Country guitar hero??

Hate and bash country music all you want but there are some sweet guitar solos in many country songs that would be sweet in Guitar Hero. I don't know if it'll ever happen since people stereotype country so bad. Let me know what you think.

P.S.-please don't comment just to bash country music

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I grew up listening to country (I'm half redneck), but I've grown into the punk scene. I still listen to country (Jake Owen, Gary Allan, Toby Keith, etc), but not as often.

PS country is NOT bad!

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People say it's about your truck, someone dying, cheating, and trains. To me, that's life!

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I love country! thats all I listen to! that would be cool if they cam eout with a guitar hero for it! Country is the best. screw what all those others say.

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Country music is cool. Why bash it?

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Country..Meh.. not my thing. I think they are stupid as hell for making Aerosmith Guitar Hero though. The World Tour one is fun :]

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Well world tour does have a Willie Nelson song! I guess that's a start

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