Is it creepy to friend request all of your boyfriend's friends?

A friend and I are debating this right now. A friend of ours started dating this girl about a month and a half ago. Since then, every time she meets one of his friends, even if she doesn’t talk to them, she friend requests them on facebook next time she’s on facebook. I’ve never even talked to her but she saw me twice and decided to request me…and email me about it a few days later when I didn’t accept it. Think she emailed another friend too because he was around that same weekend and accepted hers the same day I got that email and he had been online days prior too. Is this creepy? She’s also following him around like a lost puppy and diving head first into some of his hobbies. Yet she doesn’t have anything to do with the mutual friends that live in the same town as her or going to their group up there. (Aka, if she was really into the hobby, or getting to know his friends, why not hang out with them in her town.) She lives two hours away so is only doing the hobby when he’s around.

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Lol yes, that’s desperate.

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That’s very creppy, and obsesive. If she’s adding all the girls he talks to she must be very insecure and have little trust for him.

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That’s weird lol.

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That’s like really weird to in the first place..I know for sure if I met someone and didn’t talk to them I’ll debate on adding them. Overall, it’s up to you, but it’s just not right really.

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Yeah haha

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Agreeing with you and Kahili. I can understand after you’ve hing out and talked a few time but just barely seeing each other at a party and never having an actual conversation. And so soon into the relationship too. Again, maybe after meeting the person a few times and interacting with them and maybe a few months into things but not so soon. I’m no joking, if she’s seen them somewhere where they’ve been at too or talked to hem for 5 minutes, she’s requested them within a day or two. For the number of mutual friends we now have, she doesn’t comment or like anyone else’s posts except the her boyfriend’s and she doesn’t do anything with the people who live in the same town as her when it comes to the common hobbies. She is requesting guys and girls though, but knowing these people for years, most of them aren’t the type to add people the barely know or really send out friend requests at all…meaning she’s the one requesting them.

Answer #7

I didn’t add her but I kept her on there. She’s up to about 10 of his friends now. Most of them aren’t the type to go out and request people after one meeting…or ever, so yeah, I know it was her…and by the groupings and timing. 5 have been added in the past few days and I know she was down here over the weekend. She talked to one of the girls for maybe 5 minutes and now they’e “friends”. One of my close guy friends has been dating a girl for…actually think close to a year now. I met her in May. I didn’t friend request her until June, after we had seen each other and hung out multiple times.

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little weird. but maybe shes just trying to be interested in his hobbies.which if you think of it its nice of a girl friend to want to try to.and with the fb thing? most people these days do that(except for the emailing if they dont accept)

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But without talking to them at all or for more than a few minutes? Then not talking them again? And like I said, if she really wanted to get to know his friends and get into his stuff why not talk to them when he’s not around. Again, she lives in the same town as some of them and there’s a hobby group up there but she has nothing to do with them. She only does it when he’s around. And she’s jumping head first into it. No ease. Follow him around too. If e’s on the field, so is she…right next to him. If he’s off the field and goes to talk to some other people while she’s talking with someone, she leaves that convo and goes stand literally about 2 inches away from him. He turned around and jumped back on time because she scared him. Surprised she didn’t follow him to the bathroom.

Answer #11

Umm, Yes… That’s freaking weird and stalkerish. She sounds desperate, annoying, and she probably has no friends.

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Ummm no his friends should be ur friends as well

Answer #15

She sounds insecure. Maybe she just wants to know the people he knows. But there are those that are so insecure who have tendency to distrust and thereby try to conceal it by manipulating/controlling people, places, and things sorrounding what’s important in their lives. Maybe once she feels more secure in her relationship with him and gets to feeling comfortable with the people he knows she’ll stop. But if she’s an extreme control personality it could cost her the relationship. Time will tell what she’s about and how your friends relationship with her will go.

Answer #16

Why’s that? If it happens naturally, yeah that’s cool, but it’s not. Would friend request someone who’ve never talked to before just because you’re dating someone they know…and email them when they don’t accept it right away?

Answer #17

It is pretty weird.. but think about it. Maybe since she lives two hours away, she just wants to know who her boyfriend hangs out with? There’s nothing wrong with that, but yeah it seems like she might be overdoing it :P

Answer #18

Yes. Very. Relationships require some independence on both parts. If you crowd him, he’ll likely be scared away. Give him some space to have his own friends and hobbies without you, so when he’s with you, it’s all the more special.

Answer #19

I’m not dating the guy. He’s a good and close friend of mine. But I agree with what you and most everyone else is saying. Just wanted other feed back/opinions too. Like I said in other posts, she’s adding people after barely ever seeing or talking to them (if she actually talked to them). There’s a group in her town that does what we do locally (hobby) but she has nothing to do with them and has jumped head first into the hobby…but only when she’s with him. It’s a fighting thing so it’s something that needs to be eased into really. OH, and I just remembered this morning that she didn’t start requesting anyone until after they started dating. She seen a few of us before but didn’t request any of us then. Most of that group was the same town people too. She’s making no efforts to get to know them or anything.

Answer #20

I commented this on Nancy’s reply but wanted to add it in too. I just remembered that they actually met in person when he was with a group of his friends who live in the same town that she does. We were passing through to go somewhere else and stopped to see people while passing through. She hasn’t requested any of those people even though many of them live in the same town as her. She only started requesting his friends after they started dating but again as been requesting basically everyone that she has seen him with, unless they’re not mutual friends or with one is much younger than us. There is a few people who she’s seen him with though who she hasn’t requested…unless they didn’t accept…and they’re guys. No that I think of it, think she has friend requested all the girls that she’s seen him with or seen him talking to.

Answer #21

Oh and she’s going on with a big trip with him soon. It’s a group thing but it’s a small group. We’re actually traveling many hours and going to another country to meet up with some friends. She only knows him and has seen me but again we’ve never really talked. They’ll be dating for two months while on the trip. We’re in our mid-twenties and she posted all over Facebook on their one month…and posts on his wall quite a lot…little messages, not just like neat photos or links for stuff that he’d be interested in or might like. She posted recently yelling at him for playing a video game without her and that she needed to send her puppy photos because she was sad. Just sharing this so people get more of a feel for how she seems.

Answer #22

no it is creepy….sorry I’m new to this I just read the whole post….in my opinion she’s a stalker phyco

Answer #23

A little…. you should only really be adding your boyfriend and his really close friends who you have met quite a few times.

Answer #24

actually my opinion is that u can add the 1 or 2 but to all of em then that is creepy! lol xx

Answer #25

She’s up to 11 just for friends of his that are also mine, not including any possible requests of non-mutual friends or people who haven’t accepted them, like me. Again, she emailed me a few days after sending the request because I didn’t accept it.

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