are there countries in australia?

Answer #1

no, australia is its own country

Answer #2

okay thanks! lol this just made my homework a whole lot harder o.O

Answer #3

Australia’s a continent last I checked :)

Answer #4

its not only a country but a continent!

Answer #5

lmfao but i dont think there are countries WITHIN it…

Answer #6

right. australia is the only continent that is also a country :)

Answer #7

are there countries in antarctica then? o.O

Answer #8

lol i have no idea. i wouldnt think so, but that was a really good question. ive never heard that, but then again who ever talks about antarctica? lol

Answer #9

my social studies teahcer o.O lol our hw was to name two countries form each continent so imma bit confused o.O

Answer #10

Australia is called the Commonwealth of Australia which makes it a country and the worlds smallest continent it has 6 states and various territories,its Capital is Canberra and its largest city is Sydney :)

Answer #11

ahh. well, i hope this isnt cheating, but australia doesnt have any countries, and idk if antarctica does or not lol.

Answer #12

I don’t think Antarctica has anything, lol. But it looks like Australia has territories? Or states? Not sure which of the two. Anyway, good luck with your Hw Morgan :D

Answer #13

ya, australia has territories

Answer #14

theres a bit of Antarctica called Australian Antarctic Territory if that helps ?

Answer #15

thanks O.o lol if i get a 0 on my hw i have an excuse!!! lol “ BUT MIGUEL SED….!!!!” lmao

Answer #16

Yeah I’ll just go to your school and be like “ you got an issue?!” brushes hair thought so xP

Answer #17

lmfao that wuld be the best school day ever! haha i wuld legit fall on the floor laughing xD

Answer #18

Yea New Zealand! in the continent of australia!

Answer #19

Australia is a country.

Answer #20

Australia is just one country, with about six states and two territories. The little island to the south of Australia is called Tasmania and is, technically, a part of Austrailia. It has a number of members in the Federal Parliament in Canberra, for innstance. However, I visited there in about 1975 and I found the island lked to think of itself as a separate nation.

Answer #21

You should try travelling to Melbourne, the Capital of the State of Victoria. Melbourne is a gaint city and will soon overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest.

Answer #22

ive always wanted to live in Australia its my dream to go there :)

Answer #23

Yes. The Australian continent consists of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and some parts of Indonesia. It does NOT include New Zealand. New Zealand is actually on a sumerged continent called Zealandia. Australia and New Zealand are both part of a region called Oceania, along with numerous other pacific islands of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia.

Answer #24

no, its not

Answer #25

wow, that was atrocious spelling sorry. I meant submerged!

Answer #26

Tasmania, I’m going there in Feb 2010 for 2 weeks. Heading straight into Launceston and doing the motorhome thing.

Answer #27

wait what?!!!

Answer #28

New Zealand is part of the region of Oceania (also known as Australasia) but its actually on a different continent which is submerged so no one knows about it!

Answer #29

australia isnt a continent, australazia is a continent!

Answer #30

Australia is a continent, Australasia is not, it is a region

Answer #31

Technically, Australia is the largest island in the world. Many people do not associate Australia as an island but a country. We are also part of Asia. Dianelle is right, Australia belong to Australasia.

Answer #32

Um… NZ is it’s own country and FYI it’s offending to Aussies to sociate it with Australia

Answer #33

Antarctica is just a continent made of ice

Answer #34

He wasnt saying it was part of the country, Australia, he was saying it was part of the continent Australia which is a fairly common misconception, so its hardly offensive. And considering we are your closest neighbour, our countries ARE associated, so grow up.

Answer #35

They may be associated but they are not apart of the continent. You just don’t like people expressing their opinions on your country. Looks like you’re the one who needs to grow up :)

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