How can you tell if you're pregnant without a test?

How can you tell if you’re pregnant without using the test?

Answer #1

missed periods are not always a sign…I went for like 4 months before I got it again but if you don’t want to take the test just wait and see I know doesn’t help much but I thought I was preg until I got my period and it was normal so don’t worry

Answer #2

hi…um I seem to have a pregnancy scare..I haven’t had my period I 3 months.. me and my boyfriend broke up…but the only thing is he’s had this happentp him before. what do I do? I’m not old enough to get a job so I have no money to get a test…did I mention that I just turned 14? I don’t know what to do… im scared

Answer #3

I am also experiencing this problem except that I’m 15 and we had unprotected sex but my boyfriend claims he never came inside me the two times we did it. my period is never on time but my breasts are tender and its been 12 days after the time I was supposed to have it. please everyone pray for me, a baby will ruin my life!

hopefully I’m not prego because I pee normally and I think I’ve been losing weight instead…

Answer #4

me and my boyfriend has been off an on. he wanted to be wit me but I didnt want 2 be wit him. we had unprotected sex dec. 26. I usual cum on around the 6. it is now jan. 23 and I still havent came on. Lately I’ve been very moody (sad , mad , then I sum how becum happy) for what reason I dont no. I snap on people. a lot more now. I do realize everyday I take naps. im always tired and yarning 2 go 2 always hungry, when im hungry my stomach feel like I havent eatin for weeks. I have randomly shark pains and cramps in my stomach. but I still dont cum on. lately my vagina has been very moisture then the usual. everyday I have headaches but they mainly kick in, in the morning. I feel as if im going 2 vomit but I dont. certain smells of foods irritate and make me feel sick. last week my boyfriend brought a pregnancy test. 2 came in the packet but I only took 1 and it came up (-) a lot of people. told me I should take atleast 2 more to be sure. but I want to got to the doctor 2 hear what they have 2 say. the day me and my boyfriend had sex he nutted in me which I think he purpostly did to keep me with him. ever since he nutted in me I’ve been having the signs of pregnancy. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THEY THINK!!!

Answer #5

I haven’t had my periods since Febuary and it May. if I am I cant tell my parents they’d kill me if I was. the on things that I have had is that I pee more, getting dizzier, and mood swings. I’m also feeling more hungrier than what I normally do feel is there any advice that I could get

Answer #6

um hi… I duno if my anser went thru but I’m 14 and I think I may be pregnant..the only thing is that my boyfriend has had this happen before and I don’t think that he’ll belive we broke up.. we go to the same high school.. but im scared.. my period is bout 3 months late.. I could have like food poisoning right? or stress? I feel sick tho.. my dad told me that he’d throw me out on the streets if I ever got pregnant while I was still living under his roof.. I’m not old enough to get a job so I have no money… what do I do?

Answer #7

lilmiismara…you lost your virginity on the 22nd and posted the message on the 24th…how is your stomach getting bigger so fast? it was only 2 days after you had sex and you already saying your stomach is bigger…wow that is some fast growing baby (if you are pregnant)


Answer #8

hi I need a little help. I jut turned 14 on dec 2, I think I mite b pregnant, I’ve talked to my boyfriend about it and hes about to turn 16, and he promised me that he would quit smoking, he would get a job, and he will always be there for me and tha baby. but the hard thing is I dont know how to tell my mom. I have a brother hes been locked up for a few years, and sometimes I hear my mom crying at night because she thinks she has failed as a parent, and I know if I were to tell her that im pregnant she will b so ashamed, and she feel that she has failed again, and I knnow its not her fault but I just cant tell her, im really afraid. I need some advice.

Answer #9

You can never truely tell, for sure, Without taking a pregnancy test. BUT if the reason is, you cant afford it, or you dont want your parents knowing… Look up online, there may be a free clinic in your area. And the way free clinics work, is, you can normally just walk in, and you do not need to have an adult with you. And you can even explain to them, that you dont want your parents to know.

Answer #10

im having the same problem. I cant tell my parents until I find a place to live on my own. my boyfriend and I have talked about it (rather joked about our little “bun”) but im really nervous about the whole thing. I dont want to believe I am pregnant but my breasts are sore. my back hurts. I pee more times a day than ever. I’ve been feeling sick whenever I smell food. I had sex 4 days after my last period and we unfortunately didnt use any BC. my fault. its been 3 1/2 weeks and this is the week I would usually get my period so im waiting one more week to make sure im officially “missed” on that section of my life. I mean its not like if I am pregnant that my little “bun” is going anywhere =)

well I wish you all the best and cross your fingers im still unfertile.

to all you junos like me -Julianna-

Answer #11

Right, let’s get all the myths and the facts sorted before everyone starts thinking they’re pregnant.

