Could I be a lesbian?

I’m 13.I’m a girl.I feel that I’m overeffactuated with breasts.I watch pornography.The thought of girls licking me turns me on.I probably won’t try it because I’m afraid that I might like it and I think that I might like it.That’s not the only thing holding me back.Do I like it because it’s so taboo?I was thinking about girls,it turned me on.Does that mean that I’m a lesbian,are those just horomones?I don’t want to be a bisexual either!I just want to be straight!Does this make me a lesbian or something?When I think about having sex with a guy,I get really turned on.I want to marry a guy.I want to have a relationship with a guy.Now something is telling me that I wish a girl would come onto me.Does also mean that I’m a lesbian?There’s this girl at my school that I feel attracted to but it’s not a strong attraction.Like some days,I’ll say she’s pretty and other days,I think that I’m attracted to her so it’s really confusing.I don’t think that I would ask her out.If I really was attracted to her then I would think about her a lot and ask her out.I don’t do that.Even if she was a lesbian,no.Does this mean that I’m not straight?I sometimes feel like I want to be with a girl because of sex.But I know that I want to be with a guy.Sometimes,I want a girl to lick me.I’ve always wanted to be with a guy,all of my life.It’s just now,I’m getting all of these strange feelings.Will these feelings go away?I was thinking about how hot it would be to have sex with a girl and how it would feel.Like one minute,I’ll ask myself do I want to be want a man.I’m really confused on what I want but I would be happier with a guy.I love guys.I wasn’t actually thinking about having a actual relationship with a girl until someone mentioned it.Now I’m wondering if I want a girlfriend,does it sound like it?I want to be straight!I don’t want to be bi sexual either!I want to kill myself because I can’t stop worrying about this and if I’m unstraight then I might as well go ahead and kill myself!I can’t say that I want to be in a relationship with a girl.I just don’t find it that interesting.It’s not for me.If I’m sexually and physically attracted girls,what does that mean?I don’t know what I want and don’t want.I was watching lesbian porn and I was wishing that was me.Maybe I didn’t.All I know is that I thought it was hot and maybe I would had liked to had given it a try but still my morals don’t approve.I’m pretty sure that my love for boys is much greater than my love for girls.I always think about guys!If a girl offered to have sex with me,I don’t know what I would say.I haven’t tried to have sex with a girl nor do I intend to have sex with a girl.I’m comfortable with the idea of being with a girl.It turns me on.I think that majority of the stuff that turns me on,I mistaken actually liking it for wanting it.Is that the problem then? I won’t be happy with my life if I am bi sexual or a lesbian,I won’t! When I was six,I had a crush on my gym teacher.I thought about sex with him.It wasn’t real sex at the time,it was mostly like him kissing me and doing bad things to me sexually.This went on for about a couple of years.I didn’t really have a sexually active mind at nine and ten but when eleven hit!Wow!I started thinking about any kind of sex and by the time of twelve,it got a lot worse.I think the first time I had watched porn was when I was probably around seven or eight or maybe a little bit older.Then when I turned twelve and thirteen,I started watching it more and reading incest stories and also rape stories.I don’t know if I was molested.I even remember trying to make my barbie dolls have sex.I have thoughts about being raped.I do however remember when I was about five or six,I remember on Christmas night,I had a rash down there and my mom of course had to put the ointment on down there.So when she did I all of a sudden said “I hope someone touches me right there one day.” Me and my friend are close.I was thinking about how pretty she is and she’s so nice to me or at least most of the time she is.Then I started to imagine sex with her and think about how nice and gentle it would be and how her body would be and how hot it would be.I want to be straight and I want to have sex with guys when I grow up and get married and I don’t want this to stop it.I have a much more deeper love for guys than girls though.What does that mean though?I hope that I’m not emotionally attracted to her because if I’m then that means that I’m bi sexual or something.Does it sound like I am?Do we just have a truly good friendship? I like girls’ bodies but I feel that I want to have sex with them because it looks very inviting and fun but I won’t. I was just masturbating a few days ago and I thought to myself “I want to be a lesbian because it was be so hot to have sex with a girl.”I was really horny.Does it sound like I really meant that? This is why I won’t experiment with a girl.

