What is the coolest thing about your school and why?

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We'll since I'm homeschooled...
Its alot shorter than public schools! :D

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the cafetaria is full of windows, and i like the lights that comes in. the school has a running track for running and there are sexy guy teachers =D

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Oh cool! :D

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the coolest thing...hum my skool is really creative alot of assemblies . we have a cool little drangon news...to tell us wats goin on. yup the creativity! theres always somthing new the nxt day witch is awesome!

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i go to a very small school thats private (200 kids k-12) and like everyone knows everyone's name and the teachers are all suuuuper cool and funny. and its a pretty easy college prep school. aaaaaaaanyways, what's cool is that (its a Jewish school) around the time of bug holidays we just run around the school singing Hebrew songs and we don't actually have to go to class until we get bored. (its pretty lenient and super fun)

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Wow..my school isn't the coolest. I actually bounced from there and started taking computer classes in transitional school that my school offers. It's kinda a punishment for some kids, but it's cool. We use the PLATO program, which is almost a piece of cake. And we can drink as much coffee as we want there.

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That's really cool.

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My school was cool because it was so small. I miss knowing everyone in my world. It was a private school so I'm lucky in a sense that I was educated to the highest standard in my country. Also, I got to leave school at 16 because I was very far ahead in my studies. That wouldn't have happened if I was at a public school.

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Well i love my school just because its great and my school is huge on sports so like every game or race is a huge deal and everyone gets like really pumoed for that and we have all these little things throughout the year like dance weeks when they will play a song over the loud speaker and you find someone to dance with right in the middle of the class its fun. and we do like push up contest with like 2000 pushups in 12 days and just things like that but they are so much fun hahah

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My school is hlf academic andhalf trde...soi get he best of both worlds :)

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half* trade* sorry my keyboard is getting stuck :(

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Marcus...this hot but gay boy.
XD <3 he brightens my day.

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The coolest thing about my school is that they serve pizza every single day ;D

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omg! me too! idk why they out not so healthy food in the cafe but i love the spicy chiken too.

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we are on an island.. we get to go to the beach!

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They have a Bd class,. Which is a class for the kids who were born with Down Syndrom or other things like that. This kid comes to my class and makes sheep noise. Baaaaaa!

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