What country has the nicest beaches?

Answer #1

Personally, I’d say Maldives. I’ve been to the beach in the US (west coast), Thailand, and Bali so far…Maldives is the best :)

Answer #2

That is really nice, long plane flight, so you live there? I am not that big a fan of the beaches in the US, I just don’t think you get the service like in the other countries.

Answer #3

Australia of course, land of beautiful beaches, beautiful oceans and beautiful people, what more would a tourist want.

Answer #4

The best beach I’ve been to was on Ibiza, an island off Spain’s Mediterranean coast. But I haven’t been to any beaches aside from the Med, the North Sea, and the East Sea. I’m sure there are better beaches elsewhere, but I did really like Ibiza.

Answer #5

Australian beaches do look beautiful in all the pictures and videos I’ve seen…as do the coral reefs.

Answer #6

I live here at the moment, am headed back to the States soon though :) And service, well, imho the best hotels I’ve stayed at (a few around 1K/ night in the states) can’t hold a candle to a nice resort in Maldives, or Thailand for that matter.

Answer #7

Does Australia have any warm water beaches? I hate cold water.

Answer #8

There is way to many sharks there, I don’t know how you keep any of your limbs.

Answer #9

I really do not stay in the US for any of my vacations, the nicest diving area I have been to is Honduras Roatan, the beach was not that bad either,

Answer #10

The pictures in brochures are pretty spot on, thou many tourists forget the beautiful beaches can be dangerous with rips and currents…..Queensland (QLD) has numerous warm water beaches but the weather there is hot pretty much 24/7 and they have massive cane toads in QLD that kills pets and people if they are unlucky…..LOL, say what?? too many sharks :-P The sharks are only there if there is a whale carcass nearby but it is the surfers who are attacked by Jaws the most when in they ocean as they look like seals in their wetsuits, so you are pretty much safe mate :-)

Answer #11

Well cool, I would love to keep all my pieces where they are. I guess that is the media for you, just like you probably think Texas is full of gun toting, rednecks, chewing tobacco, and riding a horse. Every time I here of Australia I hear about shark attacks, and how great whites “Jaws” is just waiting for you in the surf.

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