Could I be pregnant by these symptoms?

I have not missed my period yet, but I have been sleeping about half an hour later than usual, having to go to the bathroom about every 10 minutes, mood swings, I keep getting aches in my stomach… could I be pregnant?

Answer #1

Heres a website by EXPERTS in the OBGYN field!!! Expert: Lawrence Jay Rappaport M.D. Date: 6/4/2005 Subject: periods and pregnancy

Answer If you are pregnant, you will NEVER get a period. However, some women who are pregnant can have some bleeding. This bleeding is usually due to problems with the placenta. If you get your period you are not pregnant. A pregnancy test will not show a positive result until a threshhold is reached, above which, HCG can be detected. HCG is the hormone of pregnancy. Some pregnancy tests are not sensitive enough to detect HCG if the pregnancy is very early. That is why we suggest that you do not take a pregnancy test until seven days after you miss your period. If you get a period, you need not take a pregnancy test. ANYONE CARE TO DISAGREE WITH THAT???

And coming from the male species on pregnancies, …ok!

ENOUGH SAID tamarahurst!

Answer #2

Angelfire2708 says:

“Ok, this is COMMON knowledge. When an egg is fertilized it means that a woman does NOT get a period. (if you took any s*x ed classeseven a male would know this) The website that i posted is by a VERY WELL KNOWN DOCTOR. DR. SPOCK! The guy is REAL, and he is a very respected DR.

Yes, every pregnancy is different for every woman, BUT WHEN a woman is 100% pregnant, HER MONTHLY CYCLE STOPS!!! If she bleeds, it is NOT her period! Those are the facts! If you dont believe me, then go under a bunch of websites (period, and pregnant) and see if what YOU said is true!!”

“go under a bunch of websites” You have just proven yourself as an unreliable source.

Like I said the internet is like a giant Wikipedia anyone can post whatever they want without and proof or evidence. In life you should bass your knowledge off of books and learning. Not a one or two page article on the web.

Answer #3

That website is by a DR. DR SPOCK! A very well known DR. So now whats your excuse?

Answer #4

Ths is in response to jessiicaaa’s post!!

Pregnancy and periods can never go along simultaneously!!! If you are indeed pregnant, technically, you cannot get your periods. Missing your period is actually the first sign of pregnancy. Bleeding in early pregnancy is a common occurrence, but this does not signal a true menstrual cycle. You must realize that the hormones that are active during pregnancy totally prevent ovulation. As we know, ovulation is the time in your cycle when the egg is released into the uterus and women experience menstrual bleeding. Since the egg in pregnant women is already fertilized, ovulation does not occur and hence no bleeding!

However, it is not uncommon to find that many women do report getting what seem like regular periods during early pregnancy. The bleeding that pregnant women complain about though is not truly a menstrual period. It can be called as early pregnancy bleeding. The perception of having a menstrual period (or more than one) in early pregnancy can confuse the due date and delay some pregnant women from seeking appropriate and timely medical care.

Answer #5

tamarahurst…It was NOT your period. Once an egg has been fertilized, your period stops. In your case, you were “bleeding” because the egg had not attached itself, thus ending in a miscarriage! Any vaginal bleeding, other than spotting, during early pregnancy is considered a threatened miscarriage. Vaginal bleeding is very common in early pregnancy. About one out of every four pregnant women has some bleeding during the first few months. (BUT THIS IS NOT A PERIOD)!! You need to understand the difference!! A period is when, the EGG and the lining of the uterus are shed through the vagina, once a month. You dont shed a fertilized egg unless you have a miscarriage!!!

Answer #6

no I go through that al the time the more you think you may be pregnant then of cause you be going through them it happened to me mind plays tricks on you

I had symptoms like

going to the toilet every 10mins trouble sleeping implantation bleeding weird pains in stomach feeling sick headaches feeling dizzy more tired than usual hard to get out of bed

Answer #7

Yes Angelfire, though it may be true, how desperate are you willing to prove a point? Does it fuel your ego? I also question your credibility because if you’re willing to act in such an elementary way, why should anyone believe what you say. What are you without your sites and references. Wisdom and knowledge do not go hand in hand and it is apparent here.