Yes you can get pregnant when the guy doesn’t “cum”, there is a fluid called pre-cum that the penis releases far before he even orgasms and that contains millions of sperms too.

No you cannot have your period if you’re pregnant BUT here is vaginal bleeding, or “spotting” which can occur for a couple of days and most people assume is their period. It is in fact a sign that the embryo has embedded itself into the lining of the uterus.

Symptoms of pregnancy ARE frequent urination, fatigue, sickness, a strange metallic taste in the mouth, “cravings” for food and headaches.

Unless you want to wait around for a bump to show, I suggest people get TESTED the proper way. Over the counter tests are affective but blood tests are much more accurate than urine tests so I would personally see a doctor.

And lastly, I’m only 16 s I do understand that sometimes this isn’t the option. I come from a strict family myself and have doubts about being pregnant as I write and I still need to be tested. I am not due for a while so I’ll wait till I have my period and if I miss I’ll take a test. Lastly my boyfriend has been very supportive of me, he loves me and as soon as we begin to have doubts he assured me he will always be here. At the moment we’re engaged and I know he’ll be with me forever.

Girls, you gotta find a guy that loves and respects you-now go get tests before your waters break or something. Joke.

Answer #12

hey everyone im 16 turning 17 in 2 months …I missed my period for the month of april and its may now I was suppost to get around april 20th.. :/ I’ve been really worried and my family would kick me out of my home so I cant ask for help but from my boyfriend but we don’t see each other a lot…I moved about 8months ago ..but I’ve seen him and I had sex with him for the first time it was painful because I was a virgen..I cant go out and buy a preg. test what should I doo???

Answer #13

well some women may think that they have started their menstrual cycle but really its just a release of blood. so…if you think its possible, don’t assume since you’re bleeding from your vagina that you have started your period. I found out that its very common that you may bleed lightly, like a period, during your first trimester.

Answer #14

if you feel like your gunna fall asleep all the time and when your stomic feels worm all the time

Answer #15

U get fat miss period and feel kicking

Answer #16
  • Your period stops or becomes very light.
    • You may feel nausea or queasiness. Some women vomit. (“Morning sickness” can happen any time of day – it may help to eat small meals throughout the day, snack on crackers or toast, or drink juice or lemonade.)
    • Your breasts swell and may be tender.
    • Your nipples and the area around the nipples (areola) get darker and broader.
    • You have to urinate more often.
    • You feel tired.
    • You may become constipated and have heartburn (Tums may help).
    • You may have headaches.
    • You experience mood swings – feel angry, sad, or happy for no reason.

but it could also be pms so wait till usually a couple days after you miss your period and get tested!!!

Answer #17

hey im nineteen I’ll be 20 on the 28th me and my boyfriend have been together 7 months and plan to stay together …we had unprotected sex the end of may and my period was due june 10th im very punctual and never miss …shortly before my period was due I started having sore breasts,peeing more, lower back pain. I got my period on time and it was very watery period. The symptons never left me the breast tenderness got worse I went to the pregnancy resource center and the test was negative. they said it might be too early. Some family history my mom got pregnant with me and my little brother on birth control she had her period as normal for two months then finally took a blood test and found out she was having me. She was adopted so I know no further back and now I was due again for my period july 10th didnt get it then got it the 11th very late at night and im still feeling the same symptoms plus headaches and gum bleeding …in the next few days im taking a home pregnancy test and either way of the answer im going to the doctors but I cant go til july 29th because I have a new primary care doctor due to insurance change and they cant see me until then so im screwed. All this time my boyfriend has been supportive and helping through this. please give me some outlook and god bless . Also to the girls that are going through all this too . I hope everything works out because there is nothing worse than not knowing how the rest of your life is going to be with this one answer yes or no - thank you much danielle

Answer #18

The morning after pill is like a jumbo dose of BC. So it could cause you to feel really sick and crampy.

if you are on antibiotic, it makes your BC less effective.

My advice would be to wait until you’ve missed your period (which might be a bit off becuase you took the morning after pill twice)

to those of you who can’t tell your parents… tell your parents anyway. they will seriously be more help than harm… sure they will be disappointed in you at first, but hey, your mom got pregnant with you once.

And for the girl whose boyfriend isn’t helping her… ditch your boyfriend, you really don’t need to be taking care of Two children just because you want to stay together.

