Creating a customizable profile on FunAdvice, how do you want it?

So after hearing this request on & off regularly for a year, we’re “gearing up” to do a customizable profile on FunAdvice. Some well known examples include myspace, bebo, igoogle, pageflakes, netvibes, etc, etc.

Some of these are similar to each other, some are very different…while we can’t be “all things to all people” it’d be great to find out what people do want to be able to do. Suppose you controlled the programmers when you answer ;) What would you ask them to build? How?

Answer #1

I meant putting music on your profile to customizing it. Like it you go on someones profile music it will play in the background. But if its impossible its ok. Thanks! :)

Answer #2

HTML. Like myspace has profiles(:

Answer #3

Just allowing us to change the colours would be awesome - and I’m sure a lot of people would love if you allowed HTML in profiles.

Answer #4

Please make it idiot proof, not any more difficult than uploading a picture. And I would consider it a personal favor if flashing backgrounds were NOT an option. I’m not a fan of seizures. :)

Answer #5

Allow HTML in the description or something?

Answer #6

well,I want something to do with sports

Answer #7


Answer #8

I think creating our own backgrounds would be VERY awesome!!! like colors or pictures :)

Answer #9

allow us to change color & font …allow us to customize our profiles with Layouts =)

Answer #10

makeing it a chat site would be nice also like yahoo… insted of doing funmail and comments all the time. and maby more colour lol…

Answer #11

I enjoy designing. Colors say a lot about who we are, whether it’s red & black or sage green & aqua. I’m just learning html and I’d like to be able to use it on funadvice.

I like the advantages of myspace. (though I hardly ever go there anymore, only to check my mail. I’m on funadvice most of the time. I run out of stuff to do, but still I stay. There’s definitely something addictive).

Another thing would be a better way to communicate. We have group but it’s too isolated. Nobody knows who’s on whose group. We need chat or a forum.

A place for blogs would be nice.(a public diary)

Games, so we wouldn’t have to leave to go to Pogo or wherever people go.

Contests are good and they bring people to your site.

More later…

Answer #12

Thanks, everybody, I really appreciate it.

Ironically enough, MySppace the day after I asked this started showing off their new redesign, and their new slick profile customization tool.

We’re going to put our heads down next week & by end of week, send the plan to the engineers.


Hm…that will be hard, if not impossible. If a lot of people want video, we could consider it (via youtube, which already works in groups)…how would music work?

Answer #13

Hopefully the implementation of all these ideas will not turn the uniqueness of the site into just another “My Space”. I think you have found a niche on the way this site attract young people that otherwise would feel intimidated or weird to ask their parents or friends questions and they ask the questions here freely without pressure.

As long as you could keep that same trust and differentiate from the sameness of Myspace or Facebook it will be ok.

Answer #14

I would really love if it was cutomizable like myspace is with the html. I think the popularity of this size would grow immensely just from socializing on the profiles.

of course though I think the current funadvice unique things should be preserved onto the profiles.

I only have one small suggestion - To add a “User’s Top Rated questions” (starting with the most recent) to the right above friends activity.

xox Sika

Answer #15

I would love to optionally filter my “friends activities” by type of activity and by friend.

I’d like to be able to move the middle boxes around a little bit and have them stay that way until I move them again.

I’d love to use different fonts, sizes and colors.

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