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So, I'm overweight and I need to lose weight fast. I've lost about 50 already, but it's not enough and I'm not losing anymore. I have poor self esteem and I'm depressed most of the time, because I'm exlcuded in almost everything and have no friends or social life because I'm fat. I'm thinking about having cosmetic surgery so to improve my self esteem and appearence so that I can live the life I've always wanted. My question is, is it possible to get full body cosmetic surgery that'll get rid of the fat and skin and make me thinner? About how much do you think it would cost? Would there be a doctor willing to perform the numerous procedures I need? I need lots of lipo with my stomach, love handles, butt, thighs, stomach, back...almost everywhere and tummy tuck and skin removed where there's been lipo and on my arms. I have a poor self image and I feel comsmetic surgery will help.

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You should be proud of yourself for losing what you have. I hope you did it in a healthy way so it doesnt all come back quickly. The best way is to lose it slowelly so your skin can deal with it and so that you dont pile it back on fast. Well done you have lost a lot of weight. You should be proud.

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even if a doctor could do all that, it would all cost well over $50,000. cosmetic surgery isnt cheap.
a better way to go is eat healthy and exerscise reguarly. you dont see resaullts imediently. but if you stick with it youll be able to see a difference in your body in agout 2 weeks, and more and the weeks and months go by. if your unsure were to start, get a 10 minute overall body workout dvd and work with that once a day (if you can) or a few times a week. and stick with it

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Losing weight can be difficult, but from what you've said, you can be the perfect candidate for Smart Lipo. That's because you've trained yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle. and because smart Lipo is less invasive, it's also not as expensive. Just check out sites such as Beverly Hills Aesthetics because they may have a perfect scheme perfect for you.

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