You will KNOW if you’re pregnant, and since you’re old enough to make decisions about having sex, then you are old enough to start doing the responsible thing and seeing a doctor whether you decide to keep the baby or not.

Answer #19

so lets see I have two weeks till my next period.and im on the no worries right? but me and my boyfriend have sex like every day and with no condom… I know your going to say we are dumb but I’d rather people just listen to what I have to say than to judge me on that… and anyways he isnt supposed to be able to have kids b/c when he was like 7 he had a bad bike crash and… yea.but all of the sudden lately I’ve been eating a lot more (which is really out of the ordinary for me).I got my first headache in my life the other day.I’ve seemed REALLY moody and stressed and emotional for no reason it seems im always tired and I pee all the time! and I don’t know I guess im just worried because im 16 and even though I have a great guy who I know will take care of me (and a baby if I am pregnant).we are still too young to have a kid.and I don’t know I guess im just looking for someone who can tell me if I should be worried or not?

Answer #20

Hi, I’m 19 and I’m on birth control, my boyfriend and I had sex about three or four weeks ago, he used a condom and it did not break, he also pulled out too. I had my period, it was short though like three to four days and light, the blood looked fine. Yet, I’ve been getting over a cold or flu and I have been bloating still. It’s been a few days since my period, but I still feel fat and bloated. Other than that I feel fine. what I hate is period symptoms are just like pregnancie symptoms, what do you guys think?

Answer #21


Answer #22

girls get a test! these signs/syptoms could be pms! the bottom line is you cant be sure until you take the test! I didnt know. I was mood swinging, (happy then mad and of course cying) felt shakey all of,and it felt like I had a hole in my stomach when I got hungery. thought I had a stomach flu, went to hospital and wala! now my son will be 2 dec.26th and im in need of a test as well :D GET A TEST IF YOUR LATE! good luck girls :)

Answer #23

I think I might be pregnant because I only bled for like 2 1/2 days… And I was concerned before about being pregnant. Should I get a test just in case? Is that even possible for you to still have your period? It would have only been a month,

Answer #24

The only answer I can give is to get tested, but you have to wait until you’ve missed your period by at least a week to get the best possible answer. Also, having sex for the first time or just having sex in general can release hormones and have effects on your period and cycle time, it may shorten your period or it may make it longer or it may delay it depending on the hormonal change that occurs during sex. And if you have sex close enough to the time your period is supposed to come, then you could still get your period and be pregnant also because your body has not had time to start producing the hormone that stops the period during pregnancy. Just get tested, your parents (hopefully) love you regardless of what happens and once you tell them you can discuss your options openly and the fear isnt haunting you anymore. Take a deep breath and take a test if your at least a week late.

Answer #25

Yes it is possibe my moms a doctor I know sum times you get sumthingcalled spotting and that culd be what happend 2 you and also think about how long you had sex after your period and if I were you I would buy that test 4 real

Answer #26

I am 3 days late, it happens to be before but I never get white stuff kind of like discharge I believe. and my stomachs been feelin warm for the past 3 days.. I do feel tense in my breast. should I be worried. im thinkin its normal and my period probaly jsut switchin days.

Answer #27

um ok is bleeding of gums a sign b/c one person mentioned that up there and I was just curious

Answer #28

And with both of my pregnancies I had absoultely no symptoms other than the missed period.

Answer #29

The only way to tell is to wait for around 4-5 months to see if there is anything kicking in your abdomen.

Answer #30

ok im 15 and my boyfriend is 16. we’ve been 2gether 4 2months and done it a lot but he’s never cummed in me. sometimes we use a condom but mainly not. it feels better :P. I haven’t had my period 4 very long and I’m irregular in the whole time span thing. can somebody please help me!! his mum and my mum will kill us both!!

Answer #31

uh no not really some people miss their period and arent pregnant.its best to just wait until your belly gets bigger.if so…theres your answer…

Answer #32

oook…I need help =[ I was with an ex sunday night (5th april) we had protected sex then stopped for about 10/15 mins…then my ex took off condom and we carried on for a bit longer than the first time. I am quite worried, is there a chance I could be pregnant? I dont know what to do about the test just yet as my period comes along in like 2 weeks-ish!… would I need to wait a certain amount of time to do anything?

Answer #33

lysalove09, your boyfriend should be helping you!!!

  1. Have you missed your period? If so, you could be pregnant.
  2. You may feel more faint
  3. You may need to urinate more. etc…

You probably have, but look at the info above from people as well.

Answer #34

myy friend got pregnant

she felt heaps sick at different times

shee vomited her periods skipped and thenn she had a misscariage and all this brown stuff came out with her period

                                is she okk?


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