Answer #8

I already said, I would really appreciate if you stopped posting on here. I don’t need you to tell me what is right and what is wrong. That is why I have my own doctor. Have a nice life angelfire. You keep arguing, and i’m not going to argue with someone that I dont even know.

Answer #9

Thank you very much deepthinker! angelfire2708 just has her panties in a bunch, and I would appreciate it if she stopped writing on here.. She has nothing better to do than sit around look up things on the internet and pretend to be wise and everything!! And deepthinker is right, pregnacy is different for every woman..

Answer #10

This is a response to Angelfire2708. I dont mean to sound rude or anything like that, but at the beginning of the year(January) I had a miscarriage and I was three months along and I didnt even know that I was pregnant because I had my period. It is not impossible, it’s just uncommon…

Answer #11

thats not true you cant still have your period while your pregnant just go by a pregnancy test from the drug store dont be shy every girl dose it =)

Answer #12

I have to agree with angelfire. It’s simple logic-your period is when the egg drops out BECAUSE it is not fertilized. I know it will be hard to understand this tamarahurst, but you aren’t pregnant until that egg is fertilized. And again, if it is fertilized, there will be no period. Some people just have bleeding that accompanies pregnancy…angelfire explained all of that very well. and also, it’s petty of you to claim you aren’t going to argue with someone and then cuss them out. way to be. but, this was all very entertaining!

Answer #13

Cant argue with hard facts!

Answer #14

RELAX angelfire2708!!! There is no need to get all defensive. Are you a doctor?, I doubt it cause if you were you would have better things to do all day then sit and answer questions on here. And, It was my period, my doctor even told me so… Like I said ealier It’s not IMPOSSIBLE as you say, it’s just uncommon. Now seriously, I’m not going to argue with you, so get your panties out of a bunch!!!

Answer #15

Not if you havent missed a period!!!

Answer #16

no that could be the sing of ur period

Answer #17

Ok, you are taking this WAYYY out of context. The last post shouldnt have been allowed to even go through! Profanity is NOT permitted on this site. You need to abide by the rules!!

Answer #18

Before this thing goes any further I would like to say that just by simply reading websites does not mean they are 100% true. It is not like you’re writing an argumentative essay here and need citations to back it up. This is real life and things like pregnancy are different for every woman. Only a doctor should determine if you are pregnant or not. And remember any nut job can pose as anyone and put up totally fallacious material on the internet.

Answer #19

You can be pregnant and still have periods, likewise you can still have periods and not ovulate

Answer #20

I will, as soon as you stop posting stuff on things that concern me… thank you

Answer #21

tamarahurst, you are the one getting all bent out of shape here. Truth hurts doesnt it?

I have proof to back up what I say, DO YOU? Heres a website I think YOU need to check out! (,1510,6004,00.html) YOU CANNOT BE PREGNANT, AND STILL HAVE A PERIOD. Women spot, but it isnt because they are menstruating! Its NOT just uncommon hun>ITS IMPOSSIBLE! You cant have a period if an egg has been fertilized. Is that so hard for you to understand? Why dont you call your Drs. office and ask to speak to a nurse. Ask her when a woman is pregnant, can she still have her monthly periods. Yes, we know women do bleed while being pregnant, BUT ITS NOT THEIR PERIOD!!!

I am just trying to state facts, because thats what people here are looking for! I think you just misinterpreted what your Dr. said to you! If you were having your period dear, you couldnt have been pregnant!!!

Answer #22

it is a possiblity but those are also signs of a bladder or kidney infection, your best choice would be to go to your doctor or ob/gyn to get a pregnancy test

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