Cost to euthanize cat

How much does it cost (ballpark) to have my cat euthanized, and cost to be with the cat when the vet performs this service?

Answer #1

The reason we charge more if you attend is because we add a catheter. Would suck to insert the needle and have the vein blow in front of the owner and have to stop and find another vein while the animal is half in or half out of it. So we make sure by adding the cath that it is a smooth process and the animal will go quickly. and yes they are in there own room and can spend as much time as they like before and after.

Trust me I have seen some bad cases where we euth. without the owner on a really sick animal and all vein would colaspe and we would have to go straight to the heart so the animal would not suffer.

Now when I euthinazed Harely Ann my rottie, I choose not to have the cath put it but I also was fully aware of what they might have to do if her vein would start to blow. But she was ready and went quickly and quietly.

Now Phrannie that chihuahua I was talking about on Thursday night at work. because he was bleeding so much out of his butt we could not even feel any veins, it took a long time before the doctor felt comfortable adminstering the Fatal Plus. So with a owner present what ever it takes to go smoother our doctors will do. Hope this helped shed some light Phrannie and Editor.

Editor you would be surprised how many owners take there pet home and burry it under there favorite spot under the tree. My father has both his labs buried at there house. He could not imagine “burning” them, He wanted them to be with him. So everyone is different and I think we meet those needs. Or take the ashes and spread it around there yard, I have my dogs ashes in a Urn that is part of my necklace. found them online it is a pawprint. We also give the owner a clay or ink print of there animals foot print and some hair. If the owner does a group cremation it is cheaper and the owner of the hospital takes the ashes to one of his fav spots along the river bank. We are very very sentive to how each and every owner wants to remember or not remember there pet. If I may say, I feel like I work at a vet top notch vet hospital and all of the doctors hearts are in it as much as there talent. We have 4 amazing Doctors who treat every patient as if it were there own. I think if you have some time you should check out there web site. It is Seven Bends Veterinary Hospital, in Woodstock, VA. Go under “about us” and meet the staff, or take the tour, it will show you pic’s of where I work

Answer #2

Wow I’m surprised with that too. Even the shelter where I worked provided a quiet room for the owners to attend the euthanization, plus we had an extra “grieving” room called the “Rainbow room” where they could spend time with their animal before or after the euthanization.

We charged $25 to euthanize a cat (low-cost shelter) and then extra if you wanted the ashes picked up. The cheapest “burial” would be a group burial that we offered.

We also wouldn’t give the animals back to the owners after they were euthanized, I believe for health / safety laws and regulations.

So my suggestion? Find a low-cost shelter that also has a clinic and can provide the service. They will require a vet note that euthanization is in the best interest of the animal, but many times the shelters need the money they make, and (as you can derive from harley’s post), it’s often a lot cheaper and perhaps even more sensitive – driving home in the passenger seat in a coffin box would just be out of the question if it were my pet.

Answer #3

Wow harley…none of the Vets here charge extra for the owner being there…that’s a bit of a gouge.


Answer #4

It goes by the weight…and Vets vary in the cost. For a cat maybe $50 or less…they don’t charge for you to be there.

I’m sorry for your loss…


Answer #5

Yeah we have are own creamatory also but only three people know how to run it. And we also have the Urns. Most people come back to pick one out, they are to upset to look at them at the time of there loss.

yeah talk about people having there own thing, how about the animal funerals now that people have, Now to me that is a little crazy, I don’t mind having the coffin and saying a few word, but an actual funeral give me the creeps.

Answer #6

My Vet owns the local creatorium, but also a Pet Cemetary…provides urns for ashes and caskets for the bodies. My mom buried all her doggies in the back yard, under a huge Ponderosa pine…

Everybody has their own thing…


Answer #7

Ok this is the break down of what is most expensive to least expensive at the hospital I work at.

Euthanize with the person present and ashes saved or no ashes saved

Euthanize, not present, with ashes saved and no ashes saved

The cheapest is Euthanize, not attened my owner, and home burial.

So you need to talk to your vet. We provide a coffin box for the owners to take there animal home in so they can burry it. This is the cheapest. So it is up to you. Sorry for you loss.

Answer #8

I know this is a long time ago, so it probably doesn’t count for anything with the person who wrote it, but maybe to people who see this question when they’re searching for it?

I just put my cat to sleep last night and I was present, but I don’t think they charged for that. I’m having then creamate him and put him in a cardboard box (they sell urns and other boxes which would cost extra, or you can do that yourself) and I’m getting his paw print put into cement. The total was $299.50, and it is worth every penny.

Answer #9

How much it would cost to euthanize your cat is going to depend on where you take him for the service to be done. Veterinarian offices will charge more than a low-cost shelter with a clinic.

Generally it will cost between $25 and $40 to have it done. More if you want the cat cremated and to have the ashes returned to you.

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