It against my beliefs and my religious beliefs. I don’t want to regret it. It would ruin my chances of getting married to a man. I want my first time to be with a boy. I’m afraid that I might like it. I don’t think it’s a lifestyle that I would want to lead. If it is going to make me a lesbian by experimenting then I definitely don’t want to. I believe that man is for woman as woman is for man. I don’t want to deal with the shame. I know that guys are right for me.

Is this how you know that you do not want to experiment with a girl?

This is how I know that I don’t want to be a lesbian though.- I don’t want to live with the shame. I want to marry a guy. I don’t want to live the lifestyle. I most likely wouldn’t be happy with a girl. It’s against my beliefs. I haven’t dated a girl and if I wanted to,I would have already done it. I don’t think that I would have sex with a girl. The only time that I think about sex with girls is when someone mentions it or when I masturabte or when I am worried about it. I want to be straight because I know that I would be a lot happier that way. I love guys. Is that how you know?

This is how I know that I want to be with a guy.- I’m happy with guys. If I didn’t want to be with guys,I wouldn’t be so worried about all of this. I imagine myself with them daily. I love guys. I want to marry a guy. When I grow up,I want to have sex with a guy. I want to date guys. I want to be with guys. It’s not an ambomination of GOD to be with a guy when you are a girl. I like the firmness and strongness and aggressiveness that guys have. Is that how you know?

I asked myself if I had the chance to marry a guy and a girl,would I do it?I said maybe.I want to marry guys.Just because I said that I probably woud marry both,does that mean that I am bisexual?Am I thinking too much?I don’t know if I would have sex with a girl.One part says yes and another says no!I might kiss a girl but I doubt anything else.Okay,to be honest,I probably wouldn’t even kiss a girl,I don’t know why,but I jsust probably wouldn’t!Is wanting to have sex with a girl just curiousity or does it mean that I’m a lesbian?Nevertheless,I was thinking what if I really want to have sex with a girl.That makes me a lesbian,doesn’t it?Does it sound like I want to have sex with a girl?What if I want to go farther than experimenting?Am I mistaking wanting to experiment with it turning me on? Now something is questioning me of if I would try something with a girl even though I keep telling myself that I wouldn’t.All this time up until today,I kept saying that I wouldn’t try anything with a girl,now something is telling me that I would.But the thing is that no matter how much that voice speaks,I won’t act on it because I’ll regret it.I think the real reason of why I’m feeling all of this is because I questioned myself.I havent’t ever really thought about this stuff this bad before until I asked myself was I straight.The more I question myself,the more I start to come up with things such as “I might like her”.It’s because it’s on my mind at the time.Is that why? I’m so worried right now.I don’t know if I’m sexually attracted to women.Being sexually attracted to women means that you want to have sex with them and if I want to have sex with one then that makes me a lesbian even though it’s experimenting,doesn’t it?BUT I DON’T KNOW IF ALL I WANT TO DO IS EXPERIMENT,WHAT IF I WANT TO GO FURTHER? I’ve been thinking about sex since I was 6.So now in my mind,I am married to a guy named Eric and I have three kids,Riley,Aurora,and Nicolette.This is all in my imagination by the way.But I think about bondage sex,hardcore sex,gentle sex,regular sex,and kinky sex.I’m still a virgin and I plan to be a virgin until I get married.I’m sticking to that definitely.So the other day,I was thinking about a guy licking me and since I have been depressed about my sexuality,the thought of a girl licking me popped up in my head.Is it because I’ve been thinking about this so much for the last couple of days or so?I like lesbian porn more than I do any other kind.Also when I masturbate,I think about girls licking me or licking each other.It makes me orgasm faster.I don’t want to be a lesbian.I haven’t dated or had sex with a girl.I think girls are pretty.I love boys.I have only dated boys.I’m turned on by lesbian porn.I want to be straight.I’ve always wanted to marry a man when I grow up.I’m not even supporting gay or lesbian beliefs.I haven’t had sex and don’t plan to until I am married (to a man of course.)All I think about is sex though.I only think about sex with girls when I masturbate or when someone mentions it or because I’m worried about it.If I want a girl to lick me and have sex with me then that means that I am a lesbian,right? I can’t get married now!No man will want to marry me if I’m unstraight.I don’t want to be a lesbian.I want to be with guys but a part of me tells me that I want to have sex with a girl but I won’t do it.At least I don’t think I would.I’m happy with guys.Does it sound like I am straight or bi-cuirous? I know that I wouldn’t do it because- It is wrong or at least to me. I would not want to carry the shame of it. It would ruin my chances with a guy when I grow up. I wouldn’t want to be considered bi or a lesbian for doing it. I would regret it because I am already regretting just the thought of it. Is that how you know that you wouldn’t do it? I don’t know if I want to have sex with a girl but I think I want to experiment but I do not know.I’m curious to what it would be like and I think that it would feel good,I think that I would rather not.Something tells me that I want to be intimate with a girl but I think I want to experiment but I probably wouldn’t try anything with girls.People are telling me to do what makes me happy,being with guys makes me happy.So does it sound like I am a lesbian?If I liked girls then I would be dating them.If I find out that I’m unstraight,I might kill myself.Being a lesbian or bisexual is an abomination in the sight of GOD.I know that I’m attracted to guys.Sometimes my mind tells me that I want to have sex with a girl.I don’t want to be bisexual or a lesbian.I want to be straight.I really don’t think that I’m going to date or have sex with a girl even though my mind sometimes tells me that I want to.

