Is there a cure for hearing voices?

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Do you mean like schizophrenia? If so, then you can go to a doctor for medications and counseling which should help.

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im actually on meds for it, it has helped with the emotion that came with the voices but been years since ive heard silence.

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There is no actual cure, but like I said, medication and psychotherapy can be used to treat it.

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this post reminded me of the song "psycho" by puddle of mudd lol
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Psychotherapy of some type is highly recommended for people suffering from schizophrenia. By adding behavioral treatments for schizophrenia to a medical treatment regimen, the rate of relapse is further reduced, to only 25%. A variety of types of psychotherapy are available to schizophrenics. Cognitive therapy, psychoeducation, and family therapy can all help schizophrenics deal with their symptoms and learn to operate in society. Social skills training is of great importance, in order to teach the patient specific ways to manage themselves in social situations.

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Ya know, sometimes those voices could be your inner self. You could actually be waging daily wars with your inner self. The human mind is a powerful thing. We have the ability to break ourselves into different voices and personalities. The personality part is more schizophrenia. The voices could simply be a way of your mind telling you that you need something. Perhaps you are so busy with work and the kids that you havnt had time for yourself. Maybe you should enjoy something for yourself. Treat yourself to some relaxation. Meditation helps. I used to wonder if I were crazy because I heard myself in my head as third person. Like I were narrating or telling myself what to do almost as if I had to think about it from a different mind, or different person. Its normal. It is psychological, but when you realize that this has occured, you can prevent it from ruling your life. You just have to take firm control and don't disreguard the voices, unless they are telling you to do unlawful or unmoral things. In that case, you should analyze why you feel that part of you is telling you to do these bad things. Maybe you dont really want to Harm anyone dispite what they voices could be saying, it could just be your minds way of being extreme with your emotions. Something tells me you don't get to talk about how you feel, and you find yourself caught up directing your life around others wants and needs.
I'll be around if you need any help, I am not a doctor, but I can try and relate. Best of luck.

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Try to figure out what they are telling you... Is it good things or bad things?

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Getting theraphy, and probobly going on medication.

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It depends what you mean by hearing voices. If you are talking about aural hallucination, as with schitzophrenia, then there isnt a cure, but there is treatment available.

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thank you for ur input

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alot of music,religion and the makers of these had this,what isnt crazy these days and any other day at that?

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i hear people i know and i am a little of everyone i have ever meet.interesting to say there all me.good stuff.

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