nice and fast I put egg whites in it!!! I know it sounds wierd but it really works my aunt is a hairstylist and showed me how!

  1. Wet down your hair
  2. Take 1 or 2 eggs and get just the egg whites into a bowl. Beat it until they look almost like foam
  3. Take that into your hand and scrunch it into your hair
  4. Blow dry it and add some hairspray
  5. Scrunch one last time and if you have bangs like me… pull them up with a bobby pin in the middle
Answer #19

I have the same hair… All I do is I use garneir fructise hair syrem or softener its a green dome shaped bottle and only use a little the straighten your hair till theres not a bump in site. I usualy brush my hair line a little to right side and then flip it over and youll have a totally cute hair style. Also if you want you can brush your bangs to theside and then it will look even cuter but you need to have your bangs cut to the side.. its ttly cute.. hoped I could help you… !! :)

Answer #20

you can put your hair in french braids the night before (after you take a shower and your hair is damp) than take them out in the morning and your hair with be wavy(: its rllly cute! you could pin your bangs back or blow dry them and leave them down! good luck!

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