I want to be straight. Guys make me very happy. I haven’t dated a girl. I love guys. I just have thoughts about it. My mind sometimes tells me that I want to have sex with a girl but I wouldn’t do it,at least I don’t think that I would. To me it’s wrong and I don’t want to be a lesbian or bisexual. I’m worried about this. I’ve always imagined myself with guys and marrying guys. I don’t want to live with the shame of being a lesbian or being bi.

I went to the doctor once and the doctor touched me in a “place” and I was eleven or getting ready to turn twelve.When she touched me,I kind of liked it but I felt uncomfortable.Even after she did it,I felt uncomfortable,it was a woman doctor.Am I a lesbian?Also when my mom tickles me or touches me on my shoulders,I get sexually excited.I’m very ticklesh.I want to be straight.Am I a lesbian? My biggest fear is that when I meet a guy and want to get married,he might not want to marry me if he thinks that I’m not straight.I don’t want to know what is wrong and what is right because I still believe what I believe.Am I straight?Is it my horomones telling that I want to be with girls?I don’t know if I want to have sex with girl,does it sound like I do? Being with a guy makes me very happy.No man will like me!When I masturbate,I get more turned on by thinking girls are licking me than I do guys.So what does this mean? One thing tells me that I want to be with a girl and another part of me says that I don’t.I’ve always wanted to be with a guy and no one is going to tell me that I don’t. I wouldn’t have sex with a girl for a lot of reasons.I don’t know if I want to have sex with a girl.I think that I want to experiment when I get older but I most likely won’t. There’s a lot of things holding me back including myself.I don’t know what is telling me that I want to experiment but I am trying to ignore that voice.I know that I most likely wouldn’t but I’m just curious as to what it would be like and would I like it.Does that mean that I am a lesbian?I can’t marry a guy now!He won’t want to marry me if he thinks that I am a lesbian or bisexual?Am I just somewhat curious?

There’s this girl at my school.Then I thought “Maybe I’m attracted to her.”I tried to visualize what it would be like to be with her.I don’t know if I would go out with her because that’s a little too far for me and I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t.80% that I wouldn’t.I have always imagined myself with a guy.Did I just admire her and her body?Or am I lesbian for thinking this about her and feeling this way about her?Am I sexually or physically attracted to her?I did want to touch her breasts or one of her other body parts but I don’t think that I would do it.

Is all of this just my horomones acting up?Is this why I can’t make up my mind about anything?

I always think about guys.When I masturbate,I get into the heat of the moment and I just think about anything that would turn me on.When my mom was touching my shoulder,I was hoping that she would go farther.I’m really ticklesh on my shoulder.I would probably be unhappy with a girl.I always think about guys daily,everyday,I think about them daily.Am I a lesbian for wanting my mom to go further for that moment? My mind tells me one thing and my heart tells me different things.I want to kill myself over this because I just want to be straight.I think that girls are attractive.I want to be with a guy for the rest of my life.What am I?I can’t get a husband or boyfriend now! Something tells me that I want to try it one day.I taught that it is wrong but if that makes me a lesbian then I don’t want to try it.Nevertheless,I always pictured myself with guys.I’m reluctant with doing it when I get older because I don’t want to be a lesbian.Even if it doesn’t make me a lesbian,it’s still the point of the thing.The fact that I might want to try it later on in life scares me.I’m NOT sure if I am going to try it anywhere in the future but I’m 75% sure that I wouldn’t because that’s not who I am or at least I don’t think that I would try it.Would trying it make me a lesbian or something? I think that I want to try something with a girl or at least something tells me that I do,there’s some things holding me back.It’s against my beliefs and if it makes me a lesbian or bisexual if I do it,I definitely don’t want to do it.I want to be with guys but I wonder what it would be like with girls.I know that no matter how much these urges come to me to try it,that I won’t give in.Does it make me a lesbian becase I wanted to try it or thought about it?I’m not going to experiment,I refuse to no matter how bad the urge is because I know that later on in life,I won’t regret it either.I truly want to just really kill myself over this!I only think about sex with girls when someone mentions it and when I masturbate.Other than that,I always think about sex with guys.I want to be with a guy.I’m happy with guys.Does it sound like I’m straight?

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Geez that’s long lol Chill out girl your only 13 this is a confusing time.. just because you’ve watched porn with girls in it doesn’t mean your lez because I have to and I don’t like chicks! Theres nothing wrong with bein lez/bi I think maybe you cud b bi but your so young so its hard to no your sexuality fer sure like I was confused when I was 13 to.

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hey .. you wrote a lot lol.. omg I can relate to what your saying so much becuase evrything you have said is how I feel apart from the doctor and the rash and my mom lool but apart from that I had a crush on my gym teacher too so I can so much relate to everything that your saying but calm down .. yur confused like me .. people like us need help . seriously oxoxoxo

Answer #4

You’re thirteen. You’re normal. You’re supposed to be confused. It’s part of being an adolescent. Everything is playing on your psyche at that age; new hormones, new responsibilities, new roles, new bodies, … Take a breath, calm down and don’t fixate on this. Take a clue from the questions on this sight and realize what trauma and drama this whole issue of sex and adolescents creates. It’s hard enough to deal with in your twenties, why rush into it?

Answer #5

WHOAAA!!! how long did that take you…and baby girl…your all confused…can tell from your scenario and you writing - you’re repeating yourself…lol…stylll stop thinking about this and try to figure yourself out… keep this out of mind for some time and when you get older then you’ll find out who you really are…and as for believing you’re lesbian its not a big deal and its only natural to look at a girls beaty…ofcourse itss there not hidden…just make yourself busy in your spare time and avoid the porn and try getting a little religious…it may help..! hope I ve helped tho…xx take care

Answer #6

U MAY be bi. I am bi and its amazingg! you get the best of both worlds. I started looking at girls when I was your age too. I tried it with girls. Licking them and eating them.its amazing.and expecially when a girl does it to u. I feel like you can be yourself around a girl more then a guy. you may be going into a phase. Your confused. But nothings wrong with being bi.

Answer #7

the human body and heart wants what it wants. follow your heart and b bi-sexual if you choose. but either way it goes, im catholic and I dont no about others religions but depends on what you believe. so if you like girls, date em but you dont have 2 have sex with them. or juss masturbate with a vibrator or sumthin that vibrates and c how that works out. good luck;) btw I LOVE LESBIANS!!!

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First off.


I am not a homosexual but I think it’s up to a person to choose who he/she wants to be with!

As for you girl… this is a hard time but don’t worry about it. If you need someone to talk to funmail me I will understand what you mean and what you are trying to say I’m here for when you need someone to talk to you

I like to help people that want help. and you look like you could use a hand. but only if you want to.

It’s okay to fantasize about being with a girl. it’s not wrong to be with one either. If GOD is truly an all loving being then why would he deny someone the right to be happy? I’m not saying you should become a lesbian I’m simply saying don’t let religion rule your life. I personally do not believe in GOD but I respect everyone that does. Because everyone needs something to believe in sometimes.

You love guys but girls interest you … so what?!?!? no big deal! you’re young if there was ever a time to have thoughts like these it’s now. because you are growing and everything around you is changing too so don’t worry about it.

What the main point is that if these feeling continue you might have to face the fact that your mind will not rest until you figure out for good what it is you want. and who knows maybe once you face the whole lesbian thing you will find out that you’ll stop thinking about them and you can move on with your life! you will probably end up with a guy anyways so just calm down and take it easy! life is way to complicated as it is, why make it worse?! just chill and let everything worry not you.

Answer #9

No Hun you’re not nesicerily gay or bi or anyhting, Until you are older more mature more wise, you will not know if you are or if you aren’t gay. Trust me… I am 14 and I have raging horemones too.. I have looked at girls and thought what would happen if I am gay. But I’m not.. And even if you find you are gay, SO WHAT? I love gay people.. I even support GAY DAY… Lesbian, Gay, STraight, or even Bi-sexual.. I am sure everyone will Love you for who you are. And by the way hun it is overly normal for you to look at Porn and other woman, and have Fantasies about it… My Best Friend, Whom I have known for like my whole life is Lesbian and Her brother is gay , and when she came out to me I was the first to know. And I was also the one to be with her while she told her parents. And if you think I am gay NO I am not.. I am straight.. And Please let me know if this helped you or anyone else…

Thanks for Listening Huh.

Sincerly, LOVEmeLOVEu247

Answer #10

Its ok, take a deep breath. Most girls do all that at that age but your the only stong enought one to admit it. Your fine…you like guys…your just young and hormonal. Congrats on being so open tho!! I dont think I could to that.

Answer #11

You could be pansexual…( If yo uodn’t know what that is look it up on google) There is nothing wrong with you, just right now your teen, and curreently your hormones are bouncing off the walls. Nothing to be ashamed of, for being bi or a lesbian.

Answer #12

Wow, that sure was a lot! Let’s put it this way, I understand “your beliefs” make you believe that girl on girl is a sin, but let me let you in on a secret. I was the same way as you when I was young. I was surrounded by my parents, always saying gays and lesbians were “ disgusting “ So it was sort of like brain wash to me. Around 13 or 14 I started looking at breasts, and female porn, and I too was very aroused by the thought of a girl touching me in my no-no spots. Girls around that age get very curious, and sometimes in situations like mine, the world around you may brain wash you to make you feel as though loving or having feelings for the same sex is a sin, but let me ask you this. God would want you to be happy with your life right? So if someone is happy being with the same sex, then that doesn’t make it a sin. I experienced being with a girl, maybe all you need is some experience. It doesn’t always mean you’ll become a lesbian. I am with a man right now, and I have no intentions of ever “being” with a woman. You only live once, experience it! It’s quite fun, just make sure it’s with someone you trust, and same rules apply for girls as they do guys, make sure the person is STD free. At your age, I would assume most all your lady friends are std free, but just make sure before you plunder your way into sex.

I didn’t have sex with a man until I was 17/18, so really my female/female sex was first. It just really all depends. Don’t do anything your not comfortable with, If you want to have a girl lick you in places, do it but always always always think of safety first. Experiences are what is so great about being alive. You experience something and you as a person get to decide what you want to do. If you have same sex-sex, then you get to decide if you want it again. We live in a new age these days, most parents are okay with having a gay/lesbian daughter/son Take that in mind too, I personally don’t know your parents but if they have big religious beliefs that could work against you.

All I’m saying is, Try it as an experience (preferably a little later down your life line so you know more about sex) and then you can decide whether or not you want to to it again. Also, don’t forget, You can still like girls, and guys at the same time, that’s called Bisexuality. You can still love a man, and have had girl/girl sexual experiences in your past, I did, and I love my man more than anything =). What you do in life is your choice, so if you want to have girl/girl acts, do it! You don’t have to tell your parents everything, they don’t tell you their sex life do they? Small stuff like that can be kept secretive. However, if your having sex with a boy, I’d definitely let your parents know so they can put you on birth control, and check you for any sexual problems. Your parents are most always going to hate the guy/girl you are with just because you are their baby. So don’t let them ruin your love life later on down the line. Just get some more growing up out of life first before you make these big sexual decisions. It’ll help out later on in life and you’ll be so glad you did! :)

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HAahahahhahhaha. CHILL little lady. And stop saying things like “I’m going to kill myself.” You aren’t and that is rediculous. You think girls are pretty. That’s that. STOP WORRYING! ahahhaha

Answer #14

there’s no shame in being a lesbian OR a bisexual. and you might be. you’re 13, you have time to figure your sexual interests. but most of all, DONT kill yourself.

Answer #15

If it’s against your beliefs to have sex before marriage and to be with a girl then WHY DO YOU WATCH LESBIAN PORN AND MASTURBATE? There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian. Girls are amazing lovers and the best kissers. I tried experimenting with my best friend and it got further, it doesn’t matter. Why not stop thinking about it being wrong to love girls and wanting to be with a guy and start thinking along the lines of maybe you just fall in love with people - not a specific gender. Seriously, CALM DOWN.

Answer #16

Just because you think girls are pretty doesn’t mean anything. and just because you like lesbian porn doesn’t mean anything. Just be yourself!! I love lesbian porn!! and I’m and love with a guy!!

Answer #17

I think that it is just your hormones and the things that are turning you on, I think that you are in fact mistaking them for liking. however it does sound like your curious

Answer #18

I’d say your prosexual? likes both but likes guys more? I dk..

Answer #19

I am a lez and I actually like it … I am 13 and I am dating a girl and she is the luv of my life… and the sex is awsome lol

Answer #20

just go with the flow :) your young and your hormones are all over the place.. your thoughts are very normal its just that people dont express these sort of thoughts.. your hormones will gradually settle down.. and I think that maybe you were abused at a ayoung age because his can also create deeper questions about your sexuality… I know the feeling.. I have never been confused about my sexuality though.. but in your case I think you have got more confused then you need to be… just relax and date guys till your hormones calm down.. if you dont enjoy guys then there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian.. but if it is against your religion then I would advise you not to.. relax you have plenty of time to figure it out… let nature take its course… I didn’t read all of your fing.. only half.. but you have some disturbing thoughts I think.. if you have then I recommend you get councelling.. as this will also help settle the confusion regarding your sexuality.. and any unsettling thoughts :) hope I helped.. tc… byeee